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      Golden Heart Luncheon from page 1                  million to date, the
                                                         foundation supports
        “I can’t thank the Nicklaus family enough for    Nicklaus Children’s
      everything they have done and continue to do,” said   Hospital, which has
      Jaxon’s mother, Dara Budnick. “All the people and   helped children from
      lives they are able to touch … it’s something that’s   every state in the union
      indescribable.”                                    and 119 countries. The
        “From an organizational perspective, what they’ve   Nicklaus Children’s
      created has made it so easy for Jaxon to be a patient,”   He al t h Syst em
      continued Jaxon’s                                  includes the main   Luncheon table
      father, Cliff Budnick.                             hospital campus in
      “It’s nice to have this                            Miami, and 21 centers from Monroe County to Martin
      extraordinary level                                County, as well as a pediatric partnership with Jupiter
      of care in our own                                 Medical Center.
        Jack and Barbara                                               Photos by Tracey Benson Photography  David Foster and Katharine McPhee
      Nicklaus founded the
      Nicklaus Children’s
      Health Care
      Foundation in 2004
      in an effort to provide
      families access to the
      best level of pediatric
      health care  in Palm
      Beach County and
      beyond. Raising $170  The Budnick Family

                                                         Ashley Brown, Rhonda Titherington  Nan O’Leary, Kelly O’Leary     Kathy Mercen, Liz Sokol

                               Morgan Dillavou, Laura
       Jack Nicklaus           Andrassy

                                                         Carol Ritchie, Kathy Theofilos, Rose Garrido      Christina Strunk, Allison Nicklaus, Casey Nicklaus

      Jack and Barbara Nicklaus, Katharine McPhee, David Foster

                                                         Alexandra Taylor Kavanugh, Eddy Taylor, Casey Taylor  Patti Patrick, Traci Simonsen, Patty McDonald

                                                                                              Suffering from Floaters?

                                                                                                   WE HAVE THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY

      Monique Brechter, Patty McDonald, Belinda Pike
                                                                                                                    Eye Floater
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