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The Shores, Page 3

      Commissioner’s Update from page 1                    ○ $2.4M for a non-congregate shelter in the Glades
                                                           ○ $10M for affordable housing development        Bill’s Box from page 1
        If you notice an increase in the property taxes on your   • Infrastructure
      bill, please note this is due to higher assessed values of     ○ $59M in capital improvements         Time seems to be passing faster each year, a sign of
      real estate, not an increase in the tax rate. Of the 650,420     ○ $73.3M for Palm Tran vehicles and operations  aging in my case. Soon Halloween will come again.
      parcels of real property in Palm Beach County as of 2022,   • Public Safety                           In November, we celebrate All Saints Day (Nov. 1),
      total market value is $404.3 billion, and total taxable     ○ $743.3M for the Sheriff                 the Nov. 8 Election, Veteran’s Day on Nov. 11 and
      value is $255.3 billion.                             ○ $10.3M toward Animal Care & Control            Thanksgiving on Nov. 24. Time falls back an hour at 2
        The county’s total gross budget is $6.7 billion, of which     ○ $2.7M for Emergency Management      a.m. on Nov. 6 to Standard Time. I consider that to be
      $1.9 billion is in the General Fund. Current property taxes     ○ $3.5M for Victims Services          natural time. Birds and other animals know when it is
      fund 24.9 percent of the gross budget. In addition to   • Substance Use and Behavior Disorders        light and dark. We do too. But the argument continues.
      property taxes, revenues include the fund balance – the     ○ $1M toward the addiction stabilization center    We have a lot of healthy people in The Shores. Now
      excess of fund assets over liabilities; intergovernmental     ○ $1.5M for recovery support            that the morning and evening hours are getting a bit
      revenues in the form of grants, entitlements, shared     ○ $6.3M for financially assisted partner agencies  cooler, I see more walkers and bikers from my front
      revenues, or payments in lieu of taxes; licenses, permits     Expenditures also include an increase in reserves from   yard station. It is nice to be able to say hello and pet our
      and fees; charges for services; and, inter-fund transfers.  $189M in FY 2022 to $261.9M in FY 2023.   dogs. They too are citizens of our Village. I think more
        The county continuously explores innovative means     Beginning in March, county departments were required   folks have two dogs these days. It is a trend perhaps by
      to use taxpayer dollars efficiently and leverage the costs   to submit their budgets with service levels at status quo,   the desire to rescue dogs and cats. All animals that need
      of providing programs and services through grants and   allowing additional requests only for critical needs.   a home and love pull at our heart strings. Our Harley
      partnerships. In formulating the FY2023 budget, the   Review continues through April and May, culminating   passed over. Now we have Harley 2. He is a young
      Board prioritized six strategies. These are the highlights:  in a budget workshop in June. The millage rate is set at a   puppy now, and I’ll be happy when he matures a bit.
      • Economic Development                             public meeting in July, and two separate public hearings   Those who have raised puppies know what I mean.
        ○ $4.5M in business incentives                   occur in September, where members of the public can   Changes
      • Environmental Protection                         participate in the process.                          In  the  October  issue,  I  overlooked  the  need  to
        ○ $4M for natural areas management                 Your comments and questions are welcome, and if I   change information on board members and committee
        ○ $750,000 for the manatee protection program    can assist you please contact me at (561) 355-2201 or by   chairs. See the yellow column on Page 2 for an update.
      • Housing and Homeless                             email at                       Uncertain presently of some committee assignments but
        ○ $11.5M for homeless resource centers                                                              will have it for December.
                                                                                                              The Shores is a great place to live. I enjoy the natural
                                                                                                            areas and all its critters. I see more now that I’m retired.
                                                                                                            There were sights that were not noticed so much until
                                                                                                            retirement, or as I like to say, unemployed. Not fond of
                                                                                                            the retirement term. Makes one think of yesterday. But
                                                                                                            we have to leave the old road and take up the new.
                                                                                                              One quote: “The deepest sin against the human mind
                                                                                                            is to believe things without evidence.” – Aldous Huxley
                                                              You’re Retired                                     Copy deadline for December is Nov. 14.

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