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Page 4, PGA C.A.N.!                                                  March 2023                                                                                                                                                    March 2023
      Ask The Juris Doctor

      By James A. Cioffi J.D.,                          distribution of property after your death.         Surrogate to make health care decisions for you if you are not
      Attorney-At-Law                                      A Will or Last Will and Testament describes how your   able to do so. I recommend multiple Health Care Surrogates
                                                        property and possessions will be distributed when you die.   in case one of them is not able to act on your behalf.
      A Will is a Will is a Will?                       You also select the person who will administer your estate      The legal requirements for these documents vary from
      Dear Juris Doctor;                                after you die i.e. the Personal Representative or Executor.   state to state. Therefore, if you move to another state or live
         I have been told                               The Will can be revoked or amended with a Codicil. It can   part of the year in multiple locations, you should consult an
      I need a Living Will. I                           be changed before your death.                      attorney in each jurisdiction to determine the validity of the
      have a Will. What is the                             The Living Will is a legal document that tells your loved   Will and Living Will you have previously prepared.
      difference between them?                          ones and doctors what your personal choices are regarding                              Sincerely, J.D.
       Charles at PGA National                          end-of-life medical treatment. You select a Health Care                  
      Dear Charles:
         A Living  Will is an
      Advance Health Care Directive which indicates your desires   Commissioner’s Update from page 1
      to select a Health Care Surrogate and the administration or
      withholding of life prolonging procedures under specific   Infrastructure                            in Palm Beach County. They include seagrass restoration – this
      circumstances while you are alive. It is in contrast to a      Increase funding for Florida Department of Transportation   is what manatees feed on; creation of new plant and animal
      Last Will and Testament which contains provisions for the   programs to improve public transit efficiencies, relieve traffic   habitat islands; and, hydrologic restoration projects to prevent
                                                        congestion through high-occupancy corridors, construct park   saltwater intrusion.
         Editorial Board                                and ride lots, and support airport development.    Substance Abuse And Behavioral Disorders/Mental Health
                                                                                                             Communities have recognized that the human and

                                                           Provide a dedicated funding source to support the

                                                        operations and capital costs of Tri-Rail.
                                                        Public Safety                                      economic costs of untreated substance use and mental illness
                                                                                                           continue to rise. Palm Beach County supports increased
         Editor:       James A. Cioffi                     Protect local governments’ ability to grant Emergency   funding for the collaborative agencies working together to
                              Medical Services Certificates of Public Convenience and   reduce addiction and suicides, with an emphasis on expectant
         Feature Writers:  Dawn Levinstein, POA         Necessity for basic and advanced life support services   mothers and youth, respectively.
                       Gail Coppage, POA                countywide.                                           Overdose deaths increased statewide and nationally, fueled
                       Bill Heath, POA                     Provide comprehensive and uniform requirements for   by the increased use of fentanyl and the pandemic. Palm Beach
                       Commissioner Maria Marino        building safety and support additional inspection requirements   County supports the recommendations of the State Attorney
                       Katie Roundtree
         Contributing                                   statewide for multifamily condominium facilities, along   Addiction Recovery Task Force for statutory changes to
         Reporter:     Don Kiselewski                   with required financial responsibilities of condominium and   prohibit alcohol and illegal substances on the premises of a
                                                        community associations.                            recovery residence, a mechanism for the imposition of fines for
            Your editors strongly believe that the number   Environmental Protection                       violations, and the ability to assert trespass charges against any
         of people who do become involved with any         Many critical environmental projects are located in   discharged residents who refuse to leave a recovery residence.
         news medium directly reflects on that medium’s   Northern Palm Beach County and state support is needed for      This is a mere sampling of the numerous issues we are
         excellence, versatility and broad viewpoint.   them to be successful. This includes, but is not limited to:  following in this year’s Legislative session. We also place
         Therefore, we invite PGA residents to contribute      Beach and inlet management projects to address critically   an emphasis on thwarting bills and any unfunded mandates
         articles or current, timely news items and/or
         “Letters to the Editors.”                      eroded beaches subject to constant wind, waves, tides and   that can negatively affect our residents, and protect home
            Articles/letters are subject to editing and editors’   seasonal Atlantic tropical storms and hurricanes.  rule. Home rule gives our 67 counties and more than 400
         right to publish. Submission must include writer’s      The purchase and preservation of additional lands in the   municipalities the ability to self-govern and create local laws
         name, address and telephone number. Unsigned articles   Pal Mar Water Control District.           through a public hearing ordinance process that are not in
         /letters will not be published. Opposing views to article      Ongoing projects to restore the Wild & Scenic Loxahatchee   conflict with state law.
         viewpoints contained in this paper are welcome.   River and the Lake Worth Lagoon, two delicate ecosystems that      As always, if there is any way I can assist you, please contact
         Articles do not necessarily represent the viewpoint   are essential to economic development, tourism and recreation   me at (561) 355-2201 or by email at
         of the C.A.N.! organization. Submissions should
         be mailed or delivered by the tenth of each month
         for the following month’s publication (example: by
         January 10 for February publication) to:
            C.A.N.! Editors
            Contact the publisher for additional information
         regarding submissions, fax (561) 627-9088 or e-mail
            Let’s hear from you.

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       Seabreeze Publications of Central Florida. Most editorial copy is created by
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