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Page 4, Hobe Sound’s Fallen Veterans Tournament from page 1  and the overwhelming success of the Fallen Veterans Tournament      For future events and information on how you can contribute
                                                         confirms that many of you share this sentiment. Thanks to the   to WeDoGood, please visit, https://www.
      The Hazen Family Benefit                           generosity and spirit of everyone involved, we’ve taken another
         The tournament succeeded in raising over $8,500 specifically   significant step toward fulfilling our mission.
      for Ingred Hazen and her family. These funds will go a long      Let’s continue to come together in unity and purpose, not
      way in providing the Hazens the support they need, reaffirming   just on the greens but in our daily lives. The Hazen family, and
      WeDoGood’s commitment to maintaining contact with and   families like theirs, are the testament to the good that we can do
      aiding families of fallen heroes until their children reach the age   when we swing with our hearts.
      of 18.
      A Display Of Honor And Respect
         A special mention must be made of the Martin County
      Firefighters Honor Guard, who did a tremendous job presenting
      the colors and conducting a flag presentation that left no eye dry.
      Their professionalism and grace brought an additional layer of
      gravitas to an already heartfelt event.
      A Token Of Everlasting Memory
         In an emotional highlight, Ingred Hazen was presented with
      a $2,600 pearl and diamond ring, generously donated by Stuart’s
      own Diamonds by Terri. This beautiful token serves not just as a
      piece of jewelry but also as an everlasting memory of community
      love and respect for a family who has sacrificed so much.
      Wrapping It Up
         We believe that one good deed can indeed change everything,

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