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        Seventh Annual Boca Raton Mayors Ball from page 1 Boca Stage Showcases

        this year’s host committee includes current President  Award-Winning Professional
          Supporting the cochairs and honorary cochairs,

        Jon Carter, President-Elect Jeff Weber, past Mayors
        Herson, Jon Kaye, Dyana Kenney, and Constance Scott.  Theatre Productions
        Ball Cochairs Kim Champion, Ingrid Fulmer, Arlene
        Additional committee members include Stuart Fife, Bruce
        Spizler, Gwen Herb, Alan Kaye, Allen Konis, Garcia      If you are looking for award-winning professional
        Peters, Linda Petrakis, Ron Rubin, Howard Tai, Gloria   theatre productions that you won’t see anywhere else,
        Wank, Janice Williams, and Marilyn Wilson.       it’s time to visit Boca Stage. The renowned 8-year-old
           Founded in July 2012, The Rotary Club Downtown   company has announced its upcoming season and has a
        Boca Raton is dedicated to impacting the Boca Raton   special offer for Seabreeze readers! The 2022/23 season
        community through  Rotary International’s  mission   will feature two comedies, an edge-of-your-seat drama,
        of “Service Above Self.” The award-winning 501(c)  and a modern ghost story. Three of these outstanding
        (3) nonprofit’s purpose is to make a difference in the   productions are South Florida premieres. Tickets are $40
        community by enhancing the lives of many in an   to $50 for single tickets and $120 for all four shows if
        environment that embraces and promotes integrity,   you use the code “Seabreeze.” Tickets may be purchased
        fellowship, and trust. The RCDBR is one of 34,000 Rotary   at or by calling (561) 300-0152.
        Clubs in more than 200 countries connecting 1.2 million      “After the intensity of the past few years, we thought
        Rotarians around the globe.                      we’d take a season to lighten up a little by increasing the
           While the Mayors Ball funds the RCDBR’s grant   comedic content,” said Artistic Director Keith Garsson.
        program, the club also hosts the annual Honor Your Doctor      The season opens on Nov. 4 with Lucas Hnath’s The
        Luncheon founded by Helen M. Babione. Approaching its   Thin Place, a new, modern spin on the classic ghost story.   lives, the family grapples with their new reality as each
        25th year this event has recognized physician leadership   The Thin Place is a twisty tale of psychics and the fragile   reckons with their own imperfect past and how their love
        and excellence while raising scholarship monies for   boundary between our world and the other one. With   for each other might express itself in new and unlikely
        students at Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at   acuity and relentless curiosity, Hnath’s play transforms   forms.
        Florida Atlantic University, students at the Christine E.   the theater into an intimate séance, crafting an unnerving      The Odd Couple (Female Version) is Neil Simon’s
        Lynn College of Nursing at Florida Atlantic University,   testament to the power of the mind.      1986 update of his classic New York comedy. This time,
        healthcare students at Lynn University and Palm Beach      Time Alone follows as a poetic and poignant drama   Unger and Madison are at it again, but it’s Florence Unger
        State College.                                   about two seemingly unconnected people, a widow   and Olive Madison who play the bickering roommates
           For sponsorship and underwriting opportunities as well as   and a young man serving a life sentence, both seeking   in this hilarious contemporary comic classic. Instead
        ticket reservations, visit www.rotarydowntownbocaraton.  redemption.  The play is the product of the writer’s   of the poker party that begins the original version, Ms.
        org, contact Jon Kaye at (561) 392-5166 or email   volunteer work in the California juvenile and justice   Madison has invited the girls over for an evening of          systems. As the play unfolds both characters find   Trivial Pursuit. The Pidgeon sisters have been replaced
        #bocaratonmayorsball                             themselves in places of extreme loneliness, and as time   by the two Costazuela brothers. But the hilarity remains
                                                         itself seems to unravel, their tales both contrast and mirror   the same.
                                                         each other, providing answers to each other’s questions      “Strong characters and stories that resonate make this
                                                         — until they find new doors to life.              both a compelling and funny season,” said Director Genie
                                                            Grand Horizons is another new play offering a comic   Croft. “And as the cultural community emerges from this
                                                         spin on divorce amongst the senior set. Fifty years into   long dark period, we have chosen plays that will bring the
                                                         her marriage to Bill, Nancy wants a divorce. While Bill   audience together in a way that only live theatre can. We
                                                         seems unfazed by the decision, her two adult sons are   look forward to a season of shared energy and emotions!”
                                                         shaken to the core. Forced to re-examine everything they      The Sol Theatre is located at 3333 N. Federal Highway
                                                         thought they knew about their parents’ outwardly happy   in Boca Raton.

           Dr. Lebrun Nestor     Dr. Siperstein-Paul
           Cornell University      Yale University
          Dr. Mackay-Wiggan     Dr. Micciantuono-Meran
           Columbia University   On-site Mohs Surgeon
              Dr. Lipman             Dr. Gold
          NYU Medical Center    Albert Einstein Med Ctr
              Dr. Mathew           Dr. Waintraub
                                   Dr. Waintraub
              Dr. Mathew
            Duke University       Cornell University
           Dr. Anna Kurayev     Dr. Anu Parameswaran
          Tufts Medical Center   NYU Medical Center
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