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                                             The Singles Scene Column                                            ©

                                                     It’s Your Lifetime. Spend It Wisely.

                                                         By Kelly Leary, M.S., THE Florida Matchmaker, Est. 1991

         Have you noticed the                            Thanksgiving, for example, is typically portrayed as a   officially over and behind you. Leave your comfort zone. Some
      holiday sizzle has started                         picturesque image of hugs and laughter and “perfect couples”   have risen to the occasion and seized the day. Others have
      early this year? We have at                        and/or families surrounding the turkey. Yet, for the majority of   remained a bit frozen and in idle for way too long. Thankfully
      the corporate headquarters of                      Americans, that is not the case whatsoever. Interestingly, stats   committed love is on the rise right now--this month--so don’t
      love and it is very exciting.                      point to around 30% of the population spending Thanksgiving   miss the good positive energy around us. Timing is everything
      So, if you are single, divorced                    completely alone this year. This is why you need to take action   and “couples season” has begun! The odds of pairing off in
      or widowed, understand that                        sooner than later. You are single, but you can change it. Change   November and December are in your favor and this is HOW
      you have options beyond                            WHAT is to come in your future by taking a positive step to   you change your luck. Make a forward movement. People are
      online dating. If you are in                       change it Consequently, you may also be changing   in the mood for drastic and bold changes. ‘Tis the Season.
      a relationship, do give your                       WHAT you will be doing on New Year’s Eve too!        The bottom line is: You have been thinking about this for
      single family and friends the                         WHERE: Where will you be during the holiday season?   a while. It’s been too long solo or in the wrong relationship.
      gift of HOPE this November                         Remember, single people were kind of “stuck” for the last   Do something different for you and find out what’s happening
      and share this column so that                      couple of years (and many were stuck for much longer than   HERE too. Discover what’s new at Revolution Dating 2022.
      they can spend their holiday time wisely too. Don’t make them   the holidays). Travel was limited. Another variant was spoiling   Discover WHO is new too. The new drop of clientele is full of
      feel bad and ask: “Why are you still single?” Instead talk about   the fun. We also know divorces and break-ups soared recently.   WOW and we have photographs to prove it for those entitled
      solutions. Make them feel excited about what is to come off   Thousands of single adults moved to Florida in the last year   to see them. Membership does have its privileges.
      of those silly dating of their sofa!   from all around the country. This means MORE AVAILABLE      We can’t wait to bring you up to date and to get you dating
         Here is the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW         QUALITY MEN and WOMEN in FLORIDA. Many of our     before the ball drops on the eve of 2023! Time flies! Spend it
      scoop on how to hack the single blues during the holiday   new clients are new to the area entirely and they know no one   wisely.
      season. It is our duty to serve and to help people connect.   in the area so many are taking the plunge now. Think about      Carpe Diem and Happy Thanksgiving!
      Connection is very important to your mental, physical and   where you want to be in life and do spend your time wisely.   XoXo, Kelly & The Revolution Dating Team
      emotional health.                                  Go WHERE the quality single men and women are going.   #LoveOf fline #LoveLocal #RestartSmart
         WHO: The focus should be on YOU. YOU are a catch.      WHEN: The sooner the better. Make that one decision   #FirstResponderSpecialsAllMonth #TellYourFriends
      You have much to offer in a relationship with the right person.   now, stop over thinking, and start today. If you are single right   #Grateful #Thankful
      Whether you have a good job and/or you are a good parent, you   now, just knowing you are doing something about it will raise      Kelly Leary  has 31 years in the dating industry and a
      have a good life with everything you need. However, there is   your energy and mindset immensely. You will have HOPE.   Master’s Degree in Psychology. She’s been profiled by The
      just one thing missing. THIS is the moment for YOU to spread   You will be ditching the dating apps and upgrading your   Palm Beach Post, PalmBeacher Magazine, Stuart News,
      your wild wings and connect with someone that adores and   odds of romance in one strategic move. Take this as a unique   Florida Woman, etc.. Revolution Dating members are pre-
      appreciates you. Look for someone who knows how to love   chance to revisit and rewire your expectations. This is the   screened. Professional photos are taken in house. Revolution
      and is not fatally broken like so many others--especially online   one decision that could and will change your love trajectory   Dating is not online dating or blind dating. In addition to
      dating keyboard warriors. Create your idea of what pairing off   forever. If you don’t have a FOREVER PARTNER at this   providing matchmaking services that make singles “UN-
      could look like during this holiday season. Empower yourself   very moment, taking action NOW will give you peace for the   single” through their exclusive club membership, Kelly
      with the solution and do it for YOU. Recently, I had a couple   weeks to come. You will be starting the New Year with a new   and her team also provide feedback from your dates when
      become engaged after just four weeks of dating.    partner by taking action in the here and now. It’s just smart   appropriate.  Call  561-630-XOXO  (9696)  or  772-932-
         WHAT: Accept the inevitable facts of what is about to   thinking.                                 HERE (4373) for a LIVE interview with a matchmaker
      happen. The holiday season can be very demanding and      HOW: Hit your DELETE button on negative thinking and   for the quickest service. You may also visit us at www.
      challenging when it comes to the stigma of being single.   misconceptions about dating. Let go of your fears. The past is *All inquiries are confidential.

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