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VOL. 13 NO. 5                                                                                   MAY 2023

      Holocaust Learning Experience

      Crowns a Season of Community Impact

         Combatting a rising tide of antisemitism and using the      “While we have made important strides this season in
      lessons of the Holocaust to demonstrate how bigotry and   the evolution of our signature education model into a turn-
      hatred undermine the foundation of society, the Holocaust   key solution to assist educators throughout the nation, it is
      Learning Experience hosted by MorseLife Next Generations   important to continue these intimate experiences that make
      is concluding a busy season of community outreach and   such an important impact right here in our own community,”
      educational programs that have impacted hundreds.   said Leigh Routman, executive director of the Holocaust
                                                        Learning Experience.

                                                                                                           Holocaust survivor Marie Steinaway meets with students at
                                                                                                           The Benjamin School.

                                                                                                              The 2022–2023 Next Generations Showcase Series
                                                                                                           brought dozens of captivating in-person and virtual events to
                                                                                                           the South Florida community. Featuring first-hand accounts
                                                                                                           by survivors, presentations by experts, and views from a wide
                                                                                                           range of voices, the showcases examined historical events,
                                                                                                           current geo-political trends, and the Holocaust as depicted
      MorseLife President and CEO Keith A. Myers and Next                                                  in literature, video, and photography.
      Generations Founder and President Nancy Dershaw with   Holocaust Learning Experience explores the lessons of the
      Showcase speaker Dr. Robert Watson                Holocaust at El Sol in Jupiter.                    Holocaust Learning Experience on page 2
      Beth Am Supports LGBTQ                                                                                Financial Focus

      Community at Palm Beach Pride                                                                          Can You Count on Social

         Temple Beth Am recently participated in the Palm Beach   attendance. During down time, temple volunteers were able   Security?
      Pride festival in Lake Worth Beach. Volunteers, including   to walk around the event, meet other expo participants, and
      both TBA staff and congregants, manned a table at the festival   enjoy amazing and diverse entertainment.   By Sally Sima Stahl
      equipped with TBA swag, and enjoyed meeting those in      The event attracts about 30,000 attendees annually and has      If  you’re getting
                                                        been Palm Beach County’s largest gay and lesbian visibility   closer to retirement, you
                                                        event for the past 20 years. Temple Beth Am was proud to   might be thinking more
                                                        show its support of our local LGBTQ community.       about Social Security.
                                                                                                             Specifically, can you
                                                                                                             count on it to contribute
                                                                                                             part of the income you’ll
                                                                                                             need as a retiree?
                                                                                                                There’s been an
                                                                                                             increase in alarming
                                                                                                             language surrounding
                                                                                                             the solvency of Social Security, but in reality its prospects
                                                                                                             are not nearly as gloomy as you might have heard.
                                                                                                                Here’s the story: Under current law, Social Security is
                                                                                                             estimated to exhaust its trust funds by 2035, after which
                                                                                                             benefits could be cut by 20 percent, according to the 2022
                                                                                                             Social Security Trustees report. However, the large cost
                                                                                                             of living adjustment (COLA, 8.7 percent) for 2023 could
                                                                                                             cause the trust funds to use up their resources sooner.
                                                                                                                But this outlook may represent a worst-case scenario.
                                                                                                             For one thing, the cost of the 2023 COLA will be
                                                                                                             somewhat offset by higher taxes on workers contributing
                                                                                                             to Social Security. The maximum amount of earnings
                                                                                                             subject to the 6.2 percent Social Security tax jumped from
                                                                                                             $147,000 in 2022 to $160,200 in 2023. And in looking
                                                                                                             down the road, further increases in this earnings cap may
                                                                                                             also help reduce the gap in the trust funds. Increasing the

                                                                                                            Financial Focus on page 2
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