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VOL. 33 NO. 3                                    FAX 561-624-9088 • E-MAIL                                         MARCH 2023

      PGA POA Communication Corner

      Submitted by Gail Coppage and Bill Heath,             Even our excellent security team, St. Moritz officers,   please contact the POA office at (561) 627-2800 to ensure
      PGA POA Communications Committee                   cannot be everywhere at all once. What steps can we all   your correct mailing address is on file.
                                                         take to be better prepared? 1) LOCK YOUR CAR; 2)   ARC Committee
                                                         DON’T LEAVE YOUR KEY (OR THE KEY FOB TO              The ARC continues to review a significant number
                                                         START THE VEHICLE) IN YOUR CAR; 3) CLOSE          of  applications  for  improvements. All  documentation
                                                         YOUR GARAGE DOOR  WHEN NOT IN USE; 4)             needed, can be found on the PGA POA website (www.
                                                         REMEMBER TO LOCK YOUR DOORS TO YOUR CAR  Please remember that all changes to the
                                                         AND YOUR HOME; 5) DON’T LEAVE VALUABLES           exterior of your home, whether permanently attached
                                                         IN SIGHT IN YOUR CAR, and 5) BE AWARE OF          or not, require prior written approval by the POA ARC.
                                                         YOUR SURROUNDINGS. The above steps are easy to    If you need help with the application, Lori (at the POA
                                                         do, take no time and help to keep both you and all our   office) is always happy to help. Thank you to all the
                                                         communities safe.                                 homeowners who are adding great value to their homes
                                                         Finance Committee                                 with new landscaping, roofing, windows, new paint, and
                                                            The annual meeting notice was mailed to PGA    driveways. PGA National is looking beautiful which is
                                                         National residents on  Feb.  1.  The meeting was held   why there is such continued interest in purchasing a home
         Happy March in PGA National! Spring is here and we have   on Wednesday, March 1, at the PGA Resort, Masters   or condo in one of our communities!
      heard birds chirping, seen blue skies and gorgeous greenery   Ballroom. Included in the notice packet was a summary of   Long-Range Planning Committee
      throughout our Florida winter. The days have been glorious, the   the audited financial statement. Several local and county      Currently the committee is reviewing information for
      nights cool and sweet and weather just perfect for any outdoor   officials attended the meeting and provided updates to   the landscaping work planned alongside PGA Boulevard.
      activity! Living in a gated (or access controlled) community   the PGA National community. We hope you were at the   Discussions continue between the committee, land
      has so many benefits and having a strong security presence is   meeting!                             planners, and engineers. The committee recognizes the
      a wonderful addition to our daily living environment; BUT,      The new fiscal year begins July 1. The budget is   importance and need for appropriately managing this
      speaking of our Shangri-la environment, do you know that   currently under review but we do expect an increase since   project. We will continue to keep you apprised as plans
      even though we may live in a gated community, we are not   the Board held the rate for the past few years even though   progress on this subject.
      immune to crime, such as burglaries and stolen cars? It is a   expenses continued to increase. The assessment notice
      fact of our daily life that, with so much daily traffic in and out   and payment information will be mailed to all property   PGA POA Communication Corner on page 2
      of PGA National, our communities are still prone to crime.   owners on June 1 so if you have moved in the past year,
       Commissioner’s Update

       2023 Legislative Session                          produced by local universities and state colleges in   to recognize the county’s authority to approve affordable
       Priorities                                        partnership with institutions such as Max Planck, Scripps   housing projects pursuant to Florida Statutes. Once
                                                                                                           finalized, the county would establish procedures for
                                                         of Florida, Florida Atlantic University, Palm Beach State
                                                         College and University of Florida. Supporting STEM   considering approval of affordable housing proposals
       By Commissioner                                   programs will grow our workforce in the biotech industry.  in commercial, industrial and residential zoned areas,
       Maria Marino                                         Funding to support the restoration of historical facilities   in accordance with any legal provisions passed by the
          The Board of County                            on Peanut Island, including the U.S. Coast Guard Lake Worth   legislature.
       Commissioners has identified                      Inlet Station, dating back to World War II, and the Kennedy      Homelessness legislation to support programs that
       six strategic priorities that                     Bunker, built in secrecy by the Navy Seabees during the time   include services to veterans, college and university
       have guided the formulation                       of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1961 and 1962. It is essential   students, youth aging out of foster care, and patients
       of the FY2023 budget and                          that we preserve the historical features in our parks and public   exiting sober homes, and review policies to move people
       set the course for advocating                     spaces that enhance our tourist attractions.      out of poverty.
       Palm Beach County’s needs                         Housing And Homelessness                             Empower local governments to take action against
       this 2023 legislative session in                    Restoration of the Sadowski Local Government Housing   landlords who fail to maintain minimum housing standards;
       Tallahassee. Those priorities                     Trust Fund for affordable housing projects. This session, I   foreclose housing properties that pose a safety hazard to its
       are economic development;                         am very encouraged by Florida Senate President Kathleen   occupants; and, impose fines against landlords to recoup the
       housing and homelessness; infrastructure; public safety;   Passidomo’s commitment to pass legislation that will assist   costs of relocating residents from condemned properties.
       environmental protection; and, substance abuse and behavior   local governments in repurposing underperforming or
       disorders.                                        vacant commercial developments along our urban transit   Commissioner’s Update on page 4
          Influenced by those priorities, here are just some of the   corridors into affordable
       legislative measures and appropriations we are advocating   housing for our workforce.
       through our delegation:                           Palm Beach County has
       Economic Development                              transmitted an amendment
          Biomedical research funding for educational programs   to the Comprehensive Plan
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