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      United Way Foundation from page 1

      Noreen Fisher, Sue Mathias and Muffin Adamiak     Rip Fisher with Aleta and Geoffrey Smith           Bill and Audrey Crandall with Bob Crandall

         The Croces have a long history of supporting the United   the organization’s endowment fund to $13 million. Once
      Way. Before relocating to Florida, Bob was involved   this goal is reached, the interest earned on the invested
      with a United Way in New Jersey for 15 years, serving   principal will generate an additional $500,000 annually
      as campaign chair and chairman of the board. Bob and   that United Way can infuse back into our community every
      Karen have supported United Way of Martin County as   year. “Building our endowment will ensure stable funding
      Tocqueville donors since 1989. Bob also served as chair of   during challenging economic times – like now – when
      United Way of Martin County’s Tocqueville Society for 10   human service needs are heightened. It will also expand
      years. Over the years, Bob and Karen have supported other   capacity for emergency response programs in times of crisis
      nonprofit organizations, including the Children’s Home   or natural disaster,” said Stephen Pinnacoli, United Way of
      Society, Hibiscus Children’s Center, Project Lift, Florida   Martin County Foundation chair.
      Oceanographic Society, Treasure Coast Food Bank, Sailfish   Previous Humanitarian Award Recipients Include  John Loewenberg and Bob
      Point Foundation, Molly’s House, Hope Center for Autism,   2011 – Robert and Carol Weissman          Weissman                 Walter and Kate Morris
      and the Martin Health Foundation.                 2013 – Barbara Briggs Trimble
         The couple’s heartfelt compassion earned them the   2014 – Prestley and Helen Blake               is the signature event of the United Way of Martin County
      prestigious Frances Langford Humanitarian Award that   2015 – Douglass and Patricia Stewart          Foundation. The foundation is an independent public charity
      recognizes  community  leaders  who,  like  Langford,   2016 – John and Susan Sullivan               uniquely positioned to accept legacy gifts and build an
      demonstrate the caring commitment and compassion for   2017 – H. William Lichtenberger               endowment fund to meet the current and future unmet needs
      humanity in their lives and deeds.                2018 – Bob and Jan Crandall and Bill and Audrey Crandall  of Martin County.
         During the reception, the United Way Foundation   2019 – Joe and Margaret Richebourg Temple          United Way of Martin County’s mission is to improve
      also announced that it is halfway to its goal of building   2020 – John and Linda Loewenberg         lives by mobilizing the caring power of our community.
                                                        2021 – Fred and Betty Kopf                         Since 1972, the United Way has been working to create
                                                           The Frances Langford Humanitarian Award sculpture is a   long-term social change and provide support to Martin
                                                        signature piece by Geoffrey C. Smith created especially for   County residents by investing in programs that strive to
                                                        the United Way of Martin County Foundation.        enhance healthy living, improve education and support
                                                           Top reception sponsors included Bob Crandall, Bill and   financial stability.
                                                        Audrey Crandall, John and Linda Loewenberg, Robert and      For more information about United Way of Martin
                                                        Carol Weissman, Saelzer/Atlas Wealth Management Group   County Foundation, visit
                                                        of Raymond James and H.W. Lichtenberger.           Foundation or call (772) 283-4800, Ext. 2212.
                                                           The Frances Langford Humanitarian Award reception                            Photos by Liz McKinley

      Sandy and Mehdi Razavi with Mike and Linda Evans                                   with

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