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       Jupiter Senior Softball Memorial Day Ceremony

        A Memorial Day ceremony by the Jupiter Senior Softball   military who died in service of their country. A crowd of about     Nolan and Bob Lascher, a Marine veteran who also
      Association (JSSA) paid tribute to the men and women of the   50 players attended the event prior to games at Maplewood   served in  Vietnam, said in a YouTube video of the
                                                                                 Community Park.           observance that they lost friends whose names are on the
                                                                                   Ron Nolan, an  Army     Vietnam Wall. Memorial Day was originally known as
                                                                                 combat veteran of the Vietnam   Decoration Day and was created to memorialize American
                                                                                 War, gave remarks honoring   soldiers who died in the Civil  War.  The name was
                                                                                 the fallen heroes whose   changed to Memorial Day in 1971, said JSSA President
                                                                                 sacrifices made it possible for   Tom Cosentino who conducted a quiz of players about
                                                                                 us to enjoy the many freedoms   the origin and meaning of Memorial Day. More than 1.3
                                                                                 we have.                  million members of our military have died in wars since
                                                                                   “We should be mindful that   1776, he said.
                                                                                 those who while living, were     The Jupiter Senior Softball program features games
                                                                                 willing to risk making the   every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning beginning
                                                                                 ultimate sacrifice. Our very   at 8:30 a.m. at Jupiter Community Park and is open to
                                                                                 way of life and the freedoms   persons 55 and older. New players of all skill levels are
                                                                                 we enjoy today are the fruits of   welcome and registration can be made online at www.
                                                                                 those sacrifices,” Nolan said. For information contact  Tom
                                                                                 Players removed their caps   Cosentino at (412) 721-0173.
                                                                                 and held a moment of silence,
                                                                                 followed by the mournful
      Senior softball players honor members of the military who died for their country.   recorded sound of taps.

      Jupiter Medical Center from page 4                 Jupiter Medical Center, including the De George Pediatric
                                                         Unit in partnership with Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, the
      to all the generous donors who have made world-class   Margaret W. Niedland Breast Center, The Anderson Family
      pediatric care possible.”                          Orthopedic & Spine Center, the Frank E. and Mary D. Walsh
        Cheers to the last five years – and many more to come!  Robotic Surgery Program, and the Florence A. De George
      About Jupiter Medical Center Foundation            Pavilion.
        Since its founding  in  1989,  Jupiter  Medical Center     As a leading, not-for-profit medical provider in the
      Foundation has empowered Jupiter Medical Center with the   region, Jupiter Medical Center relies on philanthropic
      financial resources to reimagine the delivery of health and   gifts to maintain patients’ well-being and quality of care,
      wellness to the region. Jupiter Medical Center Foundation,   and Jupiter Medical Center Foundation is dedicated to
      together with Jupiter Medical Center, is committed to   securing this financial support in order to fulfill the mission
      transforming regional healthcare through leading-edge   of the organization. For more information, please visit   Jack Nicklaus; Dr. Amit Rastogi, president and chief
      technology, patient-centered care and enhanced facilities.                      executive officer at Jupiter Medical Center; John Domenico,
      The foundation has funded a number of major projects at                                              Board president of The Honda Classic; Matthew Love,
                                                                         Photos by Tracey Benson Photography  president and CEO at Nicklaus Children’s Health System

                                                                                                           Dr. Jennifer McCafferty, Michelle Boggs, Barbara Nicklaus,
                                                                                                           Patty McDonald
                                                         The Honda Classic team: Kenneth Kennerly, executive
      Dr. Amit Rastogi, Jodi Dolezel, Barbara Nicklaus, Jack   director; John Domenico, Board president; and Andrew
      Nicklaus                                           George, tournament director

         NoN-Toxic cancer immunotherapy

                                                                                                           Matthew Love, president and CEO at Nicklaus Children’s
         Available NoW                                                                                     Health System; Dr. Amit Rastogi, president and chief
                                                                                                           executive officer at Jupiter Medical Center
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