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      La Rochelle: Town Of Two Countries from page 8     still serve as a reminder of the war. The city, although never
                                                         bombed, found itself in a unique position in the “Atlantic
      proper and connected to the town by what is referred to as a   Pocket,” and was besieged by French troops. It was liberated
      parapet walkway. The walkway connects the Lantern to the   unscathed on May 7, 1945.
      Chain Tower, and was built in the mid-15th century to allow     The city center of La Rochelle has been restricted to
      access to the town for sailors whose ships were tied up at the   pedestrian traffic, making it an ideal way to explore the town’s
      Lantern Tower.                                     character. The town hall symbolizes the quality of the local
        Religion was a driving force in the development of La   community. It took more than two centuries to build but it
      Rochelle. With France a Roman Catholic nation, locations   reflects the stability of the local municipal community. The
      such as La Rochelle played a dominant role in the Protestant   artwork of the stone carvings leaves one overwhelmed.
      Reformation. As a Protestant stronghold, the town struggled to     Most noticeable in the architecture is the combination of
      control the Islands of Ré and Oléron. These were the gateways   English and French styles. Combining heavy stone building
      to England – the country that provided support and sustenance.   with typical English half-timber construction provides unique
      The reformed church, based upon the Geneva rite, was set   facades to the town streets.
      up in 1556 by a minister named Pierre Richier. La Rochelle     If offered a chance to visit La Rochelle, don’t pass up the
      quickly became the largest Huguenot center in the west of   opportunity … you will be pleasantly surprised.
      France, placing it in the middle of several bitter struggles over     Don Kiselewski writes from his personal experiences,
      Protestantism. In the late 17th century, some of its Protestant   having traveled in 122 countries and cruised the oceans, seas
      residents fled to North America and founded the city of New   and rivers of the world. Palm Beach Gardens Travel Leaders,
      Rochelle, N.Y.                                     his family owned and operated agency, is located at Mirasol
        The period of Nazi occupation in La Rochelle during World   Town Square, 11360 North Jog Road, Building A, Suite 102-6,
      War II was marked by several tragic events, including the   Palm Beach Gardens. The agency has been serving the travel
      execution of the town mayor by a firing squad. The town’s   needs of the South Florida area for over a quarter of a century.
      unique position on the coast made it ideal as a German U-boat   Contact him at (561) 694-9696 or
      base. Huge concrete bunkers used to house those submarines                   Photos by Don Kiselewski  The Clock Gate

      Jupiter Community High School from page 1            Everyone in the community is encouraged to come visit the   Sponsor Information
                                                         2022 Jupiter Festival of Bands. Gates open at 11 a.m. and the     The Jupiter High School Band would like to thank our
      considers them family. This band experience has helped her   opening ceremony is at 11:15 a.m. Tickets are now available   sponsors for their continued support of the Jupiter Festival of
      not only develop music skills, but also valuable leadership   for purchase at the website.  Bands. The event is supported through sponsorships, including
      and community building skills. I have also developed so many     The event will end in the late evening with an exhibition   current partnerships with the following companies:
      friendships and connected with my community through the   by the 2021 FMBC 3A Champion, the Spirit of Jupiter   • Florida Power and Light, Main Field Title Sponsor, www.
      band. I will be forever thankful for this opportunity for both   High School Marching Band and an awards ceremony
      of us.”                                            will follow. For an updated schedule of events, visit www.  • The  Fresh  Market,  Hospitality Title  Sponsor,  www.
        Music and the arts involvement teaches youth many skills   
      necessary to succeed in life, including problem-solving and     Hosted by the Jupiter High School Band parents and   • Niagara Water, Water Title Sponsor,
      decision-making, building self-confidence and self-discipline,   students, the 2022 Jupiter Festival of Bands will feature 29   • Tire Kingdom, Community Sponsor,
      personal responsibility, teamwork and more. Research shows   high school marching bands, evaluated by a panel of highly   •  Group  One  of  Supreme  Lending,  Community
      attendance and graduation rates are higher for students who   recognized marching band expert judges. We would like to   Sponsor,  Group  One  of  Supreme  Lending  –  Home
      participate in their school music programs. The College   thank our judging panel for their time to evaluate the different   (
      Entrance Examination Board found that students involved in   performance levels. Our judges this year include: Dr. Aaron   • Publix, Community Sponsor,
      public school music programs scored, on average, 107 points   Witek, Edrick Rhodes, Dr. Matt Stratton, Jorge Maldonado,   • DVR Group,
      higher on the SATs than students with no participation.  Tim Lee, Ron Hardin, Jason Bloom, and Enrique Perez.  • The General Ledger,
                                                                                                           • C.R.S. Benefit Consultants, Inc.,
                                                                                                           About Spirit Of Jupiter (SOJ)
                                                                                                             The Spirit of Jupiter (SOJ) marching band is part of the
                                                                                                           wider Jupiter High School music program. In 2021 the SOJ
                                                                                                           was crowned the state champions in the Class 3A at the Florida
                                                                                                           Marching Band Championship (FMBC). Visit Jupiterbands.
                                                                                                           com to learn more about the band.

                                                                            February 11 - 12, 2023

                 December 3 - 4                                                                              CCCCCCCCC

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