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       Trust Me

      By Judith Levy                                     who compliment you frequently to tell you how wonderful you   your financial security or even your home. But, he promised,
                                                         are to take care of their Dad twenty four seven, now that he’s   he said, “Trust me”, and you did. Mistake. Know your rights,
         In a relationship or a                          gone, all bets are off. They can be in many cases like a pack   know what your situation is and will be if and when. If he
      second marriage it would                           of wolves gnarling at the door, squabbling over every dollar,   really means what he says about trusting him, he won’t mind,
      be wise, in fact imperative                        because “Blood is thicker than water, and money is thicker than   however reluctantly, in spite of putting it off time and time
      for the woman to clearly                           blood and you’re no blood anyway.” They no longer wish to   again, seeing an attorney and getting his wishes down on paper
      know her position should                           pay a toll on a bridge they don’t need to cross anymore. Your   so you are protected. Then you can go on having a lovely
      her partner pass on. She may                       value to them is at an end, their Dad is gone, so why should   relationship with his children for years to come, not sullied
      have brought up this delicate                      you get any of their father’s money, and they may fight you   later by arguments over finances and he will have done right
      situation  to  her  partner,                       for every dime, tying up the estate legally, so you can’t even   by you, just the way he says he wants to do. You would be
      voicing her concerns about                         get money for your everyday needs. A fine mess you’re in.  well advised to listen and act before the horse is out of the
      the future in case she finds herself alone, and his response was      This scenario may not be the situation in every case, but   barn. I’ll bet you’ve heard some sad stories on this subject,
      “Trust me”. Don’t.                                 if it’s in yours, where does that leave you? Unless you have   be smart, don’t be one of them. Trust me!
         He may mean well, and probably does, but his children,   everything down in writing, or the law in Florida is on your
                                                         side, you’re up a creek without a paddle. Don’t take my advice,     GRANDMOTHER REMEMBERS, which has sold over four
                                                                                                             Judith Levy is the New York Times best-selling author of
                                                         I’m not an attorney, but do get to see one, with your partner
        Call For                                         or without. It will be money well spent. If you don’t, later on,   million copies and has been translated into five languages
                                                                                                           and the mega best-seller GRANDFATHER REMEMBERS,
                                                         instead of having tears on your face, you’ll have egg on it.
        Volunteers                                       Now, instead of just losing your partner, you could have lost   published by HarperCollins. 

        in  serving  on  a
           The BPCA
        hosts (3) three
        long standing committees. Below is the name of the
        committee and a brief description of its functions.
        COMMITTEE:  To monitor adherence to the
        architectural control guidelines and minimum
        standards of maintenance adopted by the BPCA, in
        order to preserve and enhance the aesthetic qualities
        of the Community.
           A C C ESS  C ON TR OL and  S AFETY
        COMMITTEE: The purpose of the committee is to
        advise and assist the Board of Directors of Boca Pointe
        Community Association in promoting and preserving
        the safety and security of the community, its residents,
        and its properties.
        purpose of the committee is to assist the Treasurer’s
        review of the funds, assets, and financial records of
        the Association. Service on the committee will be
        a requirement for the position of Treasurer of the
           Volunteers play a very important role by participating
        on a committee; providing thoughtful input to
        deliberations; and focusing on the best interests of
        the BPCA while working toward accomplishing our
        goals. The BPCA could not be such a success without
        our great, dedicated volunteers.
           Service  as  a  committee  member  is  a  one-year
        term and it requires participation on monthly
        Zoom conference calls or in person meetings and
        collaborative involvement on projects that the
        committee mandates.
           If you would like to be considered for one of the
        committee positions in the upcoming year, please email to request an application. 

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