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VOL. 25  NO. 2                                                                          FEBRUARY 2023

      Taste Of Little Italy Celebrates 16th Anniversary

      At Tradition Square In Port St. Lucie

      The Treasure Coast’s                                                                                 entertainment, food,  family  fun,  and more  served  up
      Largest Italian Festival                                                                             Italian-style! Each year, the Taste of Little Italy draws
         Via Productions Inc.,                                                                             three generations of families on the Treasure Coast with
      announced the return of the                                                                          a promise  to offer something  special for everyone to
      Taste of Little Italy celebrating                                                                    enjoy and remember as they create memorable moments
      its 16th Anniversary on Feb.                                                                         together that last a lifetime.
      17 to 19. The cultural festival                                                                         “It’s an honor to share old traditions and create new
      known for the Italian ambience,                                                                      memories with all the families that come out as we celebrate
      national  Italian American                                                                           our heritage and the accomplishments of Italians and Italian
      entertainers, and authentic                                                                          Americans,” said Jerry Somma, cofounder and producer of
      food will be offering free admission to thank the community                                          the festival.
      for all the years of support. The festival will be held in
      Tradition Square. The Taste of Little Italy is the Treasure                                          Taste Of Little Italy on page 3
      Coast’s largest Italian festival.                 to 8 p.m. Admission and parking are free.
         Festival hours throughout the weekend are: Friday, 4 to      Now in its 16th year, the Taste of Little Italy presented
      10 p.m.; Saturday,11 a.m. to 10 p.m.; and Sunday, 11 a.m.   by Galbani  Cheese, promises a weekend filled with   2024 Voting
      Harbour Ridge Mah Jongg Tournament                                                                       We did it! With your

      Will Benefit The Education                                                                            help, the 2022 elections
                                                                                                            are now successfully
                                                                                                            behind us and we have
      Foundation Of Martin County                                                                           started tackling our
                                                                                                            “2023 To Do List” in
                                                                                                            preparation for the 2024
                                                                                                            presidential elections.
      By Jackie Holfelder                                                                                      The 2022 general
         In only four short                                                                                 election boasted Martin
      years, the Harbour Ridge                                                                              County’s largest mid-
      Mah Jongg Tournament                                                                                  term election turnout
      has become one of the                                                                                 with 77,907 voters participating. Because of you, Martin
      most popular events of                                                                                County’s turnout was the fifth highest in the state with
      the season – a sellout                                                                                65.4 percent voters casting ballots vs. the state average
      every year. This year’s                                                                               of 53.67 percent. You make us proud to live in Martin
      event on March 3 is sure                                                                              County!
      to be a repeat success.                                                                                  Due to  state legislative  changes,  vote by mail
         Since its lauded                                                                                   requests must be renewed after each general election
      debut in 2020 under                                                                                   cycle. If you want to vote by mail through 2024, you
      the  expert  guidance                                                                                 must renew your request.
      and leadership of Lois
      McGuire, a resident of                                      MaryLou Owen, Edwardine Tasco and Kathy    2024 Voting on page 4
      the upscale community,  Annette Theriault, Lois McGuire and Carolyn   Tierney
      longtime supporter of  Caiola
      Education Foundation                                                         Cupid Aims HER Arrow for the 32nd Year in a Row!
      of Martin County (EFMC), and now foundation board     A sumptuous lunch
      member, the event is more eagerly anticipated every year.   prepared by the skilled      Kelly and the Revolution Dating Team have been working
        Mah Jongg is so popular around the world that it has its   Harbour Ridge chefs will   around the clock this month for obvious reasons. This well-
      own special day of recognition on Aug. 1. And that even   be served from 12:30 to 1:20   known Matchmaking Firm has been bringing more and more
      though it’s called National Mah Jongg Day, it is – in fact –   p.m., and play resumes at   couples together for Valentine’s Day every year! Whether you
                                                                                   are a male or female, age 25 or 85, this club is the answer to
      celebrated internationally.                       1:30 p.m.                  your dating dilemma. Research shows that 90% of Revolution
        Registration and continental breakfast kick things off at                  Dating clients are reporting a positive experience from finding
      9:30 a.m., followed by rules review and morning play at   Harbour Ridge Mah   happiness to marriage. If you haven’t started your Revolution
      10:30 a.m.                                        Jongg on page 3            of Love in 2023 yet, this is the MEGA MONTH to start. With
                                                                                   half of the adult population being single, divorced, or widowed, it’s tough to find “the right
                                                                                   one” at the “right time,” and this well-respected firm is here to help. Please find Kelly’s article
                                                                                   “The Singles Scene” in this issue and learn how to rule February like a winner! It really is
                                                                                   Valen-TIME! If you don’t know already, you will learn firsthand why
                                                                                   Florida singles love this introductions club. Stay tuned for more fun and
                                                                                   love in this issue as you turn the pages to find YOUR person. Thank you
                                                                                   for following THE Florida Matchmakers year after year! From our office
                                                                                   to your heart, we wish YOU a Happy Valentine’s Day! See you in a few
                                                                                   pages! We can’t wait to hear your story!
                                                                                       #LoveIRL #LoveOffline #CallStartLove #TellYourFriends
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