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      Dancing With The Martin Stars from page 1

      not only put their best foot forward to shine on the dance
      floor, but were also tasked with raising funds from friends,
      neighbors and business colleagues through sponsorships,
      ticket sales and contributions. The goal was to win enough
      votes from a judges’ panel to claim bragging rights of
      Dancing with the Martin Stars Champion.
        Each team chose their music and dance styles, including
      combinations of swing, rumba, paso doble, salsa, cha-cha, bolero,
      Argentine tango, desert dance, and musical theater jazz.
        The show was a sellout! Attendees filled over 500 seats in
      the Lyric, 50 viewers livestreamed the event, and a private
      showing at Hudson’s on the River, a restaurant in Downtown
      Stuart, also reached full capacity.
        Guests were treated to an energized evening of
      entertainment that opened with a high-powered dance routine
      by Marianella Tobar’s Latin Addiction Formation Dance
      Team, followed by a video vignette of each team and the
      star dancers.
        Mike Gonzalez, a 2018 Star Alumni, emceed the evening                             Spotlight  Dancers:  Judge  Andrea
      with his usual enthusiasm, style and humor for the second   Overall Winner: Natalie Desmangles   Kuzmenko and partner, Dmitry  Top Dancing Team: Natalie Desmangles
      year in a row, and fourth year involved in the event.   and Brian Spector           Kuzmenko                         and Brian Spector
        Samantha Suffich, chief executive officer of Martin
      County Healthy Start Coalition, and Steve Swindler, board     • Top Fundraising Team: Donna DeMarchi and Bob
      president, welcomed the audience and shared the mission   Murray, raising $38,131
      and programs of the nonprofit.                       • Overall Champion Team: Natalie Desmangles and
        Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Aubrey Campbell, Martin   Brian Spector
      County Healthy Start’s director of operations, worked with     “There was a tremendous amount of energy in the
      Toni Ryll of Team Holland and Jennifer Yormak of Starstruck   theater, and it was clear the audience was having a great
      to produce a seamless event from start to finish.  time watching their favorite local stars dancing their hearts
        After intermission, and before the winners were announced,   out for a great cause,” said Suffich. “Thanks to everyone’s
      world-class professional  dancers Andrea  and Dmitriy   contributions, we will better be able to fund and service
      Kuzmenko wowed the audience by dancing a smooth cha-cha.  Martin County families with the important programs our
        There were several award winners in a variety of   coalition offers.”
      categories:                                        Participating Dancers:
        • First Runner-Up Dance Team: Jessica Alvarez and     • Kasia D’Auria, Realtor with Re/Max of Stuart, paired
      Michael Chaves, with a score of 29                 with Jang Don                                     Emcee and Judge: Emcee Mike Gonzalez and Judge Dr.
        • First Runner-Up Fundraising Team: Rio Ratermanis     • Donna DeMarchi, Esq., Personal Injury Attorney with   Brian Moriarty
      and Marianella Tobar, raising $27,234              the Eberst Law Firm, paired with Bob Murray
        • Top Dancing Team: Natalie Desmangles and Brian     • Jane Hallick, President of Jane’s Dance Boutique, paired
      Spector, with a perfect score of 30                with Craig Galvin

      First Runner-Up Fundraising Team: Rio Ratermanis and   First Runner-Up Dance Team: Jessica Alvarez and Michael
      Marianella Tobar, raising $27,234                  Chaves, with a score of 29
                                                                                                           CEO and Key Sponsors: Samantha and Knight Suffich with
                                                                                                           Past Star and 2022 Sponsor, David and Kate Bradford of
           TAKING CARE OF FAMILIES ON THE TREASURE COAST                                                   Edward Jones

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                 PASSION                      veneers and complex implant
                                              reconstructions .”               Dr. Shannon Plymale-Galinis,
                                                                                and Dr. Thomas A. Galinis

                                                                                                           Top Fundraising Team: Donna DeMarchi and Bob Murray
                                                                                                           Dancing With The Martin Stars on page 4

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