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      Northern Notes from page 1                         What Can You Do To Help?
                                                                                                            Bill’s Box from page 1
      community or “tertiary” system through underground pipes   Residents And Business Owners
      to the “secondary” system, in this area mainly operated     ○ Make sure drainage gates, ditches and swales in your   Have You Noticed?
      by Northern Palm Beach County Improvement District   neighborhood are clear of debris.                  With help from Mayor Jim Kuretski, the Jupiter
      (Northern) or the city or county. Maintenance and upkeep of     ○ Remove loose items, including yard debris, from your yard.   Water Department cleaned very unsightly water
      community drainage facilities are typically the responsibility   Debris and litter can clog storm drains and cause flooding.  hydrants throughout The Shores. They were dirty
      of homeowner associations.                           ○ Check your community retention pond or lake for   and  rusted. Now  another  improvement  has  been
        The “secondary” drainage system is usually a network of   obstructed pipes and contact the appropriate authority for   accomplished to keep our “Village” looking upscale.
      canals, structures, pumping stations and storage areas. These   removal (could be your HOA, city, county, or local drainage   The Shores is a sought after place to have a home,
      systems can cover several hundred square miles and serve many   district).                            raise a family, and whose homeowners have pride
      communities. In communities maintained by Northern, storm     ○ Find out who is responsible for drainage in your   in appearance and property values. President Dave
      water systems are gravity-fed or pumped using storm water   community. Visit  Lindley leads all aspects of infrastructure, no simple
      pump stations. Water moves through a series of lakes and canals   Homeowner Association Officials     or mean feat. Our common grounds require constant
      via weirs (fixed structures), operable gates and pump stations.     Familiarize yourself with your particular drainage system   attention to keep myriad maintenance functions
      These systems move water through multiple communities at   and how it fits into the overall south Florida drainage picture.   working.  Dave  has  some  board  member  assistance
      times, so the “downstream” effects must be considered when   Specifically, learn how the system works and how to maintain   from those who have some expertise in certain
      moving water from one area to another. The storm water systems   the facilities under your responsibility properly.   aspects, but it is he that takes the lead. Our board
      discharge into local canals managed by either Northern or other     Report the location and condition of any clogged or damaged   is wise in decision making, and we are fortunate to
      municipalities. Northern uses a telemetry system to monitor and   facilities to the proper authority (homeowner association, city,   have made appointments of capable homeowners to
      remotely open and close gates and pumps. Weather conditions   county or local drainage district, or the South Florida Water   important committees such as the Architectural Control
      and water levels are monitored around the clock. These systems   Management District) in advance of and during the summer   Committee (ACC).
      discharge water in the “primary” flood control system as long   rainy season. Please make a note of important telephone   A Few Smiles
      as carrying capacity is available.                 numbers and keep them handy.                         • Law of gravity – any tool, nut, bolt, screw, when
        Finally, the water flows to the “primary” drainage system     NPDES tip: Your neighborhood drainage system is not a   dropped, will roll to the least accessible place in the
      operated by the South Florida Water Management District   garbage disposal – don’t treat it like one. Encourage residents to   universe.
      (SFWMD) or other natural waterways. Floodgates may be   take responsibility and to not dump chemicals, fertilizer, paint,     •  The  probability  of  being  watched  is  directly
      opened, and water levels might be lowered in anticipation of   oil, etc. in inlets or pipes. Discourage sweeping of lawn clippings   proportional to the stupidity of your act.
      heavy rains to accommodate direct rainfall and inflows from   and dirt into street drains and disposing of lawn clippings and     • If you change traffic lanes, the one you were in
      the “secondary” systems. During and after heavy rains, excess   other debris (wood, concrete blocks, Christmas trees, etc.)   will always move faster than the one you are in now.
      water is routed through all available “primary” waterways to   directly into retention lakes. Keep drainage facilities clear of     • Can someone tell me what’s offensive today? It’s
      regional storage areas or coastal discharge points to relieve   vegetation, trash, improperly and illegally discarded appliances,   hard to keep up.
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                                                                                                              • Sometimes, not saying anything is the best answer.
      flooding as quickly and safely as possible.        shopping carts, tires, cars, garbage bags, etc. > | Member SIPC
                                                                                                            You see, silence can never be misquoted.
                                                                                                              • We live in a time when intelligent people are being
                                  > | Member SIPC    > | Member SIPC        silenced so stupid people won’t be offended.
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        Dreaming up the
 Dreaming up the                                                                                              Got to go meet the copy deadline. Check with me
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        ideal retirement
 Dreaming up the   Dreaming up the
 ideal retirement
 ideal retirement   ideal retirement
        is your job.
 is your job.
 is your job.
        Helping you get
 Helping you get   is your job.
        there is ours.
 there is ours.  Helping you get
 Helping you get
 We’re excited to   there is ours.
        We’re excited to
 there is ours.
 hear from you.  We’re excited to
        hear from you.
      hear from you.
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