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VOL. 24 NO. 4                                                                                 APRIL 2023

      Saturday, April 22 – 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
      Carlin Park West: 400 A1A, Jupiter, FL 33477
         The Jupiter Police Department is hosting an entire day
      filled with resources to assist those on the autism spectrum
      and their families and friends. Not only will this day be
      resourceful to inform you on all the incredible resources that
      are available for you in the area, but full of fun to connect
      you with your local first responders and others with autism.
         Although this is a free event, please R.S.V.P. through
      Eventbrite.                                        Family Autism Day on page 6
      Live Like Jake

      – Childhood Drowning Prevention

         On  Nov.  30,  2013,
      Jake  Roarke  Morrison,
      age 2, lost his life to an
      accidental drowning while
      on a family vacation. Jake
      almost always had a smile
      on his face, especially
      when he met new people.
      He understood humor and
      had the ability to create his
      own happiness from all the
      good and wonderful things
      this life has to offer. He
      loved the simple things like lights, fans, frogs, spiders,
      lizards, shapes, the moon and his favorite thing, pushing
      his baby stroller around.                          Live Like Jake on page 7
      Drowning Prevention And Autism

         Water safety is critical for children and adults with   drowning accounts for 91 percent of deaths after elopements
      autism. Many autistic individuals are drawn to water and   reported in children with ASD who are 14 years old and younger.
      some are unable to understand the dangers associated      • Children with ASD are 160 times more likely to die from
      with it. Tragically, the leading cause of death among   drowning according to research published in the December 2017
      those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who wander   issue of Injury Epidemiology.
      is drowning. – Autism Speaks.                         • According to a study by the American Academy of   Abacoa Upcoming Events
      Statistics                                         Pediatrics, nearly half of all children with ASD will run away and
         • 50 percent of children with autism wander – nearly all   potentially go missing at least once before their 17th birthday.
      gravitate towards water.                              • Of those who run away, also defined as “wandering” and   May 13 –  Roger Dean Baseball   See Concert
         • 32 percent of parents of kids with ASD report that they have   what clinicians term “eloping,” many will be found dead.     and Wine Mixer  and Music
      had a “close call” of drowning for their child.      • More than two-thirds of those deaths occur in small natural   May 19 – Roger Dean Baseball   Events
         • According to the National Autism Association, accidental   bodies of water like creeks, lakes, rivers and ponds.     and Fireworks  on Page 3
                                                                                   This phenomenon is not   May 20 – Billy Joel Tribute
                                                                                 entirely  understood,  but   June 4 –  Start Me Up Rolling Stones Tribute
                                                                                 researchers and professionals
                                                                                 studying this issue believe the
                                                                                 sparkle and movement may
                                                                                 be attractive. This along with   GET ANSWERS TO YOUR WASTE
                                                                                 the effervescence, shimmer,   MANAGEMENT QUESTIONS!
                                                                                 and possibly slight pressure on
                                                                                                            VISIT THE TOWN OF JUPITER WEBSITE
                                                                                 Drowning Prevention And                        
                                                                                 Autism on page 6
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