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                                                    Art HAppenings

      Kicking Off The New Year

      At The Kaleidoscope
      Opening Party

      By Jackie Holfelder
         There was no sign of
      post-holiday blues at the
      opening reception for
      Kaleidoscope, Martin
      Artisan  Guild’s  first
      exhibit of the year.
         A celebratory crowd
      was on hand on Jan. 4                                                      Paula Hundt and Barbara   Dinija Berkien and      Mallo Bisset and Jacquelyn
      at the Palm Room Art                              Renee Keil and Maria Miele  Bucci                  Michaelann Bellerjeau   Roesch-Sanchez
      Gallery  and Artisans  Lynn Morgan and Nancy Turrell
      Boutique located at 3746                             The exhibit continued until March 4. The Palm Room      For more information, visit
      S.E. Ocean Blvd. in Harbour Bay Plaza in Stuart.   Gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday from noon to 6 p.m.        Photos provided by Martin Artisans Guild
         Music was provided by Chris King and the guild’s
      sensational gourmet spread and adult beverages did not
         Congratulations to Jacquelyn Roesch-Sanchez, Patricia
      Pasbrig, and Barbara Bucci, for earning first, second, and
      third places respectively in the evening’s awards ceremony.
      Each exhibit has an anonymous art professional judge the
      show and pick the three top artworks for recognition.

      Mark Thyming and Paul
      Brown                    Jeff Fisher
      Treasure Coast


      Snook Fishing Offers Exciting
      And Often Easy Fishing

      By Jim Weix
         The warmer temperatures
      are making snook more
      active. The nice thing about
      snook fishing is that they
      can be easily fished with a
      spinning rod and are found
      in so many places. They can
      be caught any time of day or
      night, although prime time is
      the two-hour period at dawn
      and dusk, as well as during an
      incoming or outgoing tide.
         I like casting Rapala lures. Depending upon where I am
      fishing, Rapala has shallow running lures, deeper diving
      lures, and surface popping lures. Artificial shrimp or paddle
      tail lures also work very well. Of course, it is hard to beat
      live bait, like shrimp, pilchards, or sardines.
         As I mentioned, snook can be found in many places. They
      are “ambush” fish, so look for them waiting for prey around
      docks, seawalls, pilings, overhanging trees or mangroves,
      and anchored boats.
         If you are fishing where there is a current or tide, fish up
      the current as the snook will be facing that way. The important
      thing is that you need to fish where there is some kind of
      structure. You are unlikely to find snook in open water.
         One favorite spot, just because it is close to home, is the
      walkway under the Palm City bridge. I’ll go there in the
      late afternoon, and throw a dead mullet, with a small sinker,
      upstream and let the current take it back to me.
         The biggest challenge that I have found to snook fishing
      is catching one in the legal slot size of 28 inches to 32 inches.
      I once caught 17 snook along a mangrove island south of the
      Palm City bridge. Not a single fish was legal size.
         Editor’s note: Jim Weix is an avid hunter, angler,
      conservationist, as well as an outdoor writer. Jim is included
      in the Wisconsin Waterfowl Association’s Hall of Fame for
      helping restore thousands of acres of wetlands. Jim is a broker
      associate with The Keyes Company. He can be reached at (772)                                                                  See answer in this paper.
      341-2941 or by email:
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