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                                                 nonprofIt event

      Summer Interns Hone Skills                           The interns are:

      And Expand Services At                            Katherine Capezza, a junior
                                                        at the University of Florida
      Treasure Coast Food Bank                          majoring in family, youth,
                                                        and community sciences;
         They’re bright, skilled, and eager to help. This summer,   Noah Chaban, a marketing
      nine interns are honing their skills and expanding staffing   major who attends Florida
      resources at Treasure Coast Food Bank.            State University; Katherine
         They are working in several different departments   Erickson, an English
      including finance, human resources, IT, and marketing.   major from the University
      Most of the interns have roots on the Treasure Coast, and   of Florida; Olivia North,
      regardless of their area of expertise and focus, all will leave   who attends Florida State
      with a greater understanding of Treasure Coast Food Bank’s   University and studies public
      role in providing vital resources to the community.   health and psychology;
         “We’re very glad to have this great group of interns   Lauren Pearson, an Indian
      with us this year,” said Judith Cruz, president and CEO of   River  State  College
      Treasure Coast Food Bank. “Not only do they contribute   student studying business
      to the departments to which they’re assigned, but they’ve   administration; Deonte
      already made a tremendous impact helping with our special   Ramos who studies public
      events, volunteer activities, and with some special projects,   policy and international
      like updates to our website.”                     relations at New  York
                                                        University; Sophie  Front left: Maxwell Hutchinson, Sophie Swanker, Katie Erickson, Kate Capezza; Back from
                                                        Swanker, an integrated  left: Deonte Ramos, Olivia North, Lauren Pearson, Vivek Talati, Noah Chaban
                                                        marketing communications
                                                        major from Albion College in Albion, Mich.; Vivek Talati,

                                                                                                           Group photo in warehouse

      Kate Capezza, Kate Erickson, Olivia North, and Sophie                                                who studies business analytics at Boston College; and
      Swanker                                           Deonte Ramos and Noah Chaban                       Maxwell Hutchinson, who studies statistics at University
                                                                                                           of Florida.
                                                                                                              Two of the students – Noah Chaban and Olivia North
                                                            CONNECTING                                     – came to Treasure Coast Food Bank through the No
                                                                                                           Kid Hungry Youth Ambassador Program, which gives
                                                             REAL PEOPLE                                   college students the opportunity to witness hunger in
                                                                                                           their community firsthand and involve themselves in work
                                                              IN REAL LIFE                                 to combat it. They’ll be working with Treasure Coast
                                                                                                           Food Bank’s Summer Meals Program that feeds youth
                                                                                                           throughout the summer.
                                                                                                              Maxwell Hutchinson is spending his second summer
                                                                                                           with Treasure Coast Food Bank, working on a project to
                                                                                                           streamline data into an easily readable dashboard.
                                                                                                              “I had an amazing experience with the food bank
                 Join the Summer                                                                           last year between the rewarding work and supportive
                                                                                                           coworkers, so I was all too happy to be here to work with
                Love Club Today!                                                                           Ron Wise with programming,” Hutchinson said. “I’ve
                                                                                                           been looking at all the different reports that agencies send
                                                                                                           in and the inventory reports to make a dashboard of the
                                                                                                           information for upper management.”
                                                                                                              While the interns hone their skills, they also learn about
                                                                                                           Treasure Coast Food Bank’s role in fighting hunger.
                                                                                                              “No matter where they end up in their careers, our
                                                                                                           interns will leave with a greater understanding of hunger
                                                                                                           and how Treasure Coast Food Bank works every day to
                                                                                                           combat it,” Cruz said.
                                                                                                           About Treasure Coast Food Bank
                                                                                                              Treasure Coast Food Bank is the only food bank and
                                                                                                           largest hunger relief organization on Florida’s Treasure
                                                                                                           Coast, providing the community each year with millions
                                                                                                           of meals valued at more than $50 million through
                                                                                                           robust programs and in partnership with 400 charitable
                                                                                                           organizations in Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin, and
                                                                                                           Okeechobee counties. In addition to  emergency  food
                                                                                                           distribution, Treasure Coast Food Bank operates a full
                                                                                                           roster of direct service programs that not only solve
                                                                                                           the immediate problem of hunger, but help individuals
                                                                                                           and families gain long-term food security, better health
                              #MenMagnets       ♥ NOT Online Dating     ♥ All Clients Pre-Screened         outcomes, and self-sufficiency. Treasure Coast Food Bank
                            31 31  YEARSof      ♥ Love Local            ♥ Photos & Bios Created In-House   of 200 food banks that leads the fight against hunger in
                                                                                                           is a member of Feeding America, the nationwide network
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                                                                                                           the United States. For more information on Treasure Coast
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                                                PALM BEACHES: 561.630.XOXO (9696)                          visit our Facebook page at, or
                                                TREASURE COAST: 772.932.HERE (4373)                        follow us on Twitter at
                                                                                                                                        Photos by Gary Keller
                                 Kelly Leary, M.S.
                                 THE Florida Matchmaker
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