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                                                                                                                                          Section B

                                                                PawsiTive News

                                       Senior Dogs At The Pet Cottage

                                                Fetch A Nonprofit Grant

        Old dogs have something to wag about this summer as     “Thanks to the
      The Grey Muzzle Organization announces the recipients   generosity of our
      of its annual grants, and dogs at The Pet Cottage are   donors, we’re delighted
      among the winners.                                to help deserving
        The Pet Cottage in Jupiter is one of 77 animal welfare   organizations like The
      groups chosen from 266 applicants nationwide to receive   Pet Cottage make a
      a grant to help local senior dogs and they were awarded   difference in the lives
      $5,000. The winning groups received a total of more than   of dogs and people in
      $616,000 in grants to help save or improve the lives of   their communities,”
      at-risk older dogs in their communities.          Grey Muzzle’ s
        “This grant will help us give senior dogs like 15-year-  Executive Director
      old Grover the veterinary and dental care he needs to live   Lisa  Lunghofer  said.
      out his best life,” said Wendy Derhak, executive director   “Many senior dogs
      of The Pet Cottage. “No one is more grateful or loving   in Palm Beach and
      than an old dog, and we’re looking forward to helping   Martin counties are   Grover, age 15, is one of many   Wendy Derhak, executive director of The Pet Cottage, with
      more senior dogs who lose their humans due to death,   enjoying their golden   wonderful senior dogs who are   Grover and two other dogs. Photo by Sandra Effertz
      disability, or deployment.”                       ye a rs i n l ovi ng   residents at The Pet Cottage
        Over the past 13 years, the national nonprofit Grey   homes with ‘Furever   Sanctuary. For more information,   Pawsitive News on page 23
      Muzzle Organization has provided more than $3.1 million   Guardians’ thanks to   please visit www.thepetcottage.
      in grants to support its vision of “a world where no old   the wonderful work of   org/ or call (561) 818-5025. Photo
      dog dies alone and afraid.”                       The Pet Cottage.”    by Sandra Effertz


                                          Canberra: The Meeting Place

                                                    By Don Kiselewski, MCC, D.S., Palm Beach Gardens Travel Leaders

        About 175 years ago, a
      small settlement of squatters
      gathered at a clearing some
      185 miles southeast of Sydney
      and 290 miles northeast of
      Melbourne, Australia. The
      place was called Canberry
      or Canbury, derived from the
      aboriginals in the area and
      meaning “meeting place.” A
      dozen years later the name
      Canberra was settled upon.
      Now an Aussie can quickly tell where you’re from by the way
      you pronounce the name of their capital city; in Australia it’s
      not Can-bear-ra, but rather it’s Can-bra. The name has been
      “Aussie-ized,” like so many of their other city names such
      as Cairn (Cans), Brisbane (Bris-bin) and others.
        So why so much hype for this town that lies on a plain at
      the foot of the 6,000-foot spur of the Australian Alps? Well,   Australia’s striking Parliament House in Canberra
      to put it simply, it was the compromise location between
      Melbourne and Sydney when it was chosen for the site of     So what had been happening on this site before this     The new Commonwealth of Australia acquired the land
      the national capital in 1909. This site was selected just eight   time? Well, the earliest evidence of a settlement dates back   for the city in 1911 in accordance with Section 125 of the
      years after the inauguration of the Commonwealth.  only 21,000 years. It was the aboriginal Wiradjuri tribe that   Australian Constitution. A temporary capital was set up
        It was the Australian Constitution that required the   controlled the site when Europe was developing. This tribe   in Melbourne, where it remained until 1927 when it was
      establishment of a territory, and so the Australian Capital Territory   used to visit the site in the late spring to feast on a mountain   relocated to the new capital in Canberra.
      was formed, much the same as Washington, D.C., which does not   delicacy, the bogong moths. Charles Throsby is said to have     At the same time as the land purchase, the Commonwealth
      lie in any state. The 900 square miles of the territory lies within   been the first European settler in the area, arriving on the   launched an international architectural competition for the
      the Southern Tablelands district of New South Wales. Canberra   limestone plain in 1821. The land was divided into tracks
      itself is located in the upper northeast corner of the territory.   over the next 10 years.          Travel on page 22
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