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      Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center Invests

      In Surgical Robots To Promote Better Outcomes

        Palm Beach Gardens                               performed on either the inner, top, or outer compartment     ROSA offers surgeons an advanced level of accuracy and
      Medical Center is home to two                      of the knee. It can also be performed as a bicompartmental   control. Through a combination of technology and real-time
      orthopedic surgical robots: the                    procedure on both the inner and top portions of the knee.  data, ROSA helps surgeons plan and execute knee surgeries
      Mako SmartRobotics™ and                              Perhaps the most compelling aspect of Mako      with precision.
      ROSA  robotic surgery systems.                     SmartRobotics is its potential to treat osteoarthritis at     The key to ROSA’s success lies in its ability to
      These are advancing the hospitals                  earlier stages. By preserving more of the patient’s natural   provide a 3-D virtual visualization of the patient’s
      orthopedic service line.                           joint, it aims to restore natural knee or hip motion post-  knee, facilitating personalized surgical planning. This
        Palm Beach Gardens                               surgery. This is of paramount importance,         technology helps surgeons make precise incisions and
      Medical Center made history                        considering that osteoarthritis is the            optimize implant positioning, all while minimizing
      when it became the first and                       most common form                                  trauma to surrounding tissues.
      only hospital in Palm Beach                        of arthritis and a                                  “Incorporating the Mako SmartRobotics and ROSA
      County to acquire two Mako                         leading cause of                                  into our orthopedic program underscores Palm Beach
      SmartRobotics.                                     disability worldwide,                             Gardens Medical Center’s dedication to staying at
        Mako SmartRobotics                               according to the                                  the forefront of medical technology,” Judy Dellosa,
      offers a more precise and                          American Academy                                  orthopedic service line director, said. “Patients in need
      consistent result for partial                      of Orthopaedic Surgeons.                          of knee surgeries can now benefit from the precision
      knee  replacement,  and  total                       In addition to the Mako                         and minimally invasive nature of both of these robotic
      knee and hip replacements.                         SmartRobotics, Palm Beach                         systems.”
      Mako SmartRobotics’ patients may experience a shorter   Gardens Medical Center                         For more information about Mako SmartRobotics and
      hospital stay, quicker recovery and a smaller incision   surgeons can also use                       ROSA, contact Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center’s
      as compared to surgery completed without the robotic-  another surgical robot                        Orthopedic Service Line Director at (855) 769-2969, or
      arm assisted technology. In addition, many return   called the ROSA. It is                           log on to
      to an active lifestyle within weeks of the procedure.   specifically designed for                    contact-an-orthopedic-navigator.
      Mako SmartRobotics partial knee replacements can be   knee surgeries.


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