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      Party Time At Martin Artisan

      Guild’s Post-Event Summer

      Salon Exhibit

      By Jackie Holfelder
         Good times and celebration are always in season when
      members of the Martin Arts Guild are around and the opening
      reception that kicked off the Summer Salon on July 6 was
      no exception.
         In addition to unveiling some amazing works of art, the
      evening celebrated the guild’s one-year anniversary in the
      Palm Room, its permanent studio and artisan’s boutique in   Mallo Biset and Edithy Marcellis  Marian Vitale and Linda Reymore  Torenzo Gann and Barbara Bucci
      Harbour Bay Plaza, 3746 S.E. Ocean Blvd. in Sewall’s Point.
         The Palm Room is open from noon to 6 p.m.,
      Tuesday to Saturday. For more information, visit www.
                              Photos by Danuta Rothschild

                                                         Shelley Brittan, Danuta Rothschild and Brittany Schaefer  Kristi Wilt

                                                                                   real estate

      Jerry Fribourg, Mallo Bisset and Sue Klahne
                                                           Treasure Coast Real Estate                         If  you  have  not  already done so,  you may  wish
                                                           Report                                          to register your phone number with the Federal and
                                                                                                           Florida’s Do Not Call List.
                                                           Are You Ready For                                  If this real estate robocalling catches on, part of
                                                           Robocalls For Real Estate?                      the reason is that there is nothing more frustrating
                                                                                                           than having customers, but nothing to sell them. This
                                                           By Jim Weix                                     situation has plagued the real estate market for several
                                                              I knew it might                              years now.
                                                           happen, but I got my first                         Most of us that are experienced, simply look at this
                                                           robocall about real estate.                     as a challenge to overcome. Unfortunately, it can also
                                                           The automated voice even                        create some annoying or misleading marketing efforts.
                                                           sounded like the guy that                       One that has been around for a long time is the “Sell
                                                           is concerned about my                           your home for as little as 2 percent!” Sounds good, but
                                                           extended warranty. True                         it normally never ends up working that way.
                                                           to form with robocalling,                          Another method is calling people and saying, “I
                                                           the automated system                            have a buyer for your home!” This is sometimes true.
                                                           used phone spoofing that                        I have often had buyers that wanted a particular type of
                                                           showed a local number, so                       property, like ocean access, and were not that concerned
                                                           you would think it was somebody from the area.  about the condition.
      Michaelann Bellerjeau, Charlie Cote and Dinija Berkien     I played along, just so that I could tell the agent that      If the caller has a legitimate buyer, and you
                                                           they hit a new low in real estate marketing. She apologized   would consider selling, the agent should have no
                                                           and said that her company had just signed up for the service   problem doing a one-person type of listing or showing
                   Andre’s East                            and was already regretting it.                  agreement. If they want you to do a six-month listing

                                                                                                           agreement, you may want to question them about this
                                                             Because robocalling is so annoying, I did not think it
                                                           would become popular in the real estate industry. Then
                                                                                                           “buyer” that they have.
                    Hairstyling                            I got a recorded robocall from “Robert” from “Cold     Company. Jim has 25 years of experience selling real
                                                                                                             Jim Weix is a broker associate with The Keyes
                                                           Callers,” who told me that I could get numerous real
                                                           estate seller leads by signing up with them. So it looks   estate full-time. If you have questions or want the
                                                           like “Robert” is busy trying to sell his robocalling services   services of an experienced expert, you can reach Jim
                                                           to real estate agents, some of whom will sign up for his   at (772) 341-2941 or
                                                           annoying services.

                                                                 LET ME HELP YOU KNOW JESUS

           Andre’s East is committed to quality and service. With                                                       The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
           years of experience and constant continuing education,
            our dedicated Design Team is ready to serve you and
             all of your beauty needs. Come and experience our                                                            572 Prophecies      1500 Pages
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                    We are a Team Concept Salon.
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