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VOL. 15 NO. 2                                                                           FEBRUARY 2023

       Actress Fran Drescher To Headline Cancer Alliance

       Of Help And Hope’s Shop The Day Away Luncheon                                                                                       ™

        Cancer Alliance of Help                          Fran is a cancer survivor, and she started the Cancer Schmancer     Laura Moore Tanne, Michelle Robson Worth and Jacqui
      and Hope’s 2023 Shop The                           movement. She is also a two-time New York Times bestselling   Michel, cochairwomen of Cancer Alliance of Help and Hope’s
      Day Away  Luncheon   is                            author with Enter Whining and Cancer Schmancer. Currently   2023 Shop The Day Away Luncheon along with Honorary Chairs
      scheduled  for Thursday,                           Fran Drescher is working with her writing/producing partner   Janet Levy and Soula Rifkin, plan on making this luncheon
      March 2, at the Breakers                           Peter Marc Jacobson on The Nanny musical for Broadway and   another smashing success!
      Palm Beach. One of the                             just wrapped a film for Lifetime.                   All proceeds support Cancer Alliance of Help and Hope’s
      most exciting luncheons of                           “We are thrilled to have actress, producer and advocate, Fran   mission of assisting local children, adults and families affected by
      the season will feature the                        Drescher be our guest speaker at the 2023 Shop The Day Away   cancer, and the subsequent bills they acquire during the treatment
      incredible, unrivaled Fran                         Luncheon,” said Stanton Collemer, CEO of Cancer Alliance   and recovery process.
      Drescher as the celebrity                          of Help and Hope (CAHH). “Since Fran was diagnosed with     The chairs will be supported by the Cancer Alliance of
      speaker.                                           uterine cancer in 2000, she has taken on the role of health   Help and Hope’s Leadership Group, a distinguished group of
        Fran is an  American                             advocate, writing a bestselling book about her battle with cancer   accomplished individuals who have joined forces to support the
      actor, comedian, writer, and                       and founding a nonprofit that is working to save lives through   mission of CAHH in supporting local cancer patients in their
      president of SAG-AFTRA.  Fran Drescher             prevention and early detection. We may all know her as the   time of need. The Grand Honorary Chair is Gloria Herman;
      We all know and love her as   Photo by Rafael Ortega  Nanny on TV – but guests will be enthralled to hear her personal   International Chair, Ari Rifkin; Grand Benefactor Chairs Virginia
      “Fran” in the hit TV series                        story that led her to launch a movement created to change the way
      The Nanny, a series she created, wrote and executive produced.   policy makers and patients think about cancer and healthcare.”  Actress Fran Drescher on page 2
      Mexican-Born Painter Leon Ruiz Selected As The 38th

      ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival Commemorative Poster Artist

         Inspired by Florida’s landscape and energy, this year’s   The painting wouldn’t be the same without the sailboats
       ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival commemorative poster artist   representing the action that Florida waters see every day.”
       Leon Ruiz has created a painting titled Palm Beach Gardens     Born in Mexico City as the youngest of six children, Ruiz
       for ArtiGras which reflects the joy and passion of living in   comes from a long line of artists who have influenced his
       the sunshine state.                               passion for painting. His grandfather painted murals that can
         “The colorful and playful palm trees in the painting   be found on the ceilings in large, Mexican cathedrals. His
       represent the energy that you find created by the people that   uncle, Leon Martinez Torres, collected antiques and historical
       live here. Florida has residents from all over the world, who   art pieces which Ruiz liked to study. But it was his cousin,
       bring so much flavor to the state,” said Ruiz, who has been   Arturo Ruiz Moncada, who had the greatest influence on
       a professional artist for over 30 years. “The boats are a hint   Leon’s artform. Moncada restored paintings and created
       of all the fun extracurriculars Florida has to offer. You can   murals in the Sistine Chapel.
       scuba, swim, sail, kayak and so on. There is so much to do     “It wasn’t so much his style of work that made Arturo
       in this lovely state that you can’t do it in just one season.   my biggest influence. It was that he was able to work on   Mexican-Born Painter Leon Ruiz on page 2
       Sloane Staffing Charity Golf Tournament

        This  year ’s  annual                            legacy of the Nicklaus                            heart defects and is a cardiology patient of the Nicklaus
      Sloane Staffing charity golf                       Children’s Healthcare                             Children’s Hospital – where he will one day have heart
      tournament recently raised                         Foundation. Sloane Staffing                       surgery. Pictured are some photos from the event, which
      $18,000  for  the  Golden  Cub                     owners, husband and wife                          took place on Dec. 2 at Madison Green Country Club in
      Ambassador Club, an initiative                     duo Max and Lindsey
      of the Nicklaus Children’s                         Spanier,  are  members  of
      Hospital. Started by Jack                          Golden Cub,  and raising
      Nicklaus’s grandaughter,                           awareness and money for
      Christie, the club was formed                      the club is especially close
      for friends of the foundation  Max Spanier Jr. and Yamit   to their hearts.  Their son,
      ages 21 to 45 to further the  Azrad of Sloane Staffing  Max Jr. was born with two

                                                                                  Sloane Staffing owners,   Sloane Staffing
                                                                                  husband and wife Max and
                                                                                  Lindsey Spanier          Sloane Staffing on page 2
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