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                                                             Tampa general news

                                         Tampa General Hospital Adds

            Second TGH Imaging Facility In Palm Beach County

        Palm Beach County patients now have expanded access                                                who need a higher level of care have a direct connection
      to  diagnostics  backed  by  Florida’s  leading  academic                                            to Tampa General’s academic medical center resources
      medical center.                                                                                      through its academic affiliation, including research
        As part of its commitment to connecting the Palm                                                   breakthroughs, a wider variety of clinical trials and options
      Beach and Treasure Coast communities to highly complex                                               for advanced immunotherapy procedures, enhanced
      medical care, Tampa General Hospital (TGH) has acquired                                              personal treatment plans, and a convenient path to complex
      Palm Beach Radiology in North Palm Beach, its second                                                 surgeries.
      imaging facility in the area.                                                                          More information and online scheduling for imaging
        Remaining in the same location at 733 U.S. Highway                                                 services are available at
      1, Building 2B, North Palm Beach, Fla., the full-service
      radiology center will now be known as TGH Imaging. It                                                               Answer for
      will bring together essential assets to significantly increase
      access,  maximize  efficiency,  and  continue  to  provide                                                     Crossword Puzzle
      high-quality images and excellent service to patients and   require treatment in Tampa, they can return home to the East
      physicians in Palm Beach County.                  Coast for follow-up care with their health care provider.
        The same experienced team of radiologists,        For the past two years, Tampa General has been creating
      technologists, and support staff will continue to serve   a framework of state-of-the-art services for patients in the
      the community. Accredited by the American College   Palm Beach and Treasure Coast areas with the expertise
      of  Radiology  (ACR), TGH  Imaging’s  board-certified,   and innovation of a preeminent academic medical center.
      on-site radiologists work as a team with highly trained     The Florida East Coast initiative includes another TGH
      technologists to offer patients high-quality exam results,   Imaging center in Palm Beach Gardens, and alliances with
      often available on the same day.                  Cancer Center of South Florida and Gastro Group of the
        As a diagnostic resource for both patients and physicians,   Palm Beaches. It has established TGH General Surgeons of
      TGH Imaging offers a range of exams, including high-field,   the Palm Beaches with renowned West Palm Beach robotic
      short-bore MRI (including breast MRI), multidetector CT,   surgeons, Dr. Daniel R. Higgins and Dr. Itzhak Shasha.
      image-guided biopsies, 3-D mammography, ultrasound,   The TGH Cancer Institute also recently partnered with
      bone density scan, and digital X-ray.             West Palm Beach-based physicians, Dr. Robert Scoma, a
        TGH Imaging will not only support patients and   thoracic surgical oncologist, and Dr. Jason Hechtman, a
      physicians in the South Florida area, but also work closely   breast cancer surgeon.
      with the academic medical center’s TGH Cancer Institute,     Tampa General is the third highest ranked hospital in
      allowing for a more streamlined process from diagnosis to   Florida by U.S. News & World Report for 2022/23, the
      treatment. The teams will take a multidisciplinary approach   primary  teaching  affiliate  of  the  USF  Health  Morsani
      and strongly emphasize compassionate and personalized   College  of  Medicine,  and has  been  Florida’s  leading
      care that focuses on the whole patient. Should patients   academic medical center for more than 50 years. Patients

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