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                                                                      arT evenT

                    Lighthouse ArtCenter Celebrates Little LUSH,

                          A Small Works Functional Ceramics Show

                                              That Runs Through Dec. 2

        Lighthouse ArtCenter hosted an Awards Reception                                                      First place, Stevens, Rebecca – English Breakfast (St.
      on Sept. 21 for the presenting artists from the ceramic                                              Petersburg, Fla.)
      exhibition “Little LUSH.” The show features a selection                                                Second place, Briegel, Samantha – Baby Blue Gingham
      of 75 functional small works on display in the gallery                                               Teapot (Randallstown, Md.)
      through Dec. 2. The gallery, located at 373 Tequesta Drive,                                            Third  place,  Pogue-Reed, Angie  –  Flying Saucer
      Tequesta, FL 33469, invites the public to experience this                                            (Jupiter, Fla.)
      unique collection, with free admission for members and a                                               Honorable Mention, Asprey, Stuart,  Stunomi #523b
      suggested $5 donation for nonmembers.                                                                (Norman, Okla.)
        Jeni Licata, the executive director of the Lighthouse                                                Honorable Mention, Duncan, Kelsey, Black and Red
      ArtCenter, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “We are excited                                        Cups (Antioch, Tenn.)
      to bring extraordinary exhibitions to the community, offering                                          Also displayed in the gallery through Dec. 2 is a
      an enriching experience that celebrates creativity and talent.”                                      unique fiber arts exhibition, “Elegant Threads.” Elegant
        Ceramicists around the nation responded to a call to                                               Threads features over 200 wearable and nonwearable
      artists and have masterfully created a diverse range of                                              creations from artists all over the country and the world.
      useful contemporary art objects. From delicate teacups and                                           Masterpieces are from internationally renowned artists
      bowls to intricate vases and sculptures, these small-scale                                           such as Bisa Butler and Lezley Saar (on loan from the
      ceramics embody the perfect blend of artistic expression     Over 100 guests attended the reception at the gallery,   private collection of Beth Rudin DeWoody) and sculptures
      and practicality.                                 and  others  joined  via  Instagram  Live  for  the  awards   are from artist Muriel Kaplan. A ticketed runway
                                                        ceremony judged by Nate Ditzler and Laura Konecne.   show will take place on Nov. 16, 6 to 8 p.m. For more
                                                        Lighthouse ArtCenter’s Director of Ceramics and    information about Lighthouse ArtCenter’s exhibitions and
                all abouT Kids                          Sculpture,  Chad  Steve,  and  Executive  Director,  Jeni   events, please visit
                                                        Licata, announced the following winners:

        School Shouldn’t

         Be This Difficult

      By Jim Forgan, Ph.D.,
      School Psychologist
        “I hate school. School
      is  like  jail  for  kids.”
      Margaret’s son’s reaction
      captured how many boys
      perceive school. It can be
      a battle to get your child                                                                                       747-PALM
      to school and a battle to
      get  homework completed.                                                                                              747-7256
      Many parents feel embattled
      by emails, texts, or phone
      calls about your child’s behavior or effort. Learning is
      a slow process and your child’s behind. Many parents
      come to us for school neuropsychological testing seeking
      answers because they realize school should not be this
        Children struggle in school for various reasons and
      for  adolescent  boys  I  often  hear,  “He  is  just  lazy  and
      unmotivated.” Many times our testing reveals a hidden
      learning disability and that your son is feeling inadequate.
      When a boy does not feel good enough or that he can meet the
      academic requirement, he can’t work to his potential. Thus,
      he is not lazy but feeling inadequate and believes, “Why try?”
      The good news is this can be changed with proper support at
      school and home.                                                                                                  Life moves fast—
        According to the National Center for Educational

      Statistics,  15  to  20  percent  of  public  school  students                                 prepare for the unexpected
      in the United States receive special education services.
      In Florida, 15 percent of public school students have                                               with Accident Insurance.
      an Individual Education  Program (IEP). Thirty-three
      percent of  special education students  have  a specific
      learning disability. Your child needs testing to receive
      public school help. Public schools  offer  this but with
      many hurdles and a lengthy wait time. We offer a more
      thorough evaluation and give you written results in two   We’re here to help.
      weeks or less.
        Trust  your  parental instinct and seek  additional
      understanding. A wait and see approach often delays   Accident insurance complements your Florida Blue Health Plan. Call to learn more
      getting your child the proper help and support. Tutoring,   about insurance plans from USAble Life.
      counseling, an IEP, or 504 Plan is often needed to
      start closing gaps and increasing independence and   M&A Insurance and Financial Services Inc.
      confidence. The state of Florida provides money to help
      you offset these expenses. To learn more search Family   561-440-9940
      Empowerment Scholarship Unique Abilities.
        Call or text to discuss your child as we test for autism,   M&A Insurance and Financial Services Inc. is an Independent Broker of Florida Blue.
                                                          Florida Blue is an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Supplemental, Life, and Disability products are offered by USAble Life. USAble Life is an independent company
      dyslexia,  dysgraphia, ADHD,  depression,  learning   and operates separately from Florida Blue.
      disabilities, and anxiety. Visit or call   22L-USAL-0872                                                                     112941 1222
      (561) 625-4125.
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