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       The Pet Cottage Celebrates 10th Anniversary

       With Fundraising Celebration                      pets paraded with a volunteer on the grass in front of   seniors who want a companion but would be frightened
       To Launch “Furever Promise”                       all the guests. There was also a silent auction which   to accept the responsibility without the support of The
                                                                                                           Pet Cottage.
                                                         featured a Sundeck four-hour boat ride for seven, a
       Building Campaign                                 professional headshot, and goodie baskets filled with   About The Pet Cottage
                                                         doggie delights and helped raise in excess of $1,000.     We celebrate and protect the magical relationship
         Wendy Derhak began her unique journey to create The   Wendy acknowledged, “This is just the beginning,” and   between people and their pets by providing homestyle care
       Pet Cottage by taking in three cats – Smokey, Jeremy   much more is needed to help The Pet Cottage purchase   for pets who lose their humans due to death, disability,
       and Shadow – that her friend Joan left to her when she   their building and the land. Wendy said, “We have more   or deployment. Through our two unique programs –
       became terminally ill with cancer. Since then, Wendy   events and announcements planned. Stay tuned!”  The Sanctuary Residency Program and The Lifelong
       has made it her mission to give “furever homes” to pets   The Pet Cottage Facts                     Guardianship Program – we promise our pets will always
       whose owners either passed away, were disabled or left     * Between  The Pet Cottage Sanctuary, in Jupiter   have the home, care, and love they deserve – for life.
       for military deployment. When she began, though, she   Farms, Fla., and The Lifelong Guardianship Program,     Our promise means that pets come first and we do
       had no idea where the path would lead. But, since that   they are caring for approximately 50 dogs and cats.  everything we can to provide the highest quality care
       time – 10 years ago – the word about The Pet Cottage     * A key part of their mission is matching pets with   for our pets – including veterinary care, medications,
       has spread.                                                                                         behavioral training, and of course, love and care in the
         A couple of weeks ago, Wendy and                                                                  comfort of a home with a dedicated guardian.
       The Pet Cottage hosted a fundraising                                                                  For more information about The Pet Cottage and their
       party at their facility in Jupiter Farms.                                                           Furever Promise, please visit their website: https://www.
       Not only were they marking their 10-                                                      
       year anniversary but, Wendy said, “We                                                                 To learn more about all the ways you can donate to
       were kicking off Phase I of our building                                                            help The Pet Cottage’s mission, please visit
       campaign – to secure this as our forever                                                  
       home.” And they announced what Wendy
       called their “Pathway to Forever – where
       you can literally become a part of our
       foundation by purchasing a 4- by 8-inch
       brick and engrave and customize it to
       honor your favorite people and pets.”
         The dozens of party attendees were
       treated to chicken salad croissant
       sandwiches and desserts included
       cupcakes and swirly lollipops, but  Mickey Schmitt with Lil, Suzanne
       everyone seemed to agree the highlight  Weinstein and Linda Del Prete.  Bryan and Ellen Daly. Photo by Lisa
       of the day was the “green walk,” where  Photo by Lisa Gendal    Gendal

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