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      Charity event from page 1

      Stadium in Jupiter, Fla. Sleeping out under the stars on                                             community and learn how to be part of the solution, and,
      the ball field is optional, but dedicating the night to ending                                       in turn, we will be your feet on the street helping those
      homelessness is essential.                                                                           most vulnerable,” stated CEO Diana Stanley.
        With an estimated 3,000 men, women, and children                                                     Register to attend this free, fun, and life-changing
      without a safe place to call home on any given night                                                 event using the code “FreeEvent” or make a donation of
      in Palm Beach County, SleepOut is part of The Lord’s                                                 any size to be matched by The Honorable Ann Brown:
      Place’s effort to spread awareness and raise the much-                                     
      needed  funds  to  provide  the  resources,  programs,  and                                            “No  one  should  have  to  worry  about  whether  they
      services necessary to break the cycle of homelessness.                                               have a roof over their heads. This year, I am matching
      The fundraising goal is $325,000 and all donations will                                              every single dollar raised for SleepOut, because when
      be matched dollar-for-dollar until March 31, by The                                                  my husband Donald and I first attended SleepOut almost
      Honorable Ann Brown.                                                                                 10 years ago, we were moved.  We saw ‘the world’
        In addition  to  the  hopeless  eyes  behind  the  person                                          represented at this great equalizer and were impressed
      holding the “homeless and hungry” sign on the side of                                                and moved by the number of people coming together
      the street, there are many who are unhoused and hidden                                               with donations, large and small, to make a difference in
      from sight: the man whose rent recently skyrocketed and                                              the lives of those experiencing homelessness. I continue
      no longer has a place to live; the woman who became                                                  to give in memory of Don. It is my way to honor him,”
      disabled in a car accident, can no longer work, and whose                                            commented Brown.
      disability check doesn’t cover the cost of living in Palm                                              Attendees are also encouraged to bring supplies to help
      Beach County; the mother who is working during the day                                               create school backpacks, pantry baskets, cleaning buckets,
      while her children are at school and then sleeping in their                                          and outreach bags during the event. The kits assembled
      car at night. These scenarios are too prevalent.   Left to right: The Lord’s Place Board Chair Cornelia   will serve the 1,800 clients who are in The Lord’s Place
        SleepOut 2023 is your opportunity to help. Based on   Thornburgh, The Honorable Ann Brown, The Lord’s Place   care every year, including those currently living on the
      the community’s feedback, The Lord’s Place reimagined   CEO Diana Stanley at SleepOut 2022           street and in their housing programs for men, women, and
      this annual event with brand-new activities. SleepOut will                                           families. For more information on the items to bring, visit:
      give people of all ages the opportunity to actively engage   mission pathway through a client’s eyes, and enjoy an Volunteer service hours will be provided.
      in hands-on volunteer opportunities, travel the agency’s   auction, music, a celebratory program, and an inspiring     Each additional housed person in Palm Beach County
                                                        candlelight ceremony. SleepOut will shine light on those   is a home run. Attend SleepOut 2023 and help hit
                                                        experiencing homelessness in our community – helping   homelessness out of the ballpark.
                                                        our most vulnerable neighbors access the tools needed to   About The Lord’s Place
                                                        create sustainable, independent lives.               For more than 40 years, The Lord’s Place has been
                                                          After the  program, all attendees  are encouraged to   working to break the cycle of homelessness for men,
                                                        set up sleeping bags and tents at the event, uniquely on   women, and children in Palm Beach County, through
                                                        the outfield, or in their homes or backyards. SleepOut   innovative, compassionate and effective services. It
                                                        encourages people to step out of the comfort of their   provides supportive and graduate housing at 12 locations;
                                                        homes for a night in a symbolic effort to raise awareness   operates social enterprises including Joshua Catering;
                                                        of those without a home.                           provides job training and placement services, clinical and
                                                          “At The Lord’s Place we recognize that all people   care coordination, and community engagement services;
                                                        deserve respect and a place to call home; so, we are   and has a highly-successful reentry program helping men
                                                        answering the call for help. Let us take you out to the   and women transitioning from incarceration. For more
                                                        ballpark  for  a  night  where  you  can  give  back  to  our   information visit
      Annette  Atteridge with sons, left to right: Luke and
      Nicholas Atteridge, Samson and Harry Scarola at a past
      SleepOut event

                                                                                   Closing candlelight ceremonies at past SleepOut events

                                                                friday, march 31, 2023

        HANDY-MAN                                               5:30 p.m.

                                                                You can help local people in their
        HOME SERVICES                                           journey out of homelessness by:

                                                                1.  Attending this FREE, inspirational
                                                                    and educational event.
            NO JOB TOO SMALL                                      2. Making a donation to help us

                                                                    meet our match!
          u Water Stains        u Screen Repair                 3. Bringing supplies listed on the website
          u Painting            u Leak Repair                       for “give-back” service activities.
          u Caulking            u Misc. Repair                                                                                 New Location
          u Interior/Exterior                                   Help those who are homeless in Palm                              Roger Dean
                                                                Beach County. Sleeping out under the
                      ... and much more!                        stars is optional, but dedicating the night                  Chevrolet Stadium
                                                                to ending homelessness is essential.                       4751 Main Street, Jupiter, FL
        Housesitting Available • References Available
             (Serving Palm Beach County since 1980)   
                                Call Rubin                      561.578.4841  |

        Licensed & Insured   561-346-2467
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