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Page 2, Viewpointe                                                   March 2021

                                                        Halli’s Comments
        Maintaining Your Guest List from page 1

        either or the Gate Access mobile app.   March – The Windy Month                     which means the winter has ended and Spring has started.
        I’m hopeful these figures will continue to rise as more                                            One more name is given to this month which is “Hlyda”
        residents take direct control of their lists and contact   By Halli Moore                          which means loud because of the winds blowing during this
        information. Access Control operators are standing by, as                                          time.
        always at (561) 395-3392, but there are some functions      Happy New  Year to                        Many things are written about people born in March; They
        unavailable to the operators which you can access via   Ancient Romans as March                    are very generous and gain admiration from their peers for
        Gate Access. One of these is sending a Fast Pass to your   was the first month of Roman            this quality. They love playing pranks on others even though
        guest, or changing your entry notification settings. If you   Calendars and January and            you can never get them to admit it. They are a little naughty
        have not used Gate Access, please give it a try.   February were not. March is                     in nature as well. March born people love peace and calmness
           Finally, make sure you list your guests and vendors   named after Mars, the Roman               and are usually introverts. They believe in living a healthier
        when you expect them. Our procedures allow for Gate   God of war as it was the                     life with a grounded attitude. Devoted and trustworthy in
        Officers to place a call to residents to verbally authorize   month in which the military          friendship and marriage you can depend on them. So, if your
        guests via phone, however this courtesy will not be   campaign season got under                    partner was born in March, you are the lucky one because
        performed if traffic is backed up. The guest or vendor   way after winter. It was the              they also have a positive aura, and are passionately positive.
        will be asked to turn around. Boca Pointe officers deny   first month of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the      I was a March baby!!
        entry to about 800 vehicles per month (~1% of total   first month of Autumn in the Southern hemisphere.
        entries), and some of these are doubtless unlisted guests      March comes in like a lion and goes out like a Lamb,      Halli Moore is a resident of The Palms. 
        or vendors expected by residents.
           When you are expecting guests or vendors, be sure
        to remind them we take driving safety seriously at Boca
        Pointe, and to mind the speed limits as they are radar
           If you have any input or questions about access
        control please don’t hesitate to reach out via e-mail
        ( or phone (561) 672-3309. 

        Watch Your Speed!

           Speeding  fines  were
        suspended due to COVID-19
        but  have  resumed.  Fine
        schedule:  6-20  mph  over  the
        limit $50 and more than 21 mph
        over the limit $100. Please obey
        the posted speed limit signs and
        drive safely! 

       Dear Boca Pointe

       Dog Owners:

          We  have  had  a  few  recent
       complaints from residents who have
       had uncomfortable encounters
       with dogs off leash
       around  the  property.
       We  are  reaching  out
       to our residents  to
       remind them of our rules
       concerning keeping dogs on leashes and cleaning pet
       litter. As a resident of Boca Pointe you must: Keep
       your dog on a Leash. All dogs must be controlled
       on a leash by an able-bodied person, at all times,
       whenever the dog is on property. Also, you must
       clean up and properly dispose of pet waste when
       your pet relieves itself. Knowing and abiding by our
       community’s animal-related ordinances will help make
       our neighborhood a better place for everyone. Thank
       you!                                                   AFFORDABLE & RELIABLE IN-HOME CARE

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       Seabreeze Publications of Central Florida. Most editorial copy is created by     Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care     Surgery Recovery Care
       the homeowners and is edited by their appointed editor.
                                                                             Your Local Representative:  Reba Cole, RN
                      1102 W. Indiantown Rd., Suite 5, Jupiter, FL 33458
                        (561) 746-3244
                        FAX (561) 746-2509

        Seabreeze Publications                                                  (561)-860-1897

                         M. Sean Reid
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              Tom English, Laura Berrio, Bret McCormick

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