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      Tax Talk

      Dear Friends,                                      to know the rules of the road. For example, do you know the      HOV is an acronym for “high occupancy vehicle.” The
         Of the more than 612,000                        difference between HOV and express lanes? While both lanes   HOV decal, issued by the Department of Highway Safety
      tax bills that were sent out in                    may be located on an interstate and are intended to decrease   and Motor Vehicles, allows low emission vehicles, hybrid
      November, as of this writing,                      traffic, they do have some differences.           vehicles certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection
      86 percent have been paid.                            Express lanes are pay-per-use lanes for drivers that want   Agency and vehicles with two or more occupants to drive in
      With property taxes due soon,                      a more expected travel time. These lanes have restricted   a high occupancy vehicle lane. The purpose of an HOV lane
      time is running out before the                     entrances and exits to accommodate drivers on longer   is to encourage carpooling and minimize traffic for the hours
      March 31 deadline. To help                         commutes. Vehicles in the express lane must use a SunPass   in which the lane is designated as an HOV lane. However,
      remind those property owners                       to pay the associated fee. For more information on purchasing   no matter which lane you are occupying, it’s essential to
      who have yet to pay their                          a SunPass, visit                 follow the rules behind the wheel, to ensure that you and
      taxes, we have sent out 63,025                                                                       others reach your destinations safely.
      reminder notices to encourage
      them to pay their taxes before
      the deadline. Hopefully, you
      have already paid your taxes,
      but if not, I encourage you to
      visit and
      make your payment online. If
      you are one of the hundreds of
      thousands who have already paid, thank you!
                                        Anne M. Gannon,
                                Constitutional Tax Collector,
                                Serving Palm Beach County
      Jupiter Jubilee

         Mother Nature couldn’t dampen the spirit at this year’s Jupiter
      Jubilee. The TCO Outreach Team attended Jupiter’s largest
      demonstrations and police and fire displays. Our team was on  Experience Dentistry with a Woman’s Touch
      hometown celebration featuring a civic fair, kid’s activities, K-9

      hand to answer a variety of questions from vehicle registrations
      to preparing first-time drivers along with distributing educational
      materials about agency services. Thank you to everyone who        Cosmetic & Comprehensive Restorative Dentistry
      stopped by our booth to ask questions, get materials, and share
      your feedback on your positive experiences in our service centers.      State of the Art & Same Day Restorations
         Our team is always excited to attend community events and
      have the opportunity to interact with our clients. If you missed       Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Sedation Available
      us at the Jubilee, visit us at these upcoming community events:
         • Palm Beach Pride, March 25 and 26 at Bryant Park in
      Downtown Lake Worth Beach                                       Joanne Green, D.D.S.
         • Black Gold Jubilee, April 15 at Torrey Island Campground
      in Belle Glade                                                        10887 N. Military Trail, Suite 6
                                                                           Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
                                                                   (561) 622-2815 •

                                                                      Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry - Cum Laude
                                                                 Hospital of the University of Penn - General Practice Residency Training
                                                                             Harvard Dental School - Former Instructor
                                                                      Boston Brigham and Women’s Dental Group - Staff Dentist

      Diamonds Are A Driver’s Best

         You might be wondering what a precious stone has to
      do with driving, and the answer is, nothing; however, the
      shape of the stone does, allow me to elaborate. A diverging
      diamond interchange (DDI) is a form of vehicle traffic
      interchange that allows the two directions of traffic on the
      crossroad to temporarily divide and cross to the opposite
      side of the road, creating a diamond like shape. The DDI was
      first introduced in France in the 1970s and has since grown
      in popularity across the United States, due to the safety and
      cost effectiveness of the design.
      How Does It Work?
         If you are thinking “Crossing to the opposite side of
      the road? How does that work?” you are not alone; instead
      of trying to explain it in words why not hand it over to the
      experts? Florida Department of Transportation put together
      an informational video that shows how it works and what it
      looks like from the driver’s perspective. Visit
      com/watch?v=f9UlegdqNog to watch the video.
      Now Open!
         The new DDI is now officially open at I-95 and Glades
      Road in Boca Raton, with more on the way: I-95 at 45th
      Street, I-95 at Lantana Road, and I-95 at Hypoluxo Road. It
      is another example of Palm Beach County leading the way
      in innovation and design.
      Is It HOV Or Is It Express Lane?
         Driving can be relaxing, stressful, exciting, scary, and
      overwhelming at the same time. That is why it’s important
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