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      Tyler Cameron’s Inaugural Gala from page 2

      About Lessing’s Hospitality Group
        Founded in 1890, Lessing’s Hospitality Group is a
      sixth-generation, family-owned company comprised of

                                                         Griffin Johnson and Dante Cousart. By
                                                         Tracey Benson Photography

                                                         more than 100 locations throughout
                                                         the Northeast and Florida. Lessing’s
      Pelican Club interior. By Tracey Benson Photography  operates 21 wedding and catering   Ryan Cameron, Kailyn Mikulus, Jeff Cameron, Maria Gatch, Mark Herman, Anne
                                                         venues, 20 full-service restaurants,   Sorkin, Fred Sorkin, Scott Sorkin, and Tyler Cameron. By Tracey Benson Photography
                                                         two pop-up kitchen concepts, over 60
                                                         corporate and academic dining centers,            Hospitality Group’s focus is on providing each guest with a
                                                         and a historic inn. Steeped in over 130 years of tradition,   unique, personalized experience and remarkable hospitality.
                                                         but adapting to a constantly changing industry, Lessing’s   For more information, please visit

      Pelican Club exterior. By Getty Images


                                                                                             since 1895

                                          SELL YOUR DIAMONDS,

                                                 LUXURY WATCHES,

                                           AND SIGNED JEWELRY.

                                         5 GENERATIONS OF EXCELLENCE


                                               CONTACT US TODAY

                                                                  for a FREE ESTIMATE

                 Fabrikant, New York                                Fabrikant, Florida                                 Fabrikant, Connecticut
                  New York, NY 10036                           Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410                              Westport, CT 06880
         Phone: 917-470-9098, 917-470-9198                           Phone: 561-232-2082                        Phone: 917-470-9098, 917-470-9198
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