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                Nature & Pets

      The Environmental Enthusiast: Your Dog’s Best Year Ever

      By Tina K. VaLant. Remember Dr.                      Take your dog places (collared and leashed), but never      Wishing you, and your four-leggeds a happy, healthy and
      Dolittle, the man who was able to                 leave your dog unattended in your vehicle. If your dog likes   fun 2022. God knows we can all use it!
      converse with all the animals? Boca               other dogs, attend and support pet-friendly establishments
      Raton’s Tina VaLant, who was named                and events. Always use a standard 4-6 foot lead. Never a
      Palm Beach County “Animal Friend                  retractable/flexi.                                                           These PBGVs (petit basset
      of the Year,” doesn’t claim that ability,            Walk your dog—every day, for at least 20 minutes. This                    griffon vendeen) are not a
      but she does relate remarkably well               is a minimum daily requirement. Use a standard leash (4-6                    breed you see very often.
      to flora and fauna. An avid rescuer               feet), with the handle secured over your wrist. Walking is                   Members  of  the  hound
      (known for her beloved Australian                 physically, emotionally, socially and psychologically healthy                group, they are food driven,
      shepherds), she serves as a foster home to surrendered pets,   for the dog and you, too. Don’t forget bio-bags. If your dog is   vocal, loyal and extremely
      volunteers with numerous organizations and assists wildlife.   older or physically unable for a long walk, you can still take   adorable. Imagine a long-
      She raises/releases ten species of native butterflies, for over   them in a wagon or stroller. They will enjoy the scenery and   haired dachshund in a
      20 years. Recently she garnered worldwide attention with an   time spent with you. Leave your phone at home, stand tall,       basset hound body.
      unexpected animal adventure: reCRABilitation of HERbert, a   and walk briskly. Try a walking meditation (no talking). Just
      limbless blue land crab. For over four decades, Tina’s award-  breathe, take in the sights, and enjoy each other’s company.      Photo by Tina K VaLant
      winning company, Extraordinary Photography, captures
      portraits, pets, weddings, and events. She will answer   You and Your Pet:
      questions at or (561) 945-6363.
         Wild animals live by natural instinct. They do not overeat,
      waste energy. They devote their total attention to mindfully  Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) in Pets
      knowingly endanger themselves, drink contaminated water or
      living; whether hunting, playing, or resting. They survive,
      and thrive.                                       By Dr. B. Dermott, Calusa Veterinary Center, 6900 Congress   upper respiratory tract infections, gastrointestinal upset,
         After the holidays, our clothes may be fitting less loosely.   Avenue, Boca Raton, FL 33487 (561) 999-3000. www.  neurological disorders and multiple eye conditions.
      Our pets may also have added weight. Is your dog’s ribcage                               Unfortunately, there is currently no definitive therapy for
      unnoticeable? Is the indentation between the ribcage and      Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) is one of the most common   FeLV. Veterinarians treating and managing FeLV-positive
      hips missing? Does his/her tummy protrude? Yes? Your dog   infectious diseases in cats, affecting up to 3% of all cats   cats showing signs of disease usually treat the presenting
      may be overweight. Not only is this uncomfortable for the   in the United States. Cats persistently infected with Feline   symptoms (like prescribing antibiotics for bacterial skin
      dog, it can invite diabetes, high blood pressure, cancerous   leukemia virus serve as sources of infection for other cats.   infections).
      tumors, lung/heart disorders, arthritis and/or joint issues.   The virus is shed in saliva, nasal secretions, urine, feces      The only sure way to protect cats from FeLV is to prevent
      Worst of all: you are decreasing their life expectancy. Our   and milk of infected cats. Cat-to-cat transfer of the virus   their exposure to FeLV-infected cats. Keeping cats indoors,
      dogs rely upon us to feed them nourishing foods, in proper   may occur from a bite wound, during mutual grooming, and   away from potentially infected cats, is recommended. All
      amounts. Maintain proper weight and exercise according to   (rarely) through the shared use of litter boxes and feeding   cats should be tested for Feline leukemia virus prior to
      their health, age and fitness level. If your dog is over seven   dishes. Mother cats can also transmit the virus to their   introducing them to your home. Food, water bowls and litter
      years old, switch them over to a lite/senior food. They don’t   kittens either before they are born or through nursing.   boxes should not be shared between FeLV-infected cats and
      require the same amount of protein when they were younger      Cats at greatest risk for infection include those living   non-infected cats. Ideally, FeLV-positive cats should not be
      and need more fiber. Read labels. Avoid anything with corn,   with an FeLV positive cat, or outdoor cats that may be   housed with non-infected cats to eliminate the potential for
      wheat, soy, or by-products. These are all nutrient-void fillers.   exposed to the bite of an infected cat. Infected cats are   transmission.
      Verify everything is made in the USA.             typically diagnosed via blood sampling.               A relatively effective vaccine against FeLV is available,
         Well-meaning guests may attempt sharing from their      Feline leukemia virus is the most common cause of cancer   although it will not protect 100% of cats vaccinated. This
      plate. Feeding dogs from the table creates beggars, can cause   in cats and may lead to a state of immune deficiency that   vaccination is recommended for all cats that are allowed to
      problems in the pack, and can lead to a fight. Some dogs have   hinders a cat’s ability to protect itself against other infections.   roam outdoors.
      sensitive stomachs, or may be on restrictive diets. Some foods   Common bacteria, viruses, etc. that typically do not affect      It is important to realize that cats with FeLV can live
      can be dangerous to dogs (grapes, chocolate, raisins, onions,   healthy cats can cause severe illness in FeLV positive cats.   normal lives for prolonged periods of time. The median
      mushrooms). Always ask if you can give a dog something      During the early stage of infection, most cats do not   survival time for cats after FeLV is diagnosed is 2.5
      and wait until after the people eat. Stimulate the dog’s brain.   experience any clinical signs. However, over time—which   years. Once a cat has been diagnosed with FeLV, careful
      At least ask them to sit––no reward without work.   could be weeks, months, or even years later—an infected   monitoring of weight, appetite, activity level, elimination
         Do you eat from dirty dishes? Drink from slimy glasses?   cat’s health may begin to deteriorate. Common clinical   habits, appearance of the mouth and eyes, and behavior is
      Enjoy cloudy water? Then don’t ask your dog to, either. Wash   signs associate with FeLV include loss of appetite, weight   an important part of managing this disease. Any signs of
      your dog’s bowls every day with hot, soapy water. Rinse in   loss, poor coat condition, enlarged lymph nodes, fever,   abnormality in any of these areas should prompt immediate
      hot water and allow them to dry. Keep water bowl(s) filled   pale gums, gingivitis and mouth inflammation, skin and   consultation with a veterinarian.
      with fresh, (preferably bottled/filtered) water. Elevate your
      bowls, so the dog is not working against gravity for hydration
      and nutrition.                                              Everyone deserves a doctor who they
         An ice cube now and then is fine, but never a bowl full,
      especially when s/he is overheated–doing so can lead to bloat.   trust and like. One who listens and
         Most dogs have the inherent need to chew. It exercises
      their gums, cleans their teeth and calms them. Rawhide is a    takes their time to answer questions
      beef by-product (read: leftover). It is usually bleached and
      preserved with chemicals. Ingesting rawhide can lead to      and address concerns. A doctor who is
      blockage and death. Raw beef bones (cooked bones splinter),
      or porkhide (more digestible) are better choices.              available when you need them most.
         Recently, one early morning, a small dog squeezed
      through a fence. No collar, no ID. He was found by dog lovers
      and taken to the shelter, 20 miles away. Luckily, he was home
      safe and sound by that evening. Always have a snug collar   I provide proactive, preventive, wellness & sick care to
      with ID on your dog. Don’t rely on their microchip. Most of   adult patients at my concierge medical practice.
      us do not carry a chip reader. All readers do not register all
      chips. On the tag, use your last name (not the dog’s name)
      and two phone numbers. It’s more likely to have your dog   To discuss your health needs, and my care model, you
      returned if the finder thinks “they don’t even know their
      own name.” I always add on the back of my tags: “Needs   are invited to a complimentary meet and greet with
      Medicine”, along with my vet’s name and number.      me - by video, phone or, when the pandemic permits,

         Attention Dog Owners                              in-person at my practice.

        It is your responsibility to                       Please call 561.368.0191 to schedule your meet and
              pick up after                                greet with me. I look forward to meeting you.
          your dog. It’s the law.

         Some of you have been                                                                                        Steven E. Reznick, MD, FACP
          negligent in doing so.
            Please keep our                                              Recognized as a “Best Doc”.  Practicing in our community since 1979.
            Boca community
               beautiful!                                            7280 W. Palmetto Park Road | Suite 205N | Boca Raton | 33433
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