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       Armory Art Center Unveils 2022 Summer Camp

       Experience May 31 Through July 29

      Painting, Drawing, Ceramics,                       Exciting Weekly Themes  Offered To Teen

      Jewelry, Digital Media, And                        Campers Aged 13 To 17
                                                         May 31 to June 1: Sewing 101/Digital Photo
      More – For Kids Aged 6 To 17                       and Drone Photography (No camp May 30,
                                                         tuition $256)
        The Armory Art Center                            June 6 to 10: Ceramics/Digital Photo and Drone
      is thrilled to announce                            Photography
      their 2022 Summer                                  June 13 to 17: Accessory Design/Digital Photo
      Camp Experience from                               and Drone Photography
      May 31 through July 29.                            June 20 to 24: Jewelry Making/Printmaking
      Juniors (ages 6 to 12)                             June 27 to July 1: Animation/Street Art
      may enroll for weeklong                            July 5 to 9: Fashion Design and Illustration/
      sessions  titled Welcome                           Printmaking (No camp July 4, tuition $256)
      to the Jungle, Medieval                            July 11 to 15: Fashion Design/Street Art
      Times, Around the World,                           July 18 to 22: Costume Design/Printmaking
      The Ocean Blue, Bugs                               July 25 to 29: Animation/Street Art
      and Botanicals, Pop Art,                           Tuition: $320/week
      Frida’s World, Architects                          Extended Care Hours offered: 7:45 to 8:30 a.m.,
      and Builders and Cartoon                           $8/day or $40/week; 5 to 5:30 p.m., $8/day or $40
      Adventures. Teen  week                             per week; morning and afternoon, $16/day or $80/
      classes (ages 13 to 17) will                       week. Price includes all siblings. *Some weeks
      include Sewing 101, Digital/Drone Photography, Ceramics,   may include field trips for an additional charge.
      Accessory Design, Jewelry Making, Printmaking,
      Animation, Street Art, Fashion Design and Illustration   Armory Art Center on page 13
      and Costume Design.
        Summer Art Experience offers the opportunity for
      children and teens to create, learn, and mix for an exciting
      week  filled  with  high  quality  art  education,  hands-on
      exploration of various and diverse creative techniques and
      opportunities to sharpen skills and tap new interests. The
      Armory Art Center provides highly dedicated and talented
      faculty, staff, and young artists in an environment focused
      on the exchange of artistic skills, ideas, and aesthetics.
      Most instructors have a master’s degree in art and/or
      education, and all have cleared a background check.
        “We are so excited about the chance to provide
      more amazing summer camp experiences, with a team
      of instructors and staff dedicated to fostering the
      development of young artists in our community,” said
      Dr. Tom Pearson, chief executive officer of the Armory
      Art Center.
        All camps will take place at the Armory Art Center,
      811 Park Place, West Palm Beach, FL 33401. Early and
      after care will be available for an additional fee. Visit or call (561) 832-1776 for
      pricing and more information. Registration is now open.
      Exciting Weekly Themes Offered To Junior Campers
      Aged 6 To 12
      May 31 to June 2: Welcome to the Jungle (No camp May
      30 – tuition $216)
      June 6 to 10: Medieval Times
      June 13 to 17: Around the World
      June 20 to 24: The Ocean Blue
      June 27 to July 1: Bugs and Botanicals
      July 5 to 8: The Ancient World (No camp July 4 – tuition $216)
      July 11 to 15: Frida’s World
      July 18 to 22: Architects and Builders
      July 25 to 29: Cartoon Adventures
      Tuition: $270/week
      day or $40/week; 5 to 5:30 p.m., $8/day or $40 per week;  NoN-Toxic cancer immunotherapy
      Extended Care Hours offered: 7:45 to 8:30 a.m., $8/

      morning and afternoon, $16/day or $80/week. Price
      includes all siblings. *Some weeks may include field trips
      for an additional charge.                            Available NoW
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