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      Treasure Coast Outdoors

                                                           Snapper and grouper
      Goodbye Seaweed,                                    fishing is good, but a cold                      the boat. Then start adding chunked up fish to your slick.
                                                                                                           Pretty much anything that swims will be attracted to your
      Hello Fish. Now Chum,                             water upwelling is creating                        floating buffet.

                                                                                                             You  can  do  the  same  thing  with  bottom  fishing.  I
                                                        issues. You may want to try
      Chum, Chum!                                       fishing  on  shallower  reefs                      attach a couple of chum bags to a 5- to 10-pound weight,
                                                        if the deeper ones aren’t                          depending upon the current, and lower it down with a hand
      By Jim Weix                                       producing.                                         line or downrigger. Again, everything on the reef will be
         The calm seas were enough for me to get my other      The calmer summertime                       attracted to this free meal.
      half, Lezlie Brukwicki, out on the ocean. She is not a fan   seas are ideal for chumming                Editor’s note: Jim Weix is an avid hunter, angler,
      of getting banged around in rough seas.           your way to success. When                          conservationist, as well as an outdoor writer.
         Our plans were to troll for dolphin and sailfish.   I say chum, I don’t mean                         Jim is included in the Wisconsin Waterfowl Association’s
      Unfortunately, like everyone else out, it was a miserable   one small block of ground                Hall of Fame, for his work in helping restore thousands
      day of doing nothing but taking weeds off the lines. No   up fish in a mesh bag. Think 10 of those bags along with   of acres of wetlands. Jim is a broker associate with The
      matter where we went, the weeds were there.       chunked up fish.                                   Keyes Company. He can be reached at (772) 341-2941 or
         But the weeds have now dissipated, so trolling is again      Anchor on a reef or south of some other structure. Then   by email:
      productive.  Dolphin  are  showing  up  in  fish  boxes  and   hang two bags of chum over the side of the boat. If the
      sailfish are providing plenty of action.          ocean is calm, you will start to see a slick form behind
                                                loCal government

      Martin County Property                             months each year to qualify for homestead exemption. There   cancel your out-of-state tax benefit effective Jan. 1 of the
                                                         is no specified amount of time you have to be physically
                                                                                                           year you apply for homestead exemption in the state of
      Appraiser                                          present on the property to qualify for homestead exemption.   Florida. If either spouse owns other Florida property, even
                                                         However, your homestead property must be considered
                                                                                                           individually, only one property can have the homestead
      Homestead Exemption                                your primary residence. This means that your official   exemption.
                                                         identification documents must reflect your homestead   3.  Maintaining or obtaining a driver’s license in any other
      By Jenny Fields, CFA,                              property address.                                 state. A driver’s license is residency based.
      Martin County Property                                Homestead exemption is $25,000 deducted from your   4.  Failing to register a vehicle in Florida if you drive it here.
      Appraiser                                          assessed value, plus an additional $25,000 is deducted from   5.  Registering to vote elsewhere. The county you live in
         Homestead exemption                             your home’s assessed value over $75,000.          must be the only place you are registered to vote. You may
      is one way to reduce the                              Listed below are common things that may cause you to   elect to file a declaration of domicile instead of registering
      amount of real estate taxes                        lose your homestead exemption:                    to vote, but you still may not register to vote elsewhere.
      you will pay on your                               1.  Renting your home for more than 30 days per calendar      A homestead exemption is not transferable. If you move,
      residential property.                              year, for two consecutive years.                  your homestead exemption does not
         In the state of Florida, if                     2.  Maintaining or obtaining an out-of-state residency-based   follow you to your new residence. You
      you own property and make                          tax exemption, reduction, benefit, credit, etc. (i.e. the STAR   must file a new homestead exemption
      the property your permanent                        in New York, a veteran’s exemption, the Massachusetts   application for your new residence.
      residence as of Jan. 1 of the                      Declaration of Homestead, etc.). This requirement applies      If you have questions, please contact
      tax year, you may qualify for homestead exemption and   to jointly held property by spouses even if only one applies   your Martin County Property Appraiser
      save hundreds of dollars. A common misconception is that   for homestead here and the other applies for the out-of-state   at (772) 288-5608.
      you must reside on the property for a certain number of   tax credit. If you are in this category presently, you must

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