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                                                                art happeningS

                 Dan Bi From Ontario, Canada, Wins Best Of Show

                                    At 2023 ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival

         The 2023 ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival presented by Hanley      The winners were selected by three judges who scored
      Foundation and produced by the Palm Beach North Chamber   each artist and awarded a Best of Show and a first-place
      of Commerce is proud to announce Dan Bi from Ontario,   winner in each of the 12 categories. The judges also
      Canada, has won Best of Show for his mixed media work   awarded 11 Judges Awards.
      with fine paper cuttings.                             The following is a list of the artists who placed first
         “I’m so surprised and very glad,” said Bi about winning   in each category and the Judges Awards:
      Best of Show at the 2023 ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival. This is   Best Of Show
      the third time Bi has been selected to show at ArtiGras. He won   Dan Bi - Mixed Media - Markhan, Ontario, Canada
      first place in mixed media at last year’s festival. “I’m glad I came   First Place Awards
      back to show this year, and will definitely return next year.”  Don McWhorter - Ceramics - Carrollton, Ga.

        The Singles Scene Column                                            ©                              Best Of Show Winner Dan Bi with his Best Of Show Trophy

        Contents Inside May Cause Happiness!               We have also noticed that our clients are falling in love
                                                        quicker than in years prior. The “L-word” comes easier these   Sondra Wampler - Digital Art - Santa Fe, N.M.
        By: Kelly Leary, M.S.,                          days. Exclusivity is making a comeback. Traditional one-on-  Melissa Helene Bossenbroek - Drawing and Printmaking
        CEO/Head Matchmaker                             one dating is on the rise leading to sustainable courtships and/or   - Silver Cliff, Wis.
           “Life moves pretty fast. If                  forever love. This is just the happiest news ever, right?   Jean Yao-Fiber Nonwearable - Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
        you don’t stop and look around                     Thanks for spending your time with me again today. I am
        once in a while, you could miss                 looking forward to catching up with you soon. Please mention   Shekina Rudoy - Fiber Wearable - Princeton, N.J.
        it.” ~~Ferris Bueller                           this article for priority booking when you are on the phone with   Christopher Jeffries - Glass - Long Beach, Calif.
           Happy March to all of our                    one of my matchmakers! Our schedules are filling up quickly this   Don and Serena David - Jewelry - Palm Coast, Fla.
        clients, friends, and couples.                  year (lucky you...the more the merrier).           Stephanie Lavender - Mixed Media - Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
        Spring is days away. This is a                     Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all! Let’s celebrate together!   William Kwamena-Poh - Painting - Savannah, Ga.
        time for new beginnings and                                                          XOXO, Kelly
        refreshing. Spring cleaning                        #LuckyInLove #RevolutionDating #SpringIntoLove   Michael Chen - Photography - New York, N.Y.
        is not only for the home.                       #JoinTheMovement #TellYourFriends                  Gary Traczyk - Sculpture - Palmetto Bay, Fla.
        It’s for the soul. If you find                     Kelly Leary  has 32 years in the dating         Derrick Crossland - Wood - Islamorada, Fla.
        yourself nesting and making                     industry and a Master’s Degree in Psychology.      Judges Awards
        your surroundings even more                     She’s been profiled by  Florida Woman              Janvier Ngamije - Fiber Nonwearable - Lewisville, Texas
        beautiful this time of year, remember to prioritize your personal life   Magazine, The Palm Beach Post, Stuart
        too. There is no better anti-aging phenomenon than falling in love.   Magazine, and other local publications. All   Nolan Prohaska - Glass - Somerset, Wis.
        You are never too old and it is never too late! In the here and now,   Revolution Dating clients are prescreened   Michael Alexander - Jewelry - New York, N.Y.
        calm your heart and light up your soul. Positive things are about to   in person in their private corporate office.   Antoni Kozlowski - Jewelry - Shelby Township, Mich.
        happen for you! Ready. Set. Go.                 Professional photos are taken by the staff. Revolution Dating   Diane Seeman - Mixed Media - Cincinnati, Ohio
                 1. Believe In Yourself. What do you love about YOU?   is not online dating or blind dating. In addition to providing   Yu Zhou - Painting - Winter Garden, Fla.
        Regardless of your age, clothing size, or status—know that you   matchmaking services that make singles “UN-single” through their
        have a lot to offer. Your future guy or girl (who is right around the   exclusive membership, each membership is custom made to suit you   Arlet Gomez - Painting - Greenacres, Fla.
        corner) will feel the same way too. Banish self-doubt. Confidence   and your needs. For more information, please call 561-630-XOXO   JD Dennison - Photography - Troy, Mich.
        mixed with kindness is appealing. Don’t let the noise between   (9696) or 772-932-HERE (4373) or visit www.revolutiondating.  Eric Shupe - Sculpture - Hampton, Fla.
        your ears talk you out of dating. All of the good ones are not   com. *All inquiries are confidential. *Representing Ages 21 to 81.   Greg Thomas-Moore - Wood - Deltona, Fla.
        taken~~just look in the mirror!                                                                    Magali Cereghino-Groves - Wood - Orlando, Fla.
                 2. Minimize Time Killers. Decrease your time on social   Local Revolutionary Hot Shots:
        media sites. Intentionally change your patterns this March and      The following photos were taken at the corporate headquarters      Celebrating 38 years in Palm Beach County, the ArtiGras
        socialize IRL (in real life). Walk away from the dating app trap and   of Revolution Dating located in PGA Commons. Revolution   Fine Arts Festival presented by Hanley Foundation wrapped
        hire a professional to do the work for you. Stop dating that man or   Dating has been shining like a star over PGA Boulevard for   up on Sunday, Feb. 19, in Palm Beach Gardens. Ranked as
        woman that you know is not the one. Focus your energy in a positive   almost ten years and counting. LOCATION is KEY when you   one of the Top 10 art shows in the United States, ArtiGras
        direction. If someone or something is not serving you--cut the ties.   want the best clients in South Florida and the Treasure Coast.   showcases a unique juried exhibition of nearly 300 fine
                 3. Be Vulnerable. Fear of rejection should not govern you.   Please note, the following clients enjoy the extra exposure as
        If you sense that this is your problem, talk to a trusted friend or a   an add-on bonus--and they have agreed to go public. If you are   artists from all over the country.
        therapist. My team and I are always available for questions too, if   interested in any of our amazing clients here, please mention it      A portion of the proceeds from ArtiGras goes to
        you need a neutral and honest opinion. When you date with intention,   when you call. Know that the majority of our database wishes   support art education in schools throughout Palm Beach
        the dating process will be much more fun than you think. Half of this   to remain confidential and you can too. Obviously, these clients   County. For additional information on ArtiGras visit
        is who we date, but the other half is how we date. So many people   will be swept away soon so do act before they become TAKEN.
        find the right one who has everything they are looking for and they   Timing is everything. Many of them are already on their first dates
        are so afraid of rejection that they either self-sabotage or freeze.   and second dates. We move quickly and so should you. We look   About Hanley Foundation
                 4. Cool Down Urges. Overdoing food, drink, or any other vice   forward to collaborating with you too! This is clearly not blind      Hanley Foundation combats substance use disorders
        is a surefire way to sabotage the balance of your romantic future.   dating or online dating. This is matchmaking the best of the best   within our communities by raising awareness and
        If you find yourself overindulging and doing things you should not   singles in our local communities. This firm does not enroll people   providing education through quality substance use
        be doing or dating people you should not be dating, you are only   over the phone or on a video chat. *If someone is pre-qualified   prevention programming in schools and communities in
        destroying the chances of living your best life. You are essentially   we will make an exception and do the first interview via video
        blocking yourself from love. I.E. Thwart your own escape tendencies   chat but the goal is to meet all clients at least twice in-person in   Palm Beach and 21 other counties within Florida. Hanley
        and face the mystical music of love that you yearn for deep down.   our office. This is a good thing in this day and age. What’s not to   Foundation is dedicated to working alongside community
                 5. Walk It Off. Movement is key and is a cure for mild   love? My clients love their life (as you can tell in these photos)   partners to promote healthy lifestyles and to positively
        depression and/or anxiety. The next time you find yourself plopping   but there is one thing missing...could it be YOU?   influence attitudes, norms, and values by empowering
        down on the couch after dinner, go for a 30-minute walk instead.      Let the good times roll!     individuals and families while helping supply need-based
        The rewards of action versus stillness are too profound to measure.
        Your mind will relax and create more space for loving people and                                   treatment scholarships to individuals with demonstrated
        thoughts. This is medical science. You will sleep better too. Your                                 needs in Palm Beach County.
        future companion will appreciate your extra beauty sleep!                                          About Palm Beach North Chamber Of Commerce
                 6. Reconnect by Disconnecting. Instead of spending time                                      The Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce is one
        alone in front of the television or on social media, make a date                                   of the largest and most active business organizations
        with someone you would like to get to know better--or make an
        appointment with me. The point is: If you don’t know anyone                                        in Southeast Florida. Serving businesses in the 10
        to connect with, we can help make an introduction for you. It is                                   municipalities that make up Palm Beach North, the
        not what you know, it is who you know. It’s simple. It’s math.                                     chamber fosters a partnership of private, public,
        It’s smart. Life is all about connecting.                                                          educational and civic organizations working together
                 7. Expand Your Circle. Make new friends and see new places.   Meet Jason...  Meet Corrina...  Meet Liz...  to ensure Palm Beach North is Florida’s “Prosperity
        Challenge yourself. Awaken. It’s good for your brain...not to mention   Managing   Retired and   Registered Nurse
        your love life and your health. Dare to do something out of your daily   Partner/CEO  Loving Life   and Wellness Coach   Coast.” The chamber’s four strategic imperatives are: a
        grind. Do it today. Variety is the “spice of life:” and will compliment                            prosperous economy, high quality of life for all residents,
        your life, year, mind, heart, and soul. You deserve it too. Refill that                            a smart and connected region, and regional leadership.
        love tank. You have waited long enough and missed out on enough                                    For more information visit:
        this past twelve months. So, keep calm and go for it! You’re alive
        and the world is full of wonder this Spring of 2023.
           We have always had an impressive draw of people in this club,
        but I have to say that the clientele we are meeting this year and last                                             Advertise,
        year is different and even more impressive than in prior years. With
        the online dating nose dive gone rampant in Florida, quality singles                                       Check out our website!
        are more likely to hire a verified matchmaker (with a physical local
        office). I’ve also noticed that people that would usually not commit are                   
        committing. Exclusivity is on the rise. Pairing Off is trending. These   Meet Kristy...  Meet David...  Meet Jason...
        facts make online dating and the bar scene even more undesirable for   Nurse Anesthetist   Medical Doctor  CEO and Director   or call 746-3244
        Florida singles. So where do the good ones go? HERE, my friend.
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