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      Treasure Coast Outdoors

      New Dolphin Regulations                            an issue. He said that if you catch your limit of 10 dolphin   This includes gag grouper, red grouper, scamp and six
      Are A Joke And Accomplish                          in federal waters, you should not then spend time fishing   other lesser species.
                                                                                                             My favorite method to fish for them is to troll artificial
                                                         in Florida state waters after that, but return to dock.
      Nothing                                              If that sounds confusing and unenforceable, it is.  baits that don’t dive. I use a downrigger to keep my bait
                                                           I give Florida credit for trying, but it looks like we
                                                                                                           about 4 feet off the bottom.
      By Jim Weix                                        have another one of those useless feel-good regulations.     I’ve found that 80-pound braided line, with a 10-foot
        Effective  May  1,  the                          That is too bad, because the dolphin catch has declined   50-pound fluorocarbon leader, works well. The braided
      Florida recreational                               68 percent since 2015 due to overfishing.         line  minimizes  the  bow  in  your  line,  so  that  when  a
      individual  bag  limit  for                          I  cringe  whenever  I  see  anglers  proudly  posting   grouper  hits,  the  line  gets  tight  quickly  and  prevents
      dolphin is reduced from 10                         pictures of their “trophy” 20-inch sandwich-sized baby   it from getting into its hidey hole. Then I can reel it in
      to five. The vessel limit is                       dolphin. Dolphin are super-fast growing, but you have   quickly before a shark grabs it.
      also reduced from 60 fish                          to let them grow up.                                Editor’s note: Jim Weix is an avid hunter, angler,
      to  30.  However,  this  only                        Not long ago, a 15-pound dolphin was sometimes the   conservationist, as well as an outdoor writer.
      applies  in  state  waters,                        smallest one in the cooler. Now many younger anglers     Jim is included in the Wisconsin Waterfowl Association’s
      which extend out three                             actually think that is big. A tourist would be running off   Hall of Fame, for his work in helping restore thousands
      miles. Since most dolphin                          to a taxidermist with it.                         of acres of wetlands. Jim is a broker associate with The
      caught are beyond three                              To  restore  our  dolphin  population  we  need  both   Keyes Company. He can be reached at (772) 341-2941
      miles, the new rule basically accomplishes nothing.   realistic state and federal regulations. Bag limits should   or by email:
        When I spoke with a person from the Florida Fish and   be reduced and size limits should be increased.
      Wildlife Commission about that, he admitted that it was     The good news is that grouper season opens May 1.

      Mary’s Home from page 1

         Luncheon  cochairs Alean Timm  and  Kim  Gaudet,
       Mary’s Home executive director and operations manager
       respectively, were ably assisted by committee members
       Denise Freihofer, Cheryl Lott-Lampard, Patty Murty, Cynthia
       Russo, Justine Savage, Leanne Sleece and Christine Storino.
         Major sponsors for the 11th Annual Luncheon and Fashion
       Show were Michael Hayes and Riverview Cosmetic &
       Implant Dentistry: Dr. Mark Fedele and Dr. Matthew Hooks.
         Now in its second decade, the role of the nonprofit remains
       the same: to provide homeless, pregnant women with the   May Smythe, founder of
       support and guidance they need to become self-sufficient   Mary’s Angels and Ashleigh
       and make good choices for themselves and their children.  Waters, WPTV NewsChannel
         To learn more, visit         5 anchor and luncheon emcee  Sandy Wetmore, Laura Shepherd, Renee Gould, Marney McKee, Lynn Hayden and Christine
                                                           Photo by Jackie Holfelder  Mulrooney in vintage Dusenberg (a ride in it was part of the silent auction)
                                                                                                                                        Photo by Liz McKinley

                                                         Nneka  Towine, Mary’s
                                                         Home resident and luncheon
      Kelly Harrison, Barbara Cardillo, Joan Caruso Kanyuk   speaker and Gina Sudano,   Barbara Bucci  and  Dot
      and Karen Linick                                   board chair of Mary’s Home  Galfond
                                   Photo by Liz McKinley     Photo by Liz McKinley  Photo by Jackie Holfelder  Kim Gaudet, Mary’s Home operations manager and
                                                                                                           Alean Timm, Mary’s Home executive director, with vintage
                                                                                                           Dusenberg (a ride in it was part of the silent auction)
           TAKING CARE OF FAMILIES ON THE TREASURE COAST                                                                                Photo by Liz McKinley

                                              “Our TEAM is committed to                                     Captain’s was established in 1980 servicing
                         YOUR                 excellence in personalized dental                             Palm Beach County and is a privately
                                                                                                            owned and managed company.
                  SMILE                       that our patients deserve. We offer                           Captain’s is committed to providing
                                              care, providing quality treatment
                                                                                                            dependable, reliable and professional
                                                                                                            ground transportation to and from all
                        IS OUR                comprehensive services including                              South Florida Airports and Seaports.  PBCVH212
                                              routine cleanings, teeth whitening
                                                                                                               To reserve your vehicle:
               PASSION                        procedures, porcelain crowns and   Dr. Shannon Plymale-Galinis,   561-798-2180 or 800-634-7890
                                              veneers and complex implant
                                              reconstructions .”
                                                                                and Dr. Thomas A. Galinis
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