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                                                           real esTaTe

      Treasure Coast Real Estate                           Florida saw the greatest number of foreclosure starts   to choose from, there is also going to be more buyers. Some
      Report                                             in January 2022 followed by California with 1,226   of these are people that decided to keep renting and wait
                                                                                                           for the next real estate collapse. That game plan backfired
                                                         foreclosure starts, Texas with 1,003 foreclosure starts,
                                                         Illinois with 757 foreclosure starts, and Ohio with 665   when they saw their rents go up as much as 40 percent.
      Foreclosures And Pre-Foreclosures Will             foreclosure starts. Lenders started the foreclosure process     Florida also is still seeing an increase in buyers fleeing
      Increase Inventory Of Homes For Sale               on 11,854 U.S. properties in January 2022, up 29 percent   high tax states. This became a serious issue for some people
                                                         from December 2021 and 126 percent from a year ago.  when in 2018 the Federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act instituted a
      By Jim Weix                                          Does the increase in foreclosure and pre-foreclosure   $10,000 cap on deductions for such things as state income
        It should come as no                             activity, plus higher mortgage rates, mean that Florida is   tax and property taxes. Previously, there was no limit. Add
      surprise that foreclosure                          headed for another real estate collapse? Most definitely   to that warm weather and sunshine, plus no state income
      filings and foreclosures                           not. About the only thing that will happen is that buyers   tax, and Florida is a pretty attractive place to live.
      would increase once                                may have more homes to choose from and real estate     As far as potential sellers are concerned, they may
      the pandemic created                               values may begin to stabilize.                    not want to postpone selling any longer. Although they
      restrictions on foreclosure                          Unlike the days of “Liar Loans,” when the real estate   enjoyed double-digit appreciation for several years, it is
      actions ended Dec. 31.                             industry collapsed, most mortgages today are solidly   predicted that those days are over.
      Lenders repossessed 4,784                          backed by real estate values. Even people that are     Jim Weix is a broker associate with The Keyes
      U.S. properties through                            delinquent in their mortgage and facing the prospect of   Company. Jim has 25 years of experience selling real
      completed foreclosures in                          a foreclosure will most likely be able to sell their home   estate full time. If you have questions or want the services
      January 2022, up 57 percent                        and still walk away with money in their pocket.   of an  experienced  expert,  you  can reach Jim  at (772)
      from December 2021 and 235 percent from last year.     Although there may soon be more inventory for buyers   341-2941 or
                                                    arT happeninGs

      Call For Nominations For                           in partnership with the MartinArts

      MartinArts Awards                                  Council to support the programs
                                                         and services of the council and
      By Jackie Holfelder                                the arts sector in our region. The
        A call for nominations was recently announced for this   foundation’s leadership launched
      year’s MartinArts Awards, fondly known as the mARTies.   Women Supporting the Arts – a
      The nomination period is currently open. Nominate an artist   woman’s giving circle  –  and is
      through April 15 by visiting at https://www.  spearheading the community vision  to build an arts center at the historic
      nomination.html.                                   Stuart  High School.  Signature
        Martin County’s love and support of the arts is well-  annual events include the MartinArts
      documented, with an eclectic mix of artists, philanthropists,   Awards and ArtsFest.
      volunteers and leaders joining together to make wonderful     For more information, visit  2021 mARTies student nominees in a joyful performance with Charles Jones and
      things happen.                                          Karin  Leone                                      Photo by MartinArts
        Everyone is welcome to nominate an artist for a mARTies
      Award. Student nominees must be a Martin county resident
      entering their senior year of high school and part of the class              kids Corner
      of 2023. Adult nominees must either be a Martin County
      resident or do the majority of their artistic work in Martin
        Categories, divided into professional artist and student   Every Attention Problem Is              searching for them. That’s a memory weakness and
      artist, are limited to those recognizing performance, visual                                         not an ADD moment. Thus, if your child has difficulty
      and literary artistic excellence (adult and student divisions)   Not ADHD                            remembering verbal directions you might think he
      and those who help the arts flourish in our community. The                                           is not paying attention  when the root cause is not
      awards are presented to an individual in each category with   By Jim Forgan, Ph.D.,                  remembering what you said.
      a proven record of artistic excellence, outstanding civic   School Psychologist                        Other kids have slower cognitive processing speed
      responsibility, and whose leadership has improved the quality     Not all kids with                  so they hear but it takes extra time to register and
      of life in our community through the arts.           attention  problems                             process. In our fast-paced society people have limited
        Student nominees: A $500 scholarship will be given to   have ADHD.  We  test                       patience for dawdling so kids that process slower are
      the recipient in each student category. All student nominees   kids of all ages because              frequently being told to hurry up. Some kids have
      will be required to be interviewed by our judges at a date to   parents are concerned                underlying language processing weakness so they hear
      be announced.                                        about their child’s lack                        your verbal directions but, despite their best effort, the
        Student performing artist nominees are invited to   of attention or high                           words don’t always make sense. These weaknesses can
      participate in collaborative performances during the   activity  level. ADHD                         mimic attention problems.
      evening’s festivities. All told, it’s a celebration of the   occurs from mild to                       We  can  match the correct support  when we test
      importance the arts have in all our lives, held at the Lyric   severe and it can be                  and identify your child’s root problem. If your
      Theatre, in Downtown Stuart.                         diagnosed in children as young as 5. The most common   child’s memory is weak you can strengthen it through
      About MartinArts                                     age range for testing is 6 to 16.               activities or strategies. If attention is the cause then
        MartinArts Foundation is a nonprofit organization that     Testing provides answers so you have understanding   you can consider nutrition, supplements, or discussing
      develops activities and programs that foster and support the   to know  if your  child’s  attention  difficulty  is  due   medications with your medical doctor. If it’s language
      arts and cultural community. MartinArts Foundation works   to behavior or a weak processing system. Attention   processing then it could be helpful to work with a
                                                           is highly related to memory, processing speed, and   speech therapist.
                     Answer for                            language processing. Your child’s attention struggle     We help parents help children and offer ADD/
                                                                                                           ADHD, dyslexia, learning disability, anxiety, and IQ
                                                           could be a weak memory system.  Think about
                Crossword Puzzle                           yourself. If you place your car keys in a different spot   testing. Learn more at or call (561)
                                                           each time you return home, you frequently might be

                                                                    Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD,

                                                                               Gifted Testing

                                                                                 NOW OFFERING:                 Dr. Jim Forgan & Associates
                                                                                 • Jupiter & Stuart Offices           Licensed School Psychologist
                                                                                 • Testing for Processing  
                                                                                   Problems, Anxiety,
                                                                                   Defiance                          (561) 625-4125
                                                                                 • Weekend and After
                                                                                   School Appointments

                                                                                       “Helping Parents Help Children”
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