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      MorseLife NEXT GENERATIONS Holocaust

      Living Learning Experience Announces

      August/September Showcase Programming

         MorseLife NEXT GENERATIONS Holocaust Living     her brother Hans – former                         his doctorate with distinction in 1994 for his dissertation, “Work
      Learning Experience announces its August/September events   fanatical Hitler youth                   Makes Free”: The Hidden Cultural Meanings of the Holocaust;
      in its annual showcase series. This showcase is one of the   leaders, the latter arrested            (Work Makes Free: English translation of Nazi forced labor
      nonprofit’s programming developed to enlighten, cultivate   for a teen gay relationship              camp slogan Arbeit Macht Frei).
      and encourage generations of up-standers to work individually   – transformed uniquely               To Life! A Magical Post-Modern Hasidic Tale Of The
      and collectively to help eradicate bigotry and hate.  to become the greatest                         Holocaust
         The Holocaust Living Learning Experience offers live   heroes of the German anti-                 Featuring Dr. Jud Newborn
      and virtual multimedia events and workshops that share   Nazi resistance. On Feb.                    Thursday, Sept. 8 at 7 p.m.
      lessons learned from the Holocaust. The lessons demonstrate   18, 1943, the siblings led             Online: Virtual/Webinar
      the importance and advocacy of diversity, inclusion, equity,   the only public protest by            Admission: Free, however, registration is required to receive
      social justice, and human rights. All are presented in a   Germans against Nazism                    an access link.
      way that uplifts and transforms communities, helps heal   ever to be staged. Mounting
      generational trauma through understanding, and the truthful,   a gallery high above the
      poignant sharing of and honoring the lives and values of   University of Munich’s
      those who perished and the resilience and legacies of those   vast atrium, they tossed
      who survived this watershed period in world history.  hundreds of leaflets upon
         “We are pleased to continue providing an exceptionally   the heads of astonished students, reading: “We will not be silent,”
      powerful annual showcase series,” said Nancy Dershaw,   their wartime leaflets declared. “We are your bad conscience. The
      founder of NEXT GENERATIONS. “It is through long-  White Rose will not leave you in peace!” Next, Newborn ties the
      established relationships with premier experts and historians   past to the present, sharing an array of inspiring “White Rosers”
      on the Holocaust and human rights, museums, cultural   today, abroad and at home, who risk themselves for freedom and
      institutions, universities, as well as award-winning authors,   our shared humanity. Finally, he relates the White Rose story to
      filmmakers, and playwrights that we can bring impactful   today’s most compelling current events and global issues – from
      insights and experiences throughout the year to our greater   America’s crisis of democracy and the rise of anti-Semitism to the
      Palm Beach County community.”                      Mid-East conflict with China, LGBT rights, murderous attacks
         According to Dershaw, the initial schedule of 18 live and   on environmental activists, the Ukraine War, and more.   Dr. Jud Newborn
      virtual opportunities include:                        Born in 1952, Newborn is a New York-based author, lecturer,
      “A Virtual Tour Of Auschwitz”                      cultural anthropologist, and curator. A pioneer in creating      Dr. Jud Newborn returns to present this profound and richly
      Led by Certified Tour Educator Jerzy Wojcik        Holocaust museums, he helped build New York’s Museum of   multimedia program that poignantly interweaves his own story
      Wednesday, Aug. 31 at noon                         Jewish Heritage, serving as its founding historian and curator.   (his adventures, determination, and triumphs in confronting the
      Limited to the first 50 registrants                He is known for his co-authored book, Sophie Scholl and the   Holocaust) with the lost world of the European Jewish Shtetl –
                                                         White Rose (Oneworld Publications, 2006). He is now in a   and the amazing tale of the first man to bring the news of the
                                                         third, special Anniversary edition marking the capture and   Holocaust to the West. Revolving around the author’s thrilling
                                                         execution of the White Rose student resisters in 1943. A wide-  discovery of Polish Bund Spokesman Szmul Artur Zygielbojm’s
                                                         ranging lecturer who has spoken throughout North America   lost artifacts, Newborn tells a miraculous, life-affirming story of
                                                         and worldwide, he is recognized for his dramatic multimedia   how three seemingly disconnected lives magically intersected
                                                         programs that set unsung aspects of the Holocaust, among other   over time and space. Moreover, Newborn’s discovery links him
                                                         subjects, within the context of such compelling, contemporary   by surprise to Zygielbojm’s surviving niece, a 75-year-old South
                                                         issues as the rise of extremism, oppression, fanaticism, and   African champion ballroom dancer who “brings me under her
                                                         genocide, to inspire audiences to join in the fight for freedom   spell, inducing me to dance – not to mourn, but to celebrate
                                                         and “our shared humanity.” Honored in 2018 by the Anne Frank   Jewish survival.”
                                                         Center with their top award, the Spirit of Anne Frank Human   Registration
                                                         Writes Award, he currently serves as the Emmy Award-winning      To learn more and register for the MorseLife NEXT
                                                         Producer of Special Programs for Long Island, N.Y.’s Cinema   GENERATIONs Living Learning Experience Showcase
                                                         Arts Centre, bringing in Nobel Laureates, Kennedy Center   Series programs, visit www.NEXTGENERATIONS.
         Jerzy Wojcik, who grew up just miles from the camp, “A   Honorees, and Academy Award, Emmy, Grammy, Tony, and   org. To schedule community or school programming,
      Virtual Tour of Auschwitz,” is recognized as the most faithful   Pulitzer Prize winners to interview before live audiences.   contact Leigh Routman, director, MorseLife NEXT
      representation of a physical visit to the Auschwitz memorial site.   Newborn was educated at New York University, Cambridge   GENERATIONS Holocaust Living Learning Experience,
      During this private, intimate meeting, all tour-takers can see each   University, and the University of Chicago, which awarded him, (561) 668-5961.
      other in a virtual space. Wojcik opens a dialogue for questions
      and discussion in real time about the former Auschwitz-Birkenau
      concentration and death camp as participants are transported to
      the camp via session cutting-edge virtual reality tools officially
      created by the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum. Through the
      technology of the Auschwitz Panorama’s 360-degree panoramic
      images, participants can stand virtually in every spot normally
      visited in person, making it possible to reach and look at even
      the most distant places at the memorial site. Along with historical
      footage, histories of former prisoners, visualizations, aerial
      overviews, and contemporary filming, the tour guide narrates
      the visit while sharing aerial videos and historical footage.
         Wojcik, who still lives near the camp, works with several
      organizations and institutions in Poland, among others, the
      Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum and Center for Holocaust
      Studies in Krakow, the Center for International Relations
      in Warsaw, and the European Association of Israel Studies
      and has run the Holocaust Memorial Partnership since 2015.
      He is a graduate of international relations at the Faculty of
      Political and International Studies and postgraduate studies on
      the Middle and the Far East at the Jagiellonian University in
      Krakow. He holds a Ph.D. in political science at the Jagiellonian
      University in Krakow. Jerzy is a recipient of a scholarship from
      Florentyna Kogutowska Fund at the Jagiellonian University and
      a scholarship from the State of Israel for a nine-month research
      fellowship at Tel Aviv University.
      Speaking Truth To Power: The White Rose Anti-Nazi
      Resistance – And Heroes Today In The Fight For Democracy
      And Human Rights
      Featuring Holocaust Historian Dr. Jud Newborn
      Wednesday, Sept. 7 at 7 p.m.
      Temple Beth Tikvah, 4550 Jog Road, West Palm Beach,
      FL 33467
      Admission: $18 per person; free to Holocaust Survivors
         During this live event, Holocaust Historian Dr. Jud
      Newborn uses stirring theme music, 80 powerful images, and
      suspenseful storytelling to recount how Sophie Scholl and
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