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      FundraiSing event from page 1

        “Thank you, everyone, for contributing to the most     Guests of the evening  enjoyed a festive cocktail  led gala guests to the dance floor. Scarlet and hyacinth
      successful gala – ever – to help save wildlife here and in the   reception, followed by haute cuisine dining, a lively  macaws Crackle and Perus made cameos in photo moments
      wild,” said Kessler.                              auction and dancing to the sounds of Chris Norton. Before  all in support of the zoo’s mission of inspiring people to
        Quick added, “For more than 50 years, Palm Beach Zoo   sitting for dinner, guests had the opportunity to go on an  act on behalf of wildlife and the natural world.
      has been committed to animals and our community in bringing   expert-guided express tour around the zoo, where jaguar    Sandy and Patrick Rooney Sr. received the Gala
      wild, wonder-filled experiences to underserved children whose   Fiona, Alyssa the Baird’s tapir, giant anteaters, squirrel  Stewardship Award during the evening’s festivities.
      only chance to experience rare and endangered animals is at   monkeys and more delighted along the way.   As leaders in our community, the Rooneys exemplify
      the zoo. Our bold vision is to create the zoo of the future with     The gala also connected guests to some of the zoo’s most  dedication and generosity through both action and
      world-class animal experiences for every guest, the utmost   notable denizens. Animal encounters included greetings by  philanthropy. For nearly two decades, the Rooneys have
      in animal well-being and expertly designed spaces where   Wilbur, the celebrity sloth, an African-crested porcupine  shared their fondness of the zoo and for wildlife with
      irresistible connection and conservation action can happen.”  cocktail mingler followed by a Chilean flamingo trio that  the community, their many
                                                                                                          friends, and loved ones,
                                                                                                          including their beloved
                                                                                                          grandchildren. Sandy
                                                                                                          Rooney shared, “From
                                                                                                          the beginning of time,
                                                                                                          the  balance  of the  world
                                                                                                          depends on how animals,
                                                                                                          plants, and humans are
                                                                                                          intertwined so that the
                                                                                                          system of life continues.
                                                                                                          By preserving wildlife
                                                                                                          for future generations,  we
                                                                                                          guarantee them the right to
                                                                                                          live in a natural world.”

                                                        Mrs. Eva and H.E. Ambassador Meshal Al-Thani and   Fundraising Event       Thomas C. Quick and Michele
      Philippe and Deborah Dauman, Suzanne and Woody Johnson  Michele and Howard Kessler                  on page 6                Kessler


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