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        VOL. 34 NO. 5                                                                                  MAY 2023

      Help Conserve Water By Following                                                                      Bill’s Box

      The Town’s Irrigation Restrictions                                                                    By Bill Thompson

                                                                                                            Hope This Works
      By Kate Pokorny, Town of Jupiter                     • Odd number addresses may irrigate on Monday,     Lots of aggravating
        Water conservation is a priority in Jupiter. One easy   Wednesday, and/or Saturday                  software malfunctions
      way residents can help conserve water is by following the     • Even number addresses may irrigate on Tuesday,   his month. It is my lot in
      watering restrictions from the Town’s Water and Irrigation   Thursday, and/or Sunday only             the world of technology.
      Conservation Program.                                • Properties with irrigation systems that water both   Trash Pickup
        In South Florida, landscape irrigation accounts for more   even and odd addresses within the same systems, such     Please note the
 Solid Waste Authority on page 4  than half of all the water used by households and businesses.   as multi-family units and HOAs, should irrigate on the   article elsewhere in this
      Jupiter’s irrigation conservation program helps to ensure   same days as even-numbered addresses.     issue of information
      the efficient use of landscape irrigation. The year-round     There are some exceptions to the watering restrictions,   from John Hornyak, my neighbor. It describes how to
      restrictions also protect the region’s fragile water resources   including:                           position your garbage and recyclables in the driveway.
      and ecosystems for future generations.               • Hand-watering                                  The big, new container is lifted mechanically and must
        The Town’s  30-year-old  ordinance,  which  outlines     • Irrigation systems using treated wastewater  be accessible. See photo that is with the article.
      the conservation program, prohibits watering lawns or     •  Operation  of  irrigation  for  testing,  repairing  or   Special Days In May
      landscapes between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., as   maintenance of the system.                   Cinco de Mayo – May 5
      evaporation is highest during those hours. Residents can     • Flushing out the water mains           Mother’s Day – May 14
      water their yards up to three days per week based on their     • Watering in fungicides, insecticides and herbicides  Armed Forces Day – May 20
      street address, but watering two days a week, even during the     • Additional  irrigation  for  up  to  90  days  following   Memorial Day – May 28
      driest times in south Florida, is typically sufficient to maintain   installation of new lawns and landscaping  Read A Newsletter
      a healthy lawn and landscape. The restrictions apply to use     Learn more about the Town’s Water and Irrigation     You never know, you might learn something. To
      of utility water, well water, and water from lakes and ponds.  Conservation Program, as well as other water conservation   read just one special article is not good enough.
        The program permits lawn and landscape watering from   tips at      One Day In Mid-April
      12 a.m. to 10 a.m. and from 4 to 11:59 p.m.:                                                            I was thinking I should add water to my pool to keep
                                                                                                            up circulation. I forgot about it. Late that day a big
      Commissioner’s Update                                                                                 rainstorm with lightning and loud thunder came. It lasted
                                                                                                            a good while and the rain gods filled the pool to the brim.
                                                                                                            After our recent drought, our water table recovered a bit
      Sports Are Sensational In                            Every year, the Sports Commission inducts local   and soon we will have the usual summer rains.
                                                                                                            The 1,000 Year Flood In The Shores
                                                         athletes into the Palm Beach County Sports Hall of Fame,
      Palm Beach County                                  recognizing the best in men’s and women’s amateur, high     Thanks to Jim Kuretski, a longtime Shores
                                                         school, college and professional sports, coaching and   homeowner, civil engineer and now Town Mayor, our
      By Commissioner                                    Special Olympics.                                  drainage in The Shores was corrected, and we will
      Maria Marino                                         The Sports Commission also provides sporting event   probably never flood again. In 1995, we had 27 inches
        Whether  it  is  the                             support and planning, and offers grants to assist qualified   of rain in 24 hours. Many homes were flooded, and
      Honda Classic, the Winter                          events with specific costs. One of the eagerly anticipated   water was waist deep in the streets. The lake behind my
      Equestrian Festival, Major                         upcoming events that will take place this coming   home rose into my pool deck and by miracle stopped
      League Baseball Spring                             November is the 2023 Miracle League All-Star Weekend   at the very top of the riser into the house; others were
      Training, or the Pickleball                        at the state-of-the-art Miracle League Field in the city   not so lucky. My garage was flooded to the riser and
      World Championship, Palm                           of Palm Beach Gardens. The Miracle League removes   my car was swamped. Traffic was halted south of the
      Beach County has earned a                          barriers that keep children with mental and physical   bridge on Central Boulevard. Dawn was returning from
      solid reputation as a sports                       disabilities off the baseball field and lets them experience   work and her car was flowing and she had to get off the
      tourism destination on a                           the joy of “America’s favorite pastime.” This event will
      national and international                         bring together 160 Miracle League players from the more   Bill’s Box on page 3
      level.                                             than 300 Miracle Leagues around the United States, along
        Proud to be home to superior athletes, we all cheered on   with delegates and spectators.
      the Florida Atlantic University Owls as they competed for     Palm Beach County hosts Olympic qualifying events and
      the first time in the “Final Four” games of the 2023 NCAA   this summer, the International Gymnastics Federation will
      Division Men’s Basketball March Madness Championship.   bring the World Cup to West Palm Beach. Up to 250 of the
        To ensure a robust sports industry, the Palm Beach County   top trampoline and tumbling athletes from 30 countries will
      Sports Commission, an arm of Discover the Palm Beaches   compete Aug. 3 to 5 at the Palm Beach County Convention
      and the Tourist Development Council, works to attract   Center.
      sporting events and activities to the county. These events     For more information on all of the outstanding
      fill hotel rooms year-round, support the local economy,   sporting events throughout the year, visit the Palm Beach
      maximize the use of our local sports facilities, and promote   County Sports Commissioner website at https://www.
      the image of this community as a sports-centered location, or call (561) 233-3121.  Sunday, May 14th
      drawing nearly one million sports visitors each year. The     As always, if I can assist you, please contact me at (561)
      economic impact for 2022 exceeded $283 million.    355-2201 or by email at

                                                                                     REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY IMMEDIATELY

                                                                                          TO THE JUPITER POLICE DEPARTMENT
                                                                                                           (561) 799-4445

                                                                                                 Use 911 for emergencies only. Lock car doors.
                                                                                                       Do not leave valuables in the car.
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