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                          tampa geneRal hOspital news

      Care Combined With                                he said. “I didn’t know how to help her, so as I grew up,
                                                        I knew I wanted to become a doctor.”
      Compassion Spurs                                     Hechtman is now on the medical staff at Tampa General
      Successful Outcomes                               Hospital (TGH) and was an assistant professor of breast
                                                        surgery at the University of South Florida (USF) Health
                                                        Morsani College of Medicine. He recently moved to
      Dr. Jason Hechtman’s Treatment Approach           Florida’s East Coast and sees patients in West Palm Beach,
      Treats Patients Like Family,                      Palm Springs, Wellington, and Jupiter.
      While Offering World-Class Cancer Care               Hechtman specializes in the treatment of breast cancer
         Dr. Jason Hechtman has wanted to fight cancer since   and breast diseases. He blends cutting-edge treatment
      he was a little boy, and a beloved family member’s bout   options with advanced surgical interventions to ensure
      with the disease still inspires him today. His grandmother   patients not only receive the best medical care possible,
      was diagnosed with breast cancer while he was young, and   but also feel beautiful and confident in the result. With
      Hechtman felt helpless that he couldn’t take care of her.  more than 16 years of experience, Hechtman is an expert   radiation therapy, Savi Scout-guided breast resections,
         “My grandma was filled with life and vitality, and it   in breast lumpectomy, mastectomy, axillary dissection,   breast oncoplastic surgery, hidden scar technique, and
      was hard for me to watch the life slowly get taken out of   sentinel lymph node procedures, breast ultrasound,   other minimally invasive breast interventions that
      her as she got more tired and became sicker and sicker,”   ultrasound-guided breast interventions, partial breast   maximize aesthetic outcomes.
                                                                                                              Inspired by his relationship with his grandmother,
                                                                                                           Hechtman has always focused on developing a close
                                                                                                           relationship with his patients and their families, building
                                                                                                           trust and a system of support to improve patient outcomes
                                                                                                           and develop a continued road to success. He works with
                                                                                                           patients to develop individualized plans that incorporate
                                                                                                           mental health and positivity.
                                                                                                              “What I try to do when I take care of patients is treat
                                                                                                           everybody as I would my grandma, mother, or sister,”
                                    The Heart of Hobe Sound                                                in that way, because family is the most important thing in
              Est. 1926                                                                                    Hechtman explained. “I focus on how to talk and relate
                                                                                                           everybody’s life. If you treat your patient like you would
                                                                                                           treat your family, you can’t go wrong.”
           We Wish Our Northern Friends A                      WE are YOUR Community                         has allowed Hechtman to utilize the research, expertise, and
                                                                                                             The fused relationship between TGH and USF Health
          Safe Journey When They Return To                       All Visitors Welcome                      “environment of learning” that a university structure offers.

                                                                                                             “This environment breeds new avenues and openings,
                   Their Northern Homes                         We Invite You to Worship with Us           but patients don’t always want to be bombarded with the
                                                                                                           science because it gets confusing,” Hechtman explained.
                                                                   Every Sunday at 10:30 a.m.
                                                                                                           “So instead, I really enjoy getting to know my patients,
                                                                    WE ARE ON FACEBOOK LIVE                their parents, their children, what they do, what their likes
            EASTER IS APRIL 17 ... Come join us on               every Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m.        and dislikes are, because we’re going on a journey together,
            Easter Sunday for full choir and memorable               Give us a call or visit our           and that journey is not going to be for a short time. When
           hymns on this important and meaningful day             website for more information.            I take care of my patients, I take care of them forever.”
                    to all of us and the church.                        (772) 546-5043
                                                                              Club News
                         MONTHLY DINNERS
            Monthly dinners to help offset some of the almost $350,000 in
          renovation cost to our Church – Dinner will be held on the 2nd Friday
                 of the month at 5:30 p.m. from October thru May                                             Break Through Brick Walls
                          Cost is $15 per person
                 APRIL 8 - MARVELOUSLY MADE BY JUDY D.                                                       With The Martin County
              A tasty dish especially prepared by the MICHIGAN native.                                       Genealogical Society

                                                                                                               In genealogy research impasses are inevitable, but
                         11933 SE Juno Crescent • Hobe Sound, Florida 33455                                    they don’t have to be permanent stoppers. A number
                                                                                                             of methods can be employed to break through brick
                                                                                                             walls. At the Martin County Genealogical Society’s
                                                                                                             (MCGS) May meeting, George G. Morgan, a member
                                                                                                             of  the  Genealogy  Guys  podcast  series,  will  share
                                                                                                             proven strategies for circumnavigating some of the
                                                                                                             most stubborn roadblocks one might encounter.
                                                                                                             Morgan’s presentation, ”Getting Past Brick Walls,” is
                                                                                                             based on the best-selling book, Advanced Genealogy
                                                                                                             Research Techniques, he co-authored with Drew
                                                                                                                Free and open to the public, the meeting will
                                                                                                             be at the Blake Library in Stuart from 1 to 3 p.m.,
                                                                                                             Friday, May 20. The meeting is in person, but the
                                                                                                             presentation will be virtual. To participate via Zoom,
                                                                                                             go to and register before May 19.
                                                                                                                George G. Morgan is president of Aha! Seminars,
                                                                                                             Inc., Tampa, Fla., which has been training library
                                                                                                             personnel and genealogists since 1996. His interest
                                                                                                             in genealogy began at age 9 when he discovered his
                                                                                                             family history preceded the American Revolution.
                                                                                                             Since then, George’s genealogical research has
                                                                                                             expanded to include all the branches of his family
                                                                                                             tree. Libraries, archives, courthouses and cemeteries
                                                                                                             are among his favorite haunts, and he will leave no
                                                                                                             stone unturned. He works with and understands all
                                                                                                             types of genealogy records  in  the United States,
                                                                                                             Canada, the UK and Australia. He is a recognized
                                                                                                             expert in genealogy software programs, databases,
                                                                                                             Internet resources and social media.
                                                                                                                In addition to its monthly meetings and special
                                                                                                             courses, the genealogical society offers a variety of
                                                                                                             services at the genealogy room in the Blake Library
                                                                                                             in  Stuart  including  an  extensive  research  library,
                                                                                                             access to several genealogy websites and assistance
                                                                                                             from MCGS volunteers. For more information about
                                                                                                             membership, activities and services go to
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