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      Jupiter Community High School Marching Band

      Wins At Boca Cavalcade Competition

        Congratulations to the Jupiter Community High School,   their own event, the Festival  of  Bands,  on Nov. 5.
      Spirit of Jupiter Marching Band, for taking First Place in   This is a premier marching band event held here in
      Class 3a at the Boca Cavalcade event held Sept. 24.   Jupiter. Visit the website to learn more: https://www.
        Jupiter Community High School will be hosting

      Town Of Jupiter News

      By Jim Kuretski, Mayor,                              There are 16,243 residential units that have an annual     Ultimately,  the Town  Council  voted four to  one  to
      Town of Jupiter                                    3 percent “Save Our Homes” taxable property valuation   maintain a flat ad valorem tax rate that achieved a 13.1
        The  high  inflation  rate                       increases on CAP. Accordingly, I advocated for an   percent increase in total ad valorem tax revenues.
      since 2021 has created                             offsetting 3 percent reduction in the Town’s tax rate.     The Town should have lowered its ad valorem tax rate,
      significant financial                              Every residential and commercial property owner in the   to do its part to limit governmental cost increase burdens
      hardships to residents                             Town would have benefitted by that.               to its residents and local businesses, particularly at this
      and businesses.  The cost                            During the Sept. 22 final public hearing on the Fiscal   time with such unprecedented financially challenging
      of housing in Jupiter                              Year  2023 budget,  I identified  revenue  streams  that   conditions. I am not alone in my public service approach,
      and south Florida, has                             were underestimated in the budget plan and proposed   as more local governments in Palm Beach County opted
      been skyrocketing, with                            eliminating  a  vacant  town  staff  position  to  enable  the   to lower their ad valorem tax rates this year, than I recall
      property resales occurring                         Town’s ad valorem rate to be reduced.             ever happening before.
      in a seller’s market. This
      month’s news report provides insights about Town efforts
      to (1) have affordable housing units in Jupiter and (2) limit
      cost increases in governmental revenues/taxes to do its
      part in controlling the overall costs of living in Jupiter.
      Affordable Housing
        Over the past two decades, we have continued to
      implement infrastructure improvements in older charter
      neighborhoods  in  Jupiter  that  have  more  affordable
      housing costs, in efforts to improve the desirability of
      living there.
        We had 1,589 affordable housing units constructed
      through  Abacoa DRI obligations.  The mandated
      affordability requirements expired after five years. The
      five-year period was the governmental standard for
      affordable housing units at the time of Abacoa’s master
      plan approval.
        We had longer term success with Barcelona, a 351-unit
      rental community constructed three years ago. Seventy-five
      workforce housing units were constructed, with mandated
      affordability requirements, valid for 30 to 50 years.
        The Town has collected $2.5 million from developers
      for inclusionary housing for commercial and industrial
      projects. The Town Council is responsible to decide how
      to invest these funds to create future affordable housing
      opportunities in Jupiter.
        Since  the  Town  is  nearing  buildout  of  its  vacant
      residential properties, future opportunities to create
      affordable housing units within Jupiter will be increasingly
      more challenging.
      Governmental Fiscal Accountability
        The Town was fortunate to have its overall real estate
      tax base increase by 13.1 percent, mostly attributable to
      property resales that occurred last year. Property resale
      events resulted in very significant increases in the taxable
      property valuations for those properties.

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