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        Major sponsors for the
      event included the law firm
      of Steinger, Greene & Feiner
      and  Eastpointe  Country
      Club, as well as hundreds
      of members, residents and
      personnel contributing for
      the cause.
        Eastpointe Country Club
      is honored to host this event
      and is already planning
      the  next  one.  For  more
      information about Play for
      P.I.N.K. please visit www. Decorated golf cart    Aerial of teams ribbon                             Players with decorated golf carts

                iT’s The law!

            Did You Know

       That, In Florida…

                    By Adam S. Gumson, Esq.             Players with decorated golf carts                  Volunteers

        E st a t e  pl a nni ng
      documents need to be
      reviewed periodically.
      Properties might have been
      bought/sold, designees
      might not be the best choice
      any longer or other events
      may have happened which
      made you change your mind.
      A  review  of  documents
      every few years helps ensure
      that your documents reflect
      your up-to-date desires.
        Alimony is no longer tax deductible to the payor and   Volunteers                                  Play for P.I.N.K. committee
      taxable to the recipient (if the divorce was finalized on or
      after January 1, 2019). However, for divorces finalized
      before that date, the spouse paying support may be entitled
      to report the payments as a tax deduction and in such case
      the recipient is obligated to report the alimony received
      as income (and, therefore, pay taxes on such income).
        While Florida law doesn’t require a lawyer be involved
      in completing a  real estate transaction, retaining one
      at the beginning of the buying or selling process can
      prevent having to hire one due to a contract dispute later.
      Remember, there is NO such thing as a standard contract!
        Certain assets of a deceased person (“the decedent”)
      may  be  distributed  to  a  beneficiary  without  having  to
      commence probate proceedings. The most common types
      of transfers without needing probate court approval are:
      properties or financial accounts which are jointly owned
      or held as  joint tenancy with rights of survivorship or
      an account in which a “payable on death”  (POD)  or
      “transfer on death” (TOD) beneficiary designation has
      been completed. Owning assets in the name of a living
      revocable trust is another way to avoid probate.
        Jupiter Law Center is a private neighborhood law
      firm located in the RiverPlace Professional Center, 1003
      W. Indiantown Road, Suite 210, Jupiter, FL, (561) 744-
      4600, The firm provides peace of
      mind by solving problems with integrity and compassion
      in the areas of estate planning (wills and trusts, powers
      of attorney, health care surrogates, living wills, probate
      estates, succession planning, contracts and purchase/
      sale agreements), family law (divorce, paternity, child
      support and time sharing, alimony, property distribution,
      modifications, collaborative law, pre/post nuptial
      agreements) and real estate (community association law,
      residential and commercial transactions, deeds, closings).

                                                            Licensed and Insured

       Captain’s was established in 1980 servicing
       Palm Beach County and is a privately
       owned and managed company.
       Captain’s is committed to providing
       dependable, reliable and professional
       ground transportation to and from all
       South Florida Airports and Seaports.  PBCVH212
          To reserve your vehicle:
       561-798-2180 or 800-634-7890
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