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      Lighthouse ArtCenter Celebrates

      Little LUSH, A Small Works Functional Ceramics Show

      That Runs Through Dec. 2

        Lighthouse ArtCenter  hosted  an Awards  Reception     Honorable Mention, Asprey, Stuart, Stunomi
      on Sept. 21 for the presenting artists from the ceramic   #523b (Norman, Okla.)
      exhibition “Little LUSH.” The show features a selection     Honorable Mention, Duncan, Kelsey, Black
      of 75 functional small works on display in the gallery   and Red Cups (Antioch, Tenn.)
      through  Dec.  2. The  gallery,  located  at  373 Tequesta     Also displayed in the gallery through Dec.
      Drive,  Tequesta,  FL  33469,  invites  the  public  to   2  is  a  unique  fiber  arts  exhibition,  “Elegant
      experience this unique collection, with free admission for   Threads.”  Elegant  Threads  features  over
      members and a suggested $5 donation for nonmembers.   200 wearable and nonwearable creations
        Jeni Licata, the executive director of the Lighthouse   from artists all over the country and the
      ArtCenter,  expressed  her  enthusiasm,  stating,  “We   world. Masterpieces are from internationally
      are  excited  to  bring  extraordinary  exhibitions  to  the   renowned artists such as Bisa Butler and Lezley
      community,  offering  an  enriching  experience  that   Saar  (on  loan  from  the  private  collection  of
      celebrates creativity and talent.”                 Beth Rudin DeWoody) and sculptures are from
        Ceramicists around the nation responded to a call to   artist Muriel Kaplan. A ticketed runway show
      artists and have masterfully created a diverse range of   will take place on Nov. 16, 6 to 8 p.m. For more
      useful contemporary art objects. From delicate teacups   information  about  Lighthouse ArtCenter’s
      and bowls to intricate vases and sculptures, these small-  exhibitions and events, please visit www.
      scale ceramics embody the perfect blend  of artistic
      expression and practicality.
        Over 100 guests attended the reception at the gallery,   Have Medicare questions? I have answers.
      and  others  joined  via  Instagram  Live  for  the  awards
      ceremony judged by Nate Ditzler and Laura Konecne.
      Lighthouse ArtCenter’s  Director  of  Ceramics  and
      Sculpture,  Chad  Steve,  and  Executive  Director,  Jeni
      Licata, announced the following winners:
        First place, Stevens, Rebecca – English Breakfast (St.                     Kathy Olejniczak
      Petersburg, Fla.)
        Second place, Briegel, Samantha – Baby Blue Gingham                        Licensed Sales Agent
      Teapot (Randallstown, Md.)                                                   561-212-7640, TTY 711
        Third  place,  Pogue-Reed, Angie  –  Flying Saucer
      (Jupiter, Fla.)

        It’s The Law!

        Did You Know That, In                              Y0066_21SPRJ55188_C

        By Adam S. Gumson,
          Did you win the
        lottery? Print your
        name on the back of the
        ticket  and  complete  the
        information  requested
        there  immediately. A
        winning  lottery  ticket
        is like a check: Anyone
        in possession of it can
        present  it,  along  with  a
        government  issued  identification  card  (and Winner
        Claim  Form  if  over  $600)  and  walk  away  with  the
        winnings. Don’t make any other alterations as doing
        so could delay the payment of your winnings.
          More than 13 million parents are separated or
        divorced in households where children are under the age
        of 21 with the vast majority of custodial parents being
        the mother. Sadly, less than one-half of those awarded
        child support actually collect the full amount.
          Naming a beneficiary in your will or trust does not
        guarantee that the beneficiary receives the particular
        asset because a valid Beneficiary Designation Form
        (“BDF”) takes precedence.
          So,  make  sure  that  your  BDFs  align  with  your
        present wishes or the beneficiaries in your will/trust
        will not receive the assets in those particular accounts.
          A guardian is a surrogate decision-maker appointed
        by the court to make either personal and/or financial
        decisions for a minor or for an adult with mental or
        physical disabilities. After adjudication, the subject of
        the guardianship is called the ward.
          Jupiter Law Center is a private neighborhood law
        firm located in the RiverPlace Professional Center,
        1003 W. Indiantown Road, Suite 210, Jupiter, Fla.,
        (561) 744-4600, The firm
        provides peace of mind by solving problems with
        integrity and compassion in the areas of estate and
        business planning; probate, guardianship and trust
        administration; probate and guardianship for personal
        injury firms; family law; and real estate.

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