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      and numerous colleges and technical schools of higher     The highlight of any visit is the time spent in the New
      education. The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial   Parliament House. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this
      Research Organization (CSIRO) and the Australian   structure is the way that it has been molded into the landscape.
      Defense Force Academy are also located here.      The top of a hill was removed and the structure placed there.
                                                        Earth was then backfilled against the walls and mounded up
                                                        in the front and rear of the multistory building, giving it the
                                                        appearance of the original hill hiding the mass of the building
                                                        and enclosing the space of the building on top of the hill, truly
                                                        blending into the topography and landscaping. The sides of
                                                        the building open up into the offices of their two houses of
                                                        government; however these have been treated in such a way
                                                        so as not to interrupt the lay of the land.
                                                          It is said that first impressions always remain the basis
                                                        for further judgments. After visiting many of the capitals
                                                        of the world, it is truly uplifting to experience a city that
                                                        in essence is all new, by worldly standards. A view from
                                                        the top of Mount Ainslie forms that unforgettable mental
                                                        picture that remains with you for a lifetime. The placement
                                                        of the beautifully designed contemporary structures in the
                                                        Parliamentary Triangle, which are accented with carefully
      The High Court of Australia is one of many impressive   orchestrated landscape and water features, brings totality to
      structures spread around Lake Burley Griffin.     the cityscape of Canberra.

        PawsiTive News from page 21                                                                       National Museum of Australia

        The Pet Cottage – Facts                           Our promise means that pets come first and we do     Don Kiselewski writes from his personal experiences,
          •  Between The  Pet  Cottage  Sanctuary  in  Jupiter   everything we can to provide the highest quality care   having traveled in 122 countries and cruised the oceans,
        Farms, Fla., and The Lifelong Guardianship Program,   for our pets – including veterinary care, medications,   seas and rivers of the world. Palm Beach Gardens Travel
        approximately 50 dogs and cats are being cared for.  behavioral training, and of course, love and care in the   Leaders, his family owned and operated agency, is located
          • A key part of their mission is matching pets with   comfort of a home with a dedicated guardian.   at Mirasol Town Square, 11360 North Jog Road, Building
        seniors who want a companion – but would be frightened     For more information about The Pet Cottage and   A, Suite 102-6, Palm Beach Gardens. The agency has been
        to accept the responsibility without the support of The   their Furever Promise, please visit their website at   serving the travel needs of the South Florida area for over
        Pet Cottage.                                              a quarter of a century. Contact him at (561) 694-9696 or
        About The Pet Cottage                             To learn more about all the ways you can donate to
          We celebrate and protect the magical relationship   help The Pet Cottage’s mission, please visit https://www.
        between people and their pets by providing homestyle                                         Photos by Don Kiselewski
        care  for  pets  who  lose  their  humans  due  to  death,   About The Grey Muzzle Organization
        disability, or deployment. Through our two unique     The national nonprofit The Grey Muzzle Organization
        programs – The Sanctuary Residency Program and The   improves the lives of at-risk senior dogs by providing   CDC COVID-19 Travel
        Lifelong Guardianship Program – we promise our pets   funding and resources to animal shelters, rescue   Recommendations By Country
        will always have the home, care, and love they deserve   organizations, sanctuaries, and other nonprofit groups
        – for life.                                     nationwide. For details, please visit   map-and-travel-notices.html

        A Transfer To Tampa General Hospital

        Saved A Palm Beach County Patient’s Life

          When K.C. Austin, a resident on Florida’s East    “Mr. Austin’s case is about
        Coast, was battling the Delta variant of COVID-19,  as complex as one can get. The
        he was rushed to a Palm Beach County hospital.  more eyes on complex cases, the
        Soon, he and his family were facing life-or-death  better,” said Dr. Kapilkumar Patel,
        decisions.                                       director of the Center for Advanced
          “K.C. went from playing with the kids, reading  Lung Disease and Lung Transplant
        them books, going on vacation – to not being able to  Program at TGH.
        breathe at all. It was so fast,” said Danielle Austin,    The team members who worked
        wife of Mr. Austin.                              on  Mr. Austin’s case included
          In the hospital’s intensive care unit, Mr. Austin  pulmonary specialists, critical care
        was intubated and went on a ventilator.  That  specialists, cardiothoracic surgeons,
        morning, Mr. Austin sent his wife a text message  respiratory therapists, nutritionists,
        saying that he thought he was going to die.      pharmacists, perfusionists, a
          Dr. Ahmed El-Haddad, medical director of the  hematologist, a trauma team and
        Palm Beach County hospital’s ICU, realized there  nurses at his bedside.
        was nothing more he could do. His patient needed    After eight weeks in a coma, one
        extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)  day, Mr. Austin woke up.
        equipment that takes over the breathing process    Mrs. Austin said, “I walked into
        and allows a patient’s lungs to rest. But his hospital  the room, and he said, ‘Hi.’ And I
        didn’t have it to offer.                         said, ‘Hi. Oh, my gosh. Is this for
          “Knowing that there’s something out there that can  real?’ I’m forever grateful to all the
        help your patient, and you don’t have it, is torture,”  teams for realizing, from a human
        he said.                                         perspective, that this is a young guy
          El-Haddad’s team urgently searched for a hospital  with a wife and young children. We
        that offered ECMO and could also accept a patient.  have to give him a chance.”
        Mrs. Austin credits the Tampa  General Hospital    All the right decisions were made
        (TGH) Health Ambassador Program for providing  at the right time for Mr. Austin, and
        a fast, streamlined transfer process.            that continuum of care is why he is
          Mr. Austin arrived at TGH in critical condition,  alive today. To learn more about the
        and as he encountered increasing complications  TGH Health Ambassador Program
        throughout the treatment process, his condition  or to schedule a consult with one of   K.C. Austin and his family enjoyed some much needed time away after
        was life-threatening.  TGH had to deploy a  our physicians, call (561) 644-0125.  his recovery.
        multidisciplinary approach.
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