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       Commissioner’s Update

       Water Utilities – An Industry                     disinfected at the Southern Region Water Reclamation     Among the greatest benefits of the county’s Reclaimed
                                                         Facility in suburban Boynton Beach, and is safe for irrigation.
                                                                                                           Water Program is the ability to irrigate, while conserving
       Leader                                              The treatment process eliminates harmful substances,   our fresh drinking water supplies. Reclaimed water is less
                                                         but leaves traces of nitrogen and phosphorous that act as   expensive than drinking water, it helps lawns, parks, and
       By Commissioner Maria                             fertilizers on lawns and landscapes. WUD distributes the   golf courses stay green, it is not subject to water restrictions
       Marino                                            reclaimed water through purple pipes that are completely   for irrigation, and it helps to recharge ground water aquifers.
         As a large urban county,                        separate from the drinking water distribution system.     The South Florida Water Management District strongly
       Palm Beach County faces                           Additionally, the captured gases produce electricity.  supports the Reclaimed Water Program, and has urged
       challenges on a very broad                          One million gallons of reclaimed water per day goes to   local governments to increase the portion of water supplies
       scale, which include growth                       the Wakodahatchee Wetlands, a constructed wetland on Jog   derived from alternative sources, in order to comply with
       management, affordable                            Road in Delray Beach. Green Cay Wetlands is the second   consumptive use permit regulations.
       housing,  homelessness,                           wetland constructed by WUD, and is about 100 acres in size,     As a leader in the water utility industry, WUD is meeting
       transportation and                                accepting two to three million gallons per day of reclaimed   the challenges of providing an abundant supply of fresh,
       infrastructure funding. The                       water. These beautiful wetlands create a valuable wildlife   high-quality drinking water for the future, and setting an
       county’s 39 municipalities                        habitat, where the public can observe more than 150 species   example for other communities.
       rely on our planning, policies                    of birds as well as alligators, rabbits, turtles, otters, foxes     As always, if I can assist you, please contact me at (561)
       and codes to help guide future development, enhance public   and others. Members of the public can walk, bird watch,   355-2201 or by email at
       safety, protect environmental resources, and provide access   and photograph on the extensive boardwalk system, which
       to programs, facilities, and services.            features interpretive signs about the habitat.
         Palm Beach County strives to meet the needs of
       residents and businesses efficiently and economically, while
       staying ahead of the curve with innovative approaches to  Support Groups At La Posada
       maintaining the highest standards, and we take pride in
       providing public services. The Water Utilities Department
         Water Utilities operates 24 hours a day, seven days a  Address Mental And Emotional
       (WUD) is a prime example of this approach.

       week, and provides drinking water and wastewater services
       the county and the western reaches of District 1. Now 52  Needs Of Senior Residents
       to nearly 600,000 customers in the unincorporated areas of
       years old, it is the largest water utility in Palm Beach County,
       and the third largest in Florida. WUD – an enterprise fund      Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the conversation
       – is self-supporting through the collection of user fees, and   surrounding mental health and emotional wellness has evolved to
       is not reliant upon ad valorem dollars. They are one of the   address the increased need for resources to combat this issue. While
                                                          the conversation around mental health has increased drastically,
       few utilities in the nation to receive AAA bond ratings from   many seniors are still feeling the effects of the pandemic.  As one
       Standard & Poor’s and Fitch rating services.       of the largest demographics in the U.S., seniors are an increasingly
         Their utilization of the most up-to-date technologies has   important component to the challenges of mental health, yet they
       resulted in high-quality drinking water, and the treatment   are frequently left out of the discussion.
                                                             However, La Posada, a senior living community located in the
       of wastewater exceeding federal and state pretreatment     heart of Palm Beach Gardens, is looking to change the conversation
       guidelines. This level of excellence has earned WUD   about mental health for seniors. With feelings of isolation and
       numerous awards. Most recently, WUD received the honor   anxiety exacerbated by the pandemic, more seniors than ever
       of being the first water utility in North America certified   are reporting struggling with their mental and emotional health.
       by the International Organization for Standardization for   To confront this issue, La Posada has developed several men’s
       its continued commitment to managing public assets in   and women’s groups within the community that aim to provide
                                                          comfort, guidance and social connection for any resident who
       accordance with the highest industry standards. At the   needs additional support.                    “Obtaining and maintaining friendships as an older adult is vital
       2021 Florida Water Environmental Association convention,      As a Kisco senior living community, La Posada encourages their   to overall quality of life,” says Rick Minichino, director of wellness
       WUD earned three  awards for pretreatment program   residents to master the Art of Living Well, a lifestyle philosophy   at La Posada. “Especially during periods of time where seniors are
                                                                                                          feeling isolated, these topics are important to discuss to ensure our
       practices for dealing with industrial discharges, and for   ingrained in daily life within the community through programming   residents always have the support they need in their corner.”
       maintaining the highest removal of pollutants prior to the   and amenities that allow residents to master multiple dimensions of      Since these programs have been implemented, more residents
                                                          wellness including intellectual stimulation, culture and so much more.
       discharge of treated effluent.                        It is this philosophy that laid the groundwork for the initial   than ever are facilitating and developing friendships and their own
         Environmental stewardship is a priority for WUD. That   implementation of La Posada’s senior support groups. Noel   social groups. Residents within the community have bonded closely
       is why advancement of the reclaimed water program has   Trachtenberg, resident and previous Chair of the Independent   within their structured discussions, prompting them to extend those
                                                                                                          friendships into attending events and activities within the community
       led to Palm Beach County’s role as the leading supplier   Living Health Committee at La Posada, first spurred the idea after   together, and even forming their own support groups. Additionally,
       of reclaimed water in Southeast Florida. Reclaimed water   noticing a need for residents within the community to develop   the La Posada team is exploring options to make these meetings
                                                          deeper social connections and friendships during the height of
       is wastewater that has been highly treated, filtered and   the pandemic. Although certain restrictions were lifted by the end   even more accessible across the community by offering sessions
                                                          of 2020, Trachtenberg and the committee recognized that many   over Zoom for residents who are unable to attend in person.
                                                          residents had continued to self-isolate for months.     “At La Posada, we are constantly striving to find new
                                                             “We recognized the necessity to form support groups for our   ways to enhance our resident’s wellbeing,” says Brad Cadiere,
                                                          fellow residents,” says Trachtenberg. “In addition to effects from the   executive director at La Posada. “The introduction of this type
                                                          pandemic, we realized many residents needed support, especially if   of programming is more vital than ever, and we are already able
        Captain’s was established in 1980 servicing       they were recently widowed or had a spouse in memory care.”  to observe the lasting, positive impact it is having throughout the
        Palm Beach County and is a privately                                                              community.”
        owned and managed company.                                                                           In addition to support groups, La Posada provides monthly
        Captain’s is committed to providing                                                               wellness calendars filled with over 40 activities a week that address
        dependable, reliable and professional                                                             multiple facets of wellness, including mental, physical, emotional,
        ground transportation to and from all                                                             social, financial, and more. For example, residents who would like
        South Florida Airports and Seaports.  PBCVH212                                                    to focus on mental wellness may choose to participate in such
                                                                                                          experiences as support groups, social hours, discussion groups,
           To reserve your vehicle:                                                                       and many other activities.
       561-798-2180 or 800-634-7890                                                 “One of the aspects that makes life special at La Posada is our
                                                                                                          holistic culture surrounding wellness,” says Minichino. “We are
                                                                                                          committed to offering experiences that interest and inspire our
             Southern Exposure Technologies                                                               residents every day.”

           Computer Install/Setup/Repair
                     (561) 315-0144                          La Posada currently facilitates four groups for residents, two
                        women’s groups and two men’s groups, with various levels of
                                                          structure for mental and emotional wellness. The Women’s Circles
                            * DSL, Broadband,Wireless Install  are guided by DeeAnn Vera, a professional who first began working
                            * Networking, Troubleshooting  with the community to bring new and unique classes that allowed
                            * Instruction                 residents to explore their creativity. While conducting these classes,
                            * Hardware/Software Installation  Vera took notice of an untapped potential to further connect women
                            * Virus/Spyware/Adware Fix
                            * Cleanup/Maintenance/Backup  within the community on a more intentional level.
                            * Business Consult/Startup/Move     Since the beginning of the women’s circles, Vera has used her
                            * Website Design/Maintenance  background in counseling to guide the group discussions, enabling
                                                          the female residents to be social and have fun, all while creating a
              Call S.E.T. to install your “new computer, printer  safe space for them to address topics that affect most seniors, such
                       and wireless network”!             as downsizing, grief, community living, and sense of purpose.
                       GET S.E.T. GO!                        Similarly, the men’s groups are directed by Dr. Andrea Stripling,
         REASONABLE HOURLY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY RATES         a local clinical psychologist in West Palm Beach. In addition to     If you are interested in learning more about life at
       FOR SMALL BUSINESSES FOR AS LOW AS $50.00 AN HOUR,  designating a space for the male residents to interact and bond,   La Posada, join us for a special event in partnership
             WITH A MINIMUM OF 6 HOURS A MONTH,           these groups were created to clear the way for conversations that   with Sutter & Nugent on July 19, 2022 at 2:00pm.
            OR 2 HOURS A WEEK, OR ON AN AS-NEEDED         are not typical among men’s usual social circles. While seniors of   During the event, attendees will experience the award-
                  BASIS RATE OF $75.00 P/HOUR.            both sexes experience comparable issues, in general, men usually
          START YOUR NEW YEAR WITH SECURE BACKUPS,        have a more difficult time – sharing emotions and discussing more   winning amenities and service that make La Posada
        QUALITY MAINTENANCE, ATTENTION TO DETAIL AND      vulnerable topics.                                 special. Space is limited, so call (561) 475.3386 or
                 PERSONABLE ON-SITE SUPPORT!                                                                 visit to reserve your seat.
                        (561) 315-0144
          CALL S.E.T. TODAY FOR YOUR COMPUTER NEEDS!                                             Paid Advertisement
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