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                                                    tip of tHe taiL

       Feline Hyperthyroidism                            neck. Usually only one gland is swollen. Even though   radioactive for a short period of time. This requires your

                                                         the gland(s) are enlarged, it is usually a benign change.   cat to be hospitalized and cared for in a lead lined space
                                                         Only a small number of cases, less than 2 percent, involve   for at least 4 to 7 days. Lastly, there is a relatively new
                                                         a malignant cancer of the thyroid gland. A blood test,   option. A low iodine diet, which claims to restore thyroid
                                                         T4 (thyroxine), can confirm hyperthyroidism. This test   health, is currently on the market. Other sources of food
                                                         should be part of the bloodwork recommended by your   can provide iodine, so the diet must be strict. This food is
                                                         veterinarian every year during your older cat’s annual   a balanced diet and helps support kidney health as well.
                                                         examination. Occasionally, your cat will require ancillary     There is no known way to prevent hyperthyroidism, but
                                                         blood tests to confirm hyperthyroidism, but this is rarely   diagnosis is relatively easy and treatment is generally very
                                                         necessary.                                        successful. Your cat will gain weight, eat normal amounts
                                                           There  are  several  options  after  your  cat  has  been   of food, and his high blood pressure and heart disease
                                                         diagnosed.  Treatment  is  usually  very  successful.   will improve. Other clinical signs of hyperthyroidism will
                                                         First, your cat can be treated with an oral medication,   resolve. This is only one reason it is important to bring
                                                         methimazole  (Tapezole).  This  drug  is  given  once  to   your cat to your veterinarian for a yearly examination
                                                         twice daily and his T4 and kidney values are monitored.   and annual blood tests.
        Hyperthyroidism is a common disease seen in older   Once he is regulated, he can continue with Tapezole for     Established  in  1981,  Palm  City  Animal  Medical
      cats. It is caused by the overproduction of hormones by   the rest of his life or you can choose another treatment   Center is dedicated to providing the best possible care
      one or both thyroid glands. The average age of diagnosis   option. The abnormal gland(s) can be removed surgically.   for your pets. With focuses on compassionate care in
      is 12 years old and it is exceptionally rare in cats under   Surgery in older pets has its inherent risks, but if he is   surgery, physical therapy and rehabilitation, preventative
      10 years old.                                      otherwise healthy, surgery can be an excellent option.   medicine, extensive diagnostics, and emergency service,
        The most common sign you will see is weight loss   Radioiodine treatment is the best way to destroy the   Palm City Animal Medical Center combines exceptional
      which is due to a greatly increased metabolism caused   abnormal tissue without damaging the normal thyroid   medical care with a caring philosophy for pets and their
      by the excessive amount of thyroid hormone in your cat’s   tissue. It will accumulate in the abnormal tissue only, and   owners. For more information, call (772) 283-0920, visit
      system. Even though he is losing weight, your cat is likely   destroy those cells. This procedure can only be performed  or find us on
      to be eating well. In fact, many cats are ravenous and try   at specific facilities, because your cat will literally be   Facebook at
      to eat everything in sight. You may also see an increase
      in thirst and urination and your cat may begin to vomit.
      Less common findings are restlessness, cranky behavior,   Real Estate from page 8                      It is also a good idea to have your air conditioning
      diarrhea, and occasionally breathing problems.                                                       unit checked. Buyers like knowing that your unit was
        There  are  two  potentially  serious  complications  if   some colorful flowers, and add some garden mulch.   just serviced and everything is working properly.
      hyperthyroidism is left undiagnosed and untreated. These   That builder grade landscaping put in during the mid-    Carpet  and  grout  cleaning  is  a  must.  It  is  not
      complications  are  hypertension  (high  blood  pressure)   ’80s or ’90s is as popular as avocado appliances.  expensive and gives the entire house a clean look.
      and  a  heart  disease  called  thyrotoxic  cardiomyopathy.     Inside, repainting walls a neutral color will give     If you would like me to take a look at your house
      Blood  pressure  can  get  high  enough  to  cause  retinal   your home a fresher look. Replacing older kitchen and   and give you some suggestions, call me at (772) 341-
      damage resulting in sudden blindness The heart becomes   bathroom faucets with something more modern will   2941.
      inefficient  because  it  is  enlarged  and  thickened  to   do wonders.                               Jim Weix is a broker associate with The Keyes
      compensate for the increased metabolic demands.        If your appliances are old, you may want to replace   Company. Jim has 25 years of experience selling real
        Your  veterinarian  will  be  suspicious  your  cat  has   them. Unlike the 52 percent return on investment for a   estate full time. If you have questions or want the
      hyperthyroidism if you report the common signs or if   new kitchen, you will do better with appliances. Buyers   services of an experienced expert, you can reach Jim
      he  does  a  physical  examination. The  veterinarian  will   tend to exaggerate what it will cost them to replace   at (772) 341-2941 or
      notice weight loss. On physical exam he should be able   appliances and this results in a lower offering price.
      to feel enlarged glands on one or both sides of your cat’s

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