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      do his own casting,                               Museum of Glass, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts,     To  learn  more  about  Benzaiten’s  Visiting Artist
      as this requires                                  and the Centro Fundacion del Vidrio in Spain. She has been   Programs  visit  the  website  at To
      specific materials                                a resident artist at the Pittsburgh Glass Center and received   reserve a spot at one of these events or to sign up for a class
      and a special type                                the Rosenberg Residency at Salem State University in   call (561) 508-7315 or email aholmes@benzaitencenter.
      of  studio. Thus,                                 Massachusetts. Recently, she was an artist-in-residence   org or just stop by Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
      by provi di ng                                    at the Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass where she     For any questions do not hesitate to call J.B. Berkow at
      this service to                                   created a new body of work using specialty glass from   (561) 310-9371 or email her at
      professional artists,                             Effetre, a glass company based in Murano, Italy.
      our center will
      help to eliminate  Benzaiten founder, J.B. Berkow’s new
      the need for local  casted glass creations with flameworked
      artists to invest  roses and hand-painted embellishments                            all abouT Kids
      large amounts of
      money to set up their own glass-casting studio. Better still,
      it will free them up to create more of their own sculptures.
      Do Not Miss Benzaiten’s Upcoming Visiting Artist Events  Make Your Child A Better Reader

      In January Featuring Renowned Artist, Claire Kelly
      • Thursday, Jan. 20 to Saturday, Jan. 22 features artist,                        By Jim Forgan, Ph.D., School Psychologist
      Claire Kelly
      • Thursday,  5:30  to  7  p.m.,  Meet  the Artist  Cocktail     Every child needs to                 enjoy reading graphic novels such as I Survived or The
      Reception, $50                                      learn  how  to  read but                         Baby-Sitters Club.
      • Friday, 6 to 9 p.m., Artist Blow-Out featuring Claire   one in five children                         Next, recognize and verbalize that you notice your
      Kelly, $15                                          have dyslexia so it is no                        child’s struggle. It is alright to say, “I know reading is
      • Saturday, 1 to 4 p.m., Family Fun Day, featuring Claire   surprise that many kids                  harder for you but you have what it takes to become a
      Kelly, $0                                           have problems learning                           good reader. The more we practice, the better you’ll
        Claire Kelly’s body of work examines the relationships   to read. Warning signs of                 become.” Teach your child to have grit which is the
      we have with animals and their larger presence in our   dyslexia include having a                    ability to start and stick with a task until it’s finished.
      world and the current environment. The result is a series   family member diagnosed                  Notice your child having grit in a preferred task and then
      of fantastical microcosms, which bring a consciousness   or suspected to have                        link it back to the harder task. You might say, “You really
      and introspection                                   dyslexia,  slow  reading                         stuck with that project and put in a lot of effort to finish
      to their decorative                                 aloud, difficulty sounding                       it. You can have that same kind of grit when it comes to
      appeal.  Kelly  works                               out unfamiliar words, and weak everyday spelling.  reading or anything you set your mind to accomplish.”
      with murinne, cane,                                   Here are three ways you can help make your child a     Third, if your child and you butt heads during
      and bright colors to                                better reader.                                   academic work time, hire a well-qualified reading tutor. It
      create her fascinating                                First,  make  reading  enjoyable  and  capitalize  on   takes at least twice a week tutoring to make a substantial
      and whimsical works                                 your child’s interests since when we are interested in a   difference in your child’s reading ability. I have a list
      of art. Claire has                                  topic it holds our attention and intrinsically motivates   of specialized reading tutors at or
      been an instructor at                               us. Children who struggle with reading need adults to   visit the Lindamood-Bell Learning Center in Palm Beach
      Penland School of                                   read to and with them well into middle school. While   Gardens or the Reading Success Center in Palm City.
      Crafts, Pilchuck Glass                              typical readers prefer to read by themselves starting     We offer dyslexia, learning disability, IQ, and ADHD/
      School, the Pittsburgh                              in about fourth grade, struggling readers continue to   ADD testing. Learn more at or call (561)
      Glass  Center, The                                  need you to be the guide by their side. Many children   625-4125.
      Studio at the Corning  Ethos by Claire Kelly
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