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                                                           rEAl EstAtE

                                                           For  example,  if  a
      Treasure Coast Real Estate                          homeowner’s old home was
      Report                                            worth $300,000, but was
                                                        assessed at 200,000 due to
      Selling And Buying Another Home? Be Sure          SOH  benefit,  they  have  a
      To Take Advantage Of Tax Portability!             $100,000 cap. This means the
                                                        property owner could transfer
      By Jim Weix                                       the  $100,000  cap,  using
         The  Florida  homestead                        homestead  portability,  to
      exemption is for primary                          the new property. If the new
      residences in the state. If a                     property is worth $450,000,
      homeowner sells their primary                     the cap of $100,000 would
      residence, they will lose                         bring  the  assessed  value
      their homestead exemption                         down to $350,000 for the
      for that property. However,                       first year. Homeowners
      they can transfer some or                         may be eligible to transfer,
      all of their Save Our Homes                       or port, up to $500,000 in
      (SOH) assessment limitations.                     capped value.
      Homeowners will have three                           If  “downsizing”  to  a
      years to transfer their SOH assessment limitation.   home of lower market value,
                                                        the homestead owner can
                 rAising                                transfer  a  SOH  benefit  that
                                                        protects the same percentage
                                                        of value as it did the former
                                                        homestead, up to a $500,000
                                                        transferred benefit.
            AwArEnEss                                     of  Homestead Assessment
                                                           You must file the Transfer
                                                        Dif ference with the
        SafeSpace’s Walk A Mile In                      homestead  application  for
                                                        your new home.
                                                           Once the homeowner files
        Her Shoes Event                                   these forms and if they are in
                                                        fact eligible, portability will
        11 Years Of Walking To End Domestic             allow them to “transfer their
        Violence On The Treasure Coast                  SOH benefit from their old homestead to a new homestead,   options. I can be reached at (772) 341-2941 or jimweix@
                                                        lowering the tax assessment and, consequently, the taxes
           Walk a Mile in Her Shoes is back! Help us make   for the new homestead.                            Jim Weix is a broker associate with The Keyes
        the 11th anniversary of our Walk a Mile in Her Shoes      Go to:  Company. Jim has 25 years of experience selling real
        event our best year yet! The goal driving the Walk a   exemption/homestead-portability for more information   estate full-time. If you have questions or want the services
        Mile in Her Shoes event, is to bring awareness and   and to get the needed forms.                  of an experienced expert, you can reach Jim at (772) 341-
        raise lifesaving funds for victims of domestic violence      Feel free to call me if you would like to discuss your   2941 or
        on the Treasure Coast.
           If you have not attended this event before, mark
        your calendars now for one of our walks that will take
        place in Martin, St. Lucie, and Indian River counties
        during the fall. Valiant men will be walking wearing
        red  women’s  high-heeled  shoes  to  symbolize  how
        difficult  it  is  to  “walk  in  the  shoes”  of  victims  of
        domestic violence. Women, families, and friends are                       Changing the way we
        also called to action to demonstrate their support for                find love, one date at a time.
        families fraught by domestic abuse. Your support helps
        SafeSpace continue saving and changing the lives of
        domestic violence victims and survivors.
        Indian River County Walk a Mile in Her Shoes –
        Sept. 30, Downtown Friday Main Street, 2036 14th
        Ave., Vero Beach, FL
        St. Lucie County Walk a Mile in Her Shoes – Oct.         We Connect
        22, Fort Pierce Marina Square, 101 Melody Lane, Fort
        Pierce, FL 34950                                         Real People
        Martin County Walk a Mile in Her Shoes – Nov. 12,
        Stuart Air Show, 1895 Flying Fortress Lane, Stuart,      In Real Life!
        FL 34996
           For more information about these events, visit us on
        our SafeSpace Facebook page or

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                                                                                CALL                  START                 LOVE

                                                                                31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31  Y Y Y Y Y Y EARS of  ♥ NOT Online DatingNOT Online Dating  ♥ All Clients Pre-Screened
                                                                                                                     ♥ All Clients Pre-Screened
                                                                                                ♥ Love Local
                                                                                                  Love Local
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                                                                                                                     ♥ Photos & Bios Created In-House
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