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       tax talk

      Dear Friends:                                      therefore, if you previously received your commemorative   turned our in-person service model into a reservation-only
        There is not much of a                           pin, no need to request again. You must be a Palm Beach   process. We were also recognized for our commitment to
      chill in the air here in South                     County resident to participate. We thank you for your   deliver exceptional service by offering more convenient
      Florida as November rolls                          service and we are most honored to recognize you with   opportunities for our clients to do business with us online
      upon us, but one thing is                          this special commemorative lapel pin.             and  enhancing  the  reservation-making  process.  It  is
      for certain … it’s property                                                                          extremely rewarding that our agency is being recognized
      tax  season.  Nov.  1  marks                       drive a Golf cart?                                for the pioneering innovations that help to deliver
      the mailing of property                                                                              industry-leading customer satisfaction results! I am so
      tax  bills  here  in  Palm                           Are you and your family golfers? Because of our balmy   proud that the work our team does, day in and day out,
      Beach County, so watch                             weather, many people in Palm Beach County enjoy the   is recognized nationally. Congratulations, Team TCO!
      your  mailboxes  in  early                         links year-round. And in some of our communities, a
      November. Your taxes are                           golf cart can be a convenient way to get around! So, it
      due by March 31, 2024, but we offer several discounts   is important to be aware and understand the rules of the
      for paying early, with the maximum discount of 4 percent   road when it comes to golf carts.
      offered if taxes are paid by Nov. 30. Then the discount     On Oct. 1, a new law took effect regarding who can
      drops to 3 percent in December, 2 percent in January and   operate a golf cart on a public road or street. Previously,
      1 percent in February. There is no discount if you wait   anyone over the age of 14 could drive a golf cart on a
      and  pay  your  taxes  in  March.  Once  you  receive  your   public road. The new law requires golf cart drivers who
      bill,  you  can  visit  to  take  advantage   are at least 18 years old to possess a valid, government-
      of  our  convenient  online  payment  portal.  I encourage   issued photo identification card. In addition, golf cart
      you to visit our website for complete details about your   drivers between the ages of 15 and 17 must possess a
      property taxes as well as information for enrolling in our   valid learner’s driver’s license or valid driver’s license.
      installment payment plan for future tax year payments.  For both age groups, there are penalties for drivers who
                                       Anne M. Gannon,   do not have a valid identification card.
                             Constitutional Tax Collector,     To learn more about driving your golf cart safely,
                              Serving Palm Beach County  visit
                                                         safety/.                                          Pictured left is A.J. Balram and right is Michelle Harris
      honoring our vietnam                               industry award Winners!                           accepting the Lisa Redding Award for Project Management.

                                                           I am thrilled that our agency is the recipient of not
        Once again, it is an honor for my                one, but two awards at the 2023 Aumentum Customer
      agency to participate in the United                Excellence (ACE) awards ceremony held in Nashville,
      States of America Vietnam War                      Tenn.! First, I am so proud to congratulate two of our
      Commemoration program. Over                        employees, Michelle Harris and A.J. Balram, who each
      the past several years, we have                    received  the  Lisa  Redding  (ACE) Award  for  Project
      honored hundreds of Palm Beach                     Management. This award is given to recipients who
      County Vietnam veterans with a                     demonstrated  exemplary  leadership  in  managing  an
      special commemorative lapel pin as                 event, project, or process by demonstrating confidence,
      my way of saying “thank you” for their service and sacrifice.   teamwork, determination, positivity, leadership,
      This is the fourth year we have participated in this special   effective change management and communication. All
      partnership with the Florida Department of Highway Safety   of  which  are  exemplified  by  Michelle  and A.J.  who
      and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV). Our office is honored to   were instrumental in ensuring a complex upgrade of our
      provide one pin to Palm Beach County veterans or their   property tax software was implemented without a hitch!
      families in honor of their military service in Vietnam.  Congratulations Michelle and A.J.!
        This is the official pin of the United States of America     The celebration does not end there, as our office
      Vietnam War Commemoration, authorized by Congress   was awarded the Jurisdiction of the Year Award for our   Pictured right is Sue Englhardt accepting the Jurisdiction
      to recognize the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War. It’s   response when COVID-19 arrived, and how quickly we   of the Year Award.
      a heartfelt tribute to those who served, and a way to say,
      “thank you,” for their service to our country.
        Requests can be made by completing a request form                                     18953 Still Lake Dr.
      online  at Your  pin,  along  with  my                                   Well maintained 3 bed, 2.5 bath
      personal letter of appreciation will be mailed directly to                            CBS home with metal roof. Vaulted Ceilings
      you. These commemorative pins are available now through                                     and updated kitchen.
      Nov. 30. Veterans are only eligible to receive one pin;

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                                                                                            view in this 3 bed, 2 bath CBS Pool Home

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