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                                                                  all about KidS

                                     School Shouldn’t Be This Difficult

                                                               By Jim Forgan, Ph.D., School Psychologist

        “I hate school. School is                        for adolescent boys I often hear, “He is just lazy and  many hurdles and a lengthy wait time. We offer a more
      like jail for kids.” Margaret’s                    unmotivated.” Many times our testing reveals a hidden  thorough evaluation and give you written results in two
      son’s reaction captured how                        learning disability and that your son is feeling inadequate.  weeks or less.
      many boys perceive school.                         When a boy does not feel good enough or that he can meet    Trust your parental instinct and seek additional
      It can be a battle to get your                     the academic requirement, he can’t work to his potential.  understanding. A wait and see approach often delays
      child to school and a battle                       Thus, he is not lazy but feeling inadequate and believes,  getting your child the proper help and support. Tutoring,
      to get homework completed.                         “Why try?” The good news is this can be changed with  counseling,  an  IEP,  or  504  Plan  is  often  needed  to
      Many parents feel embattled                        proper support at school and home.               start closing gaps and increasing independence and
      by emails, texts, or phone                           According to the National Center for Educational  confidence. The state of Florida provides money to help
      calls about your child’s                           Statistics,  15  to  20  percent  of  public  school  students  you offset these expenses. To learn more search Family
      behavior or effort. Learning                       in the United States receive special education services.  Empowerment Scholarship Unique Abilities.
      is a slow process and your                         In  Florida,  15  percent  of  public  school  students  have    Call or text to discuss your child as we test for autism,
      child’s behind. Many parents come to us for school   an  Individual Education  Program  (IEP). Thirty-three  dyslexia,  dysgraphia, ADHD,  depression,  learning
      neuropsychological testing seeking answers because they   percent  of  special  education  students have  a  specific  disabilities, and anxiety. Visit or call
      realize school should not be this difficult.       learning disability. Your child needs testing to receive   (561) 625-4125.
        Children struggle in school for various reasons and   public  school  help.  Public  schools  offer  this but  with

                                 Impact The Palm Beaches Next-Gen:

                  Empowering Youth, Transforming Communities

        Impact Next-Gen is proud to announce its mission to    Impact Next-Gen is a 100 percent
      empower the youth of Palm Beach County while positively  youth-led initiative cofounded by
      impacting the local community through a unique approach  Suncoast High School sophomore
      to philanthropy. As the youth-led chapter of Impact the Palm  Alex Losquadro,  and  Oxbridge
      Beaches, Impact Next-Gen, is committed to fostering a culture  Academy senior Elena French-
      of giving, generosity, and social responsibility among young  Nino. Together, they are leading
      people.                                           a passionate team of young
        At Impact Next-Gen, we believe that the future belongs  philanthropists from several other
      to our youth, and we empower them to be changemakers  Palm Beach County high schools
      today. Our organization operates on a quarterly grant cycle,  who are committed to creating
      where members contribute $30 four times a year, collectively  lasting change in the lives of those
      forming a giving circle. These contributions enable us to  less fortunate.
      provide much-needed support to local charities and nonprofits    Our organization is open to
      that are working tirelessly to improve the lives of underserved  rising freshman students through
      populations in our community.                     high school  seniors,  providing
        We take pride in our personal approach to giving, as our  a unique opportunity for young
      donations are made in person during site visits to the selected  individuals to develop their  Feed the Hungry Pantry check presentation, Elena French-Nino, Alex Losquadro, Kate
      recipients. This unique experience allows our teen members  leadership skills, foster a sense of  Whitley, Dan Shorter, Olivia Delvecchio, Ebba Pettingill
      to witness firsthand the positive changes their contributions  civic responsibility, and learn the
      make. To date, we have donated a total of $2,350 to various  value of giving back to the community. We believe that by  or learn more about Impact Next-Gen, visit our website,
      local nonprofits, including the Literacy Coalition of Palm  educating the next generation about the importance of teen, or contact us via phone or email.
      Beach County, Feed the Hungry Pantry of Palm Beach  giving, we can create a brighter future for all.                                 Photos provided by
      County, Speak up for Kids, and Meals on Wheels.     If you want to become a member, sponsor our cause,                  Impact the Palm Beaches Next-Gen

      Alex Losquadro, Maura Sartory, Pamela Calzadilla, Livi

                                                                                                          373 Tequesta Drive, Tequesta, FL
                                                                                                         561-746-3101 •

      Literacy Coalition check presentation, Alex Losquadro,
      Megan Bob, Jeanne Heavilin, Elena French-Nino
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