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VOL. 30 NO. 4                                                                                APRIL 2022

      From The Manager                                                                                      Chairman’s

      By Kathleen O’Donovan,                                I read recently that more than 63 million Americans - a
      General Manager                                    quarter of the adult population - give nearly 8 billion hours a   Corner
                                                         year to the causes close to their hearts and that volunteering
         A pril is  N ational                            is actually good for us physically and mentally. Researchers
      Volunteer Month and the                            say the statistics indicate lower blood pressure, less stress,   A Time To Enjoy Life
      perfect time to acknowledge                        even longer lives are all associated with volunteering.
      the committed homeowners                              To all of you who volunteer, whether it is here at Boca   By Barry J. Haberman,
      within Boca Pointe who                             Pointe, or elsewhere in our greater community of Boca   BPCA Chair and
      serve, sometimes thanklessly,                      Raton....we applaud you!                           President
      on our many association                               One other note, this year much of our focus has been on
      boards and committees.                             landscape and maintenance related matters. Recently we      How fortunate are
         Community leaders                               began an aggressive clearing of non-native trees and plant   we to live in a relatively
      share a willingness to lead, a commitment to their   material located within the Lake Worth Drainage District’s   safe and lovely
      neighborhoods, and a desire to make Boca Pointe an   right of way along the L50 canal which bisects Boca Pointe.   community.
      exceptional community within which to live and one our   While the initial result is shocking, these areas will be      Thank you to all of
      homeowners are proud to call home.                 restored and will prove to be beneficial to the community   the Village Association
         Working at Boca Pointe the last four years is an honor and   in the event of a large rain producing storm. The L50 canal   Boards, the Master
      a privilege. I have been fortunate to work closely with and   provides effective flood control for Boca Pointe and this   Association Board,
      be mentored by many devoted volunteers on our Community   clearing will provide unobstructed access for emergency   Staff  and Allied  Universal  for  helping  Boca  Pointe
      Association Board of Directors and Committees.     flood control response and routine canal maintenance.   remain a safe environment so that you may enjoy your
                                                                                                            family and friends and lifestyle.
      Protecting Yourself From Scams                                                                          Happy Easter.
                                                                                                               I hope that you all have a Sweet Passover and a

                                                                                                               We look forward to all Boca Pointe residents
      By Justin Mocha, Director of Security                 •  Scammers  will  often  try  to  get  you  to  make  a   starting to get back to normalcy.
                                                         decision in a hurry. Before giving up money or personal      Please stay safe and healthy. 
         The Federal Trade Commission received over 1.3   information, talk to someone you trust.
      million reports of fraud in 2021, with reported losses      •  Most  banks  and  financial  institutions  will  never
      totaling $1.34 billion. Florida is among the Top 5 in   contact you directly and request personal information.
      reported fraud cases relative to state population. Locally,   Be suspicious of any calls or e-mails purporting to be a   Would You Like To
      PBSO reports an increasing number of fraud cases   financial institution and asking you for account numbers
      reported in the county, and fraud is the most common   or personal information.
      criminal activity to affect Boca Pointe residents being      • Credit card companies have fraud protection built-in;   Support The People
      10x more common than theft or vandalism, and 100x   be suspicious of anyone asking you to pay for a service
      more common than burglary and robbery.             or product via wire transfer, gift cards, or cash.  In Ukraine?
         Fraud is on the rise, and the methods criminals are      • Have your mail forwarded or held when you are out
      using are becoming more sophisticated. Please follow   of town. Your mail may contain information a scammer
      these guidelines which could prevent you from becoming   can use to steal your identity.                 Here’s how you can help... Below  is  a  list  of
      a victim:                                             •  Check  banking  statements  regularly,  and  pay   organizations that are asking for assistance. Donations
         • Do not share personal or financial information over   attention to your billing cycles. If you do not receive   can be made through the links to their websites or social
      the phone unless you initiate the call. Scammers may have   a regular bill in the mail, it could be a sign someone   media pages:
      the ability to ‘spoof’ the phone number of a bank or other   has taken control of this account to use it for nefarious
      legitimate institution—do not trust your caller ID. Banks   purposes.                          
      will never ask your PIN over the phone. Hang up if it      •  Use  complex  passwords  for  online  accounts,
      seems suspicious or the call makes you uncomfortable.  especially  e-mail  and  banking. Preferably  passwords
                                                         which do not contain elements of your birthday or any
                                                         other easily discovered event or anniversary. A scammer (a Better Business Bureau website that lists
                                                         compromising your personal e-mail address could    credible organizations) 
                                                         conceivably gain access to any account to which the
                                                         e-mail is registered.
                                                            Of primary importance: if you feel a situation is strange
                                                         or uncomfortable, say so! Legitimate institutions will be   Please Help
                                                         able to answer all of your questions satisfactorily and
                                                         will not hesitate if you ask to continue the conversation
                                                                                 at another time.              Spring is here! Now is the time to clean out
                                                                                   If you are worried you   your closets!! The homeless shelters are accepting
                                                                                 are being contacted by a   used clothing. Please bring any clean, gently used
                                                                                 scammer or have been a     clothing that you would like to donate. The drop off
                                                                                 victim,  contact PBSO  at   location is at the BPCA office located at 6909 SW
                                                                                 (561) 687-6510. You may    18th St., Suite A120 in the Boardwalk shopping plaza.
                                                                                 also  contact  me  with  any   The donations are distributed to local churches and
                                                                                 questions at the Boca Pointe   homeless shelters. Help make a difference to those
                                                                                 Community Association      less fortunate. A grateful Thank You goes out to all
                                                                                 office at (561) 672-3309.   that have recently donated!!! 
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